How To Start A Lead Generation Business And Start Generating Leads For Others

How To Increase Lead Generation

Every business across the world need leads in order to generate sales and revenue.

If you’re wanting to capitalize on this industry and learn the exact steps on how to start a lead generation business from scratch that’s profitable, keep reading on!

Lead generation businesses can be extremely lucrative, and this guide will give you a better understanding of starting a lead gen company, such as:

  1. How lead generation businesses work.
  2. How you can start your own lead generation business
  3. How to manage and run a lead gen business
  4. How much does it cost to start a lead generation business
  5. And much more!

If you can properly follow this guide then you’ll have one of the most in demand talents in the world.

Businesses pay top dollar for leads and traffic that converts.


How To Start A Lead Generation Business From Scratch

What Is A Lead Generation Business?

A lead generation business is a simple process.

  • YOU generate leads
  • YOU then sell these leads to other businesses

You become the middle person between leads and the business.

Businesses are always looking for new leads for the products or services that they sell.

When you obtain a leads they are looking for, the business then pays you good money for these referrals.

This means that for a set amount of cost per lead, cost per click, or cost per number of leads, – you supply said number of leads at said price.

Your goal is to be the provider of quality niche specific leads.

If you’re able to provide the leads necessary in abundance, you can scale your income quite nicely.

There are some lead gen agencies that make millions of dollars per year, and YOU could be that agency!

Why Would A Business Pay You To Generate Leads For Them?

Why don’t they just do it themselves?

Why Would A Business Pay You To Generate Leads For Them


Well, some businesses do generate their own leads, most do not have the time, resources or expertise, so they hire it out to lead gen businesses.

This is much more cost effective for them to hire it out.

Lets show you an example.

A plumber is looking to scale his business and hire more employees, but his current supply of customers is not adequate to do so.

He is already working 60 hours a week with his business the way it is, so he turns to a lead generation specialist to drive new leads and customers for him.

Eventually with a new influx of customers he can scale back his own hours and hire more employees, and turn an even bigger overall profit.

Lead Generation Infographic

This is just one example of why businesses will pay you handsomely to generate leads for them.

Think about it this way as well, a plumber is an expert in his industry, but in the new digital age they are most likely not an expert at finding new customers.

More and more people are turning to the internet for products and services they are seeking, even in their local markets.

Because online, they can find reviews and customer complaints instantly.

Ask yourself, when is the last time you used a phone book?

I know we threw all of ours away long ago, they were just taking up space.

As more and more small businesses go online, lead generation is key to driving new customers and connecting with them.


Is Selling Leads Profitable?

Is selling leads profitable

Practically every type of business you can think of needs more qualified leads, and if you can provide them, they will pay you very nicely for them!

Often lead generation is a experimental yet very strategic process that takes time to perfect.

Because of this,Ā most businesses would rather outsource lead gen work – instead of experimenting and failing themselves.

So yes, when done right, and because the demand is high, being in the lead generation business can be VERY profitable!


The Best Lead Generation Strategies Serve A Specific Industry Or Niche

This way, overtime they’ll get enough experience working in a said industry, that they can virtually guarantee vast amounts of non stop high quality leads, since they’ve taken the time to perfect the lead generation process for many other similar companies.


Does Every Company Need Lead Gen?

Yes, ever company and business of every kind needs leads to be generated in order for their business to run profitably.


Successful Lead Gen Model Example

Example Of A Famous Lead Gen Company: Angi

Formerly known as Angie’s List, they built their brand as the go-to place to find quality contractors for various home services and building projects. Other similar lead gen websites also exist, but this lead gen model is a prime example.

There are over 250,000 professionals listed on Angi in over 500 home improvement categories.

Every time someone visits Angi and submits their information, Angi will share that lead with multiple matched up local businesses and they all have to pay Angi for that lead.

Businesses can expect to pay anywhere from $7 to $100 per lead depending on their trade and market area, plus a $350 annual fee, to participate in their program.

Angi has had over 150 million consumer service request, that is a lot of leads provided to businesses.

This is only one very successful lead generation business model example. Angi’s success came from focusing in on one industry.


What Is A Lead Generation Business

The most difficult part of running a successful lead generation business is being able to consistently deliver large amount of high quality leads without failing.

If you start producing lower quality leads or not as many as a business needs, often they will very quickly stop working with you.

This actually happened to Angie’s list, they were over selling their leads, meaning selling the same lead multiple times.

This caused some problems for Angi’s quality of leads and the company experienced some turbulent times, and was actually sold to Home Advisor and renamed Angi in the process.

Quality Leads are the life and blood of any business

Businesses will keep buying leads from you, but not if you are diluting the quality of them by over selling them. So make sure and aim for providing quality and your customers will be extremely happy!

Now, let’s move on to the different types of lead generation businesses and how to start a lead generation business from scratch.

Before we do, we can teach you how to start and implement your very own lead generation business.

Just pop in your details to get started, and we’ll help you every step of the way šŸ™‚

What Are The Different Kinds Of Lead Generation Businesses?

There are 3 main kinds of lead generation businesses. Each of these different businesses serve their own small to large industries in their own ways. Here are each of the main types of leads generation businesses and how they work, and who they serve.

If you want to know as much as possible about how to start a lead generation business, then you need to understand these differences so you can decide which to specialize in.

Different Kinds Of Lead Generation Businesses

Local Lead Generation Business

Your local restaurant, bar, gym or small business, is often looking for a “local lead generation expert” that they can work with.

These small businesses almost exclusively rely upon local lead generation to produce the bulk of their customers and clients.

This type of lead generation company maybe even located in a totally different state then one’s business, but specializes in local lead generation.

This means that they know how to help local businesses generate “leads” potential customers no matter where their business is located.

The digital age makes this possible for a lead gen business to be located far away, but still specialize in helping local businesses generate leads within their own service area.

How Does Local Lead Generation Work?

Let’s say a gym owner, wants to increase the number of paid gym memberships and rate of new customers coming in. So this is where the gym owner now does a search online for a local lead gen business expert and they find your “Local Lead Generation Business.”

You now help them by generating and selling them leads from their own service area who are interested in working out and improving their health.

You might then suggest to the gym owner to offer these leads a free 7 day trial gym membership to get them interested in visiting their facility where the gym owner can close them eventually into a fully paid gym membership.

Local Lead Generation

Local Leads Generation Methods

This type of local lead generation business would most likely use only targeted online advertising to bring in leads for the gym owner, as the days of newspaper, billboards and radio advertising are becoming ineffective and way to costly.

Online marketing when done right is way more targeted and can bring in local leads much more effectively.

Years ago, I use to own a retail store in my local mall, and a one day or two day ad in our local newspaper would cost us between $250 and $1000.

Now who ever seen the ad, seen the ad, sometimes the ad brought in no new customers, all depended. We had to run ads every week in the newspaper, radio, etc.

It was very expensive.

With lead generation, clients (businesses) pay by the lead, not by the ad. It is much more focused.

It is all in the targeting options you would use as a local lead generation expert.

Most PPC advertising networks, like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and Microsoft ads, allow you to use tons of geographical targeting when running campaigns for your local clients.


B2B Lead Generation Business

These companies usually specialize and work with other companies that usually buy in bulk or sell higher ticket products and services. B2B business products and services naturally are being sold to other businesses, which usually dictates the higher price point being charged. B2B means ā€œBusiness to Businessā€

Most B2B lead generation companies serve larger global companies, but on occasion they do serve some small business entities as well.

What is B2B Lead Generation?

B2B (Business to Business) lead generation is defined as a marketing process of contacting, convincing and converting other businesses into potential customers in the form of sales leads.

For B2B companies, lead generation is a vital business process for their sustainable growth.


How Does B2B Lead Generation Work?

Let’s say an owner of a SEO agency, is looking to scale his business profits by finding more businesses who are looking for SEO services. The SEO Agency owner may do a search online for a B2B expert in his industry. This is potentially where you come in, if you decided to start a “B2B Lead Generation business.”

So now that the SEO Agency owner has found your B2B Lead Generation company, you devise a marketing plan to bring in more leads for them. This may entail setting up one on one meetings between the Agency owner and the business leads you have provided.

You would of course get paid for every successful lead (meeting) you have provided to the SEO Agency.

SEO agency for lead gen

Every lead you provide to the SEO Agency could result in BIG sales for the company and you, as SEO services can range from the lower 4 figures on up to 6 figures monthly, depending on how large the clients are you land them.

So in this example as a B2B expert you could charge VERY nicely per qualified lead you bring in for them.

This is why it is also extremely important for you to choose your niche, industry and type of lead generation business you would like to start, and also do your research on the type of profits brought in for your clients, so you can charge appropriately per lead you deliver.

Some industries and niches have lower competition than others, so research is important in this aspect as well.

B2B Lead Generation Methods

B2B lead generation can be done either online, offline or both.

As the world becomes highly digital, companies are allocating more of their marketing budget share to online marketing activities and many startups and SaaS companies rely solely on digital.

This is because, among B2B audiences, digital penetration is high given their relatively higher net incomes and are also more active online.

In a 2019 report by Google, 67% of buyers in the B2B sector of industrial manufacturing, supply-chain and shipping were influenced by digital discovery. The percentage is even higher today, as the world epidemic has moved even more companies into the digital age.

B2B lead generation can include:

  • Cold calling – Cold calling can be done manually or through automated technology.
  • Outbound email – Contacting perspective B2B leads via email, in the hopes of striking up a phone conversation. Finding out what the businesses current needs are/matching to one of your clients.
  • Social selling – Following perspective B2B leads on social media, engaging with them and developing relationships over time. In the B2B space, the major social media network is LinkedIn.
  • Sales cadences – The combination of all of these techniques is known as a cadence. Most Lead Generation experts deploy cadences in order to increase the chances of a B2B lead responding.
  • Account-based marketing (ABM) – This is where you identify the key decision-makers inside a specific company (or account), and then create marketing campaigns personalized to those leads.

The goal of all of these marketing tactics will vary according to the clients you are selling leads to.

B2B Lead Generation

B2C Lead Generation Business

When you need to generate large amounts of leads where you’re selling products and services direct to consumer, this is when you’ll use a B2C lead gen company.

These businesses focus their advertising on helping other business reach large amounts of consumers.

Often, B2C lead generation companies are helping you sell lower ticket products and services to larger volumes of customers. B2C means ā€œBusiness to Consumerā€

How Does B2C Lead Generation Work?

B2C lead generation businesses can be really easy to start in certain niches. A strong example of this in the “make money online niche” is solo ad vendors.

They are in essence B2C lead generation experts and they sell leads to entrepreneurs and businesses involved in the business opportunity, make money online, personal development, self help, survival, health and mlm industries.

They cultivate and nurture leads through their own email list, and then sell these leads in bulk through “Clicks” to other entrepreneurs and businesses who are looking to sell their products and services direct to consumers.

The B2C lead generation business in our experience is the most competitive, and bigger companies like Amazon, Walmart and many others who sell direct to consumer mostly rely on Affiliate Marketing to grow their sales.

Affiliate marketers are essentially B2C lead generation experts. Even though B2C is highly competitive, there are affiliate marketers who make millions of dollars a year doing it. Affiliate marketers can get paid by the click, by the sale, by the lead provided or by the action taken by the lead. Cost to get started in affiliate marketing.

B2C Lead Gen

B2C Lead Generation Methods

The B2C lead generation methods are plentiful, Here just some of the methods used:

  1. Banners
  2. Text Ads
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Social Media
  5. Solo Ads
  6. Facebook Ads
  7. Google Adwords
  8. Blogging
  9. Video Marketing (YouTube)
  10. Ad Networks

What Is Lead Quality And How To Measure It

The quality of a lead is determined by what 2 factors? Here they are… (If the leads you’re generating don’t match these 2 standards, there will be low conversion rates, meaning a very small percent of the leads generated will actually buy what’s being offered)

  1. Does the lead want and / or need the products and services they’re being offered? (Lead Interest)
  2. Can the lead reasonably afford the products and services being offered? (Lead Budget)

If you can generate leads for a business that both have the ability to afford what’s being offered, and who also eagerly want what’s being offered, then you’ll have a business paying you thousands of dollars every single month to continue that lead flow perpetually.

After all, any business is willing to pay a few dollars to even thousands of dollars for a good quality lead.

Why are businesses willing to pay so much, in some circumstances?

What Is Lead Quality And How To Measure It

Imagine you have a consulting offer, where the following numbers are being used.

And I make a minimum of $6,500 a month per customer.

It makes complete sense, for me to be willing to pay $1000 for a single lead. Especially if we do the conversion math.

Let’s pretend you’re sending me leads that go through and book a call with me. If I can convert 1 out of every 3 leads… (at a cost of $3,000) I’m at a profit in the first month alone by $3,500 – and at a massive profit the next month of $10,000.

Lower ticket industries however don’t have the same profit margins, so for them lead cost is usually much lower, and you will make your money through the volume of leads provided.

Another reason to make sure and research the industry and type of lead generation business you would like to start and operate.

Why Is Lead Generation So Important?

Lead generation is the beginning of the business customer acquisition cycle.

Without leads, you can’t generate sales, customers, or revenue.

Lead generation is so critical as well, because it can dictate how much profit you produce.

The right leads will be easier to convert into customers, while low quality leads may be nearly impossible to convert. This video here will explain how lead generation works and why it’s so important.

Especially when you’re learning how to start a lead generation business, you should take this knowledge into consideration.


How Do Lead Generation Companies Work?

It’s seems so simple, yet great lead generation is still one of the most difficult tasks for most businesses to do. Let’s simplify the process of lead generation, and exactly what lead generation companies do on behalf of the company they’re contracted to work for or with.

As we’ve gone over the single most important job for a lead generation company to do is to deliver sufficient amounts of quality leads for a business to sell and make offers to. The process for generating leads is very simple.

  • First, you create an advertisement that can be displayed in a variety of locations to get exposure and traffic.Ā  (Facebook, Search Ads, Banners, TV, YouTube ads, etc). These advertisements almost always consist of… 1. Ad copy. 2. Ad imagery or video. 3. Call To Action
  • Secondly, when people click or follow the call to action to learn more, book a call, go to a checkout cart, etc – they are usually directed to a page or form that allows you to gather the person viewing the ads, information. (this is called lead generation, email marketing, etc) Often a person’s name, email, and sometimes phone numbers are gathered. Of course with the persons permission, because they have to “subscribe” and become a lead.
  • Thirdly, the lead generation company usually charges a flat monthly fee for ads management service – or they can also charge X dollars per lead, or X dollars per click delivered.

And that’s the process! You have an ad, someone see’s it, they’re interested, they opt-in, and boom the lead is generated!

How Do Lead Generation Companies Work

Lead quality is dictated by a few factors…

  1. Who is seeing the ad? (You want to have the right people who WANT what you’re offering, seeing your stuff. Otherwise lead generation doesn’t work.)
  2. What is the messaging of the ad? (The messaging can filter out the wrong people, and filter in and include the people you really want as leads.)
  3. What is the offer being presented? (If the offer doesn’t match up with what the audience wants and can afford, you won’t get many good leads either.)

You understand how a lead generation company operates, here’s the scoop on whether it’s a good idea or not to start one yourself.

Knowing how to start a lead generation business from scratch is great, but you also have to know IF you should in the first place.


Is Lead Generation A Good Business?

You’ll find that by far, starting a lead generation business is one of the most profitable business models that exist to date.

Companies small and large will pay on average tens of thousands – to millions a year – for high quality leads.

Leads is the life and blood of a business.

Without them, you have no way to get customers and your pipeline is going to be completely dry.

Most people find that the lead generation business is also very profitable while most lead gen companies are able to obtain a high ROI.

The only real expenses you’re going to find are the human costs of having someone (or yourself) manage ads, or generate leads for your customers. It can be much easier for lead generation businesses to get clients, since everyone is anxiously awaiting and wanting more leads every single day.

All businesses sizes and types are willing to pay great money as long as they can get good leads to offer their products and services too.

how to start a lead generation business from scratch

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Lead Generation Business

What are the costs of starting a lead generation business and how much monthly overhead are you going to have?

This can vary greatly depending on the type of Lead Generation business you start, and if you start growing it by yourself, or you hire a professional supporting cast..

Otherwise here are some figures to consider:

  • The minimum startup costs for a lead generation business: $62
  • The maximum startup costs for a lead generation business: $25,059
  • The average startup costs for a lead generation business: $13,128

Click here for a more detailed list of potential lead generation business startup costs.

The figures below would be more in line if you started a full blown Lead Gen agency and hired a team of talented professionals.

The average median ads manager pay is around $133,460 a year. That comes out to around $11,121.66 a month. If you were to be the account manager, and also run the sales process, follow up, and closing of leads, ad manager pay and advertising could be the only costs you would initially have.

However, let’s do the numbers and find out the real costs if you were to hire 1 person for each role in your business.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Lead Generation Business

Total average monthly costs to run your lead generation business

  1. Ads Manager $11,121.66 / Monthly
  2. Account Manager $4,254 / Monthly
  3. Sales Closer $6,836 / Monthly
  4. Starting Ad Costs for lead acquisition $2,000 – $5,000 / Monthly

Total Startup Monthly Costs With Ads Running: $24,211.66 / $27,211.66 monthly

That’s quite the hefty monthly cost.

However, let’s assume that you can get 7 new clients monthly that are paying you roughly $5,000 / monthly. This is not unreasonable especially in B2B.

Month 1. you’re going to take in $35,000 / monthly with 7 clients.

Month 2 you’re going to take in $70,000 / monthly with 14 clients.

By month 2, you’ll have a collected a total of $105,000, with $70,000 of it now collected monthly – while you’ve only spent in two months around $50,000 this leaves you a gross profit of about $55,000.

Do you see how having a lead generation business can be so lucrative, and it can be done quickly when you do things right from the start.

High ticket sales and high ticket services can pay very nicely..

Now that you understand the costs on how to start a lead generation business from scratch, here’s how profitable it can become.

Is Lead Generation Business Profitable?

We’re going to use the math in the above section to figure out how profitable a lead generation business can really become.

Now understand, that this guide really covers how to start a lead generation business from scratch.

It is technically meant to be used for beginning or start up businesses, but this information could also be used and applied by a more solidified business that already has started getting clients.

Let’s estimate the yearly income and costs that a lead generation business or lead generation agency may incur.

Is lead generation business profitable

If you are able to acquire 7 new clients every month for 12 months, and also retain 75% of them, at the end of a year you would be taking in $315,000 per month. (With a total of 63 clients paying you $5,000 a piece).

Total income added up per month, for the whole next year if you retained all 63 clients and added 0 new clients. You would take in $3,780,000.

Your total costs for employees wages and advertising for a year would be roughly $326,539.00. That’s a huge $3,453,461 in gross profit! This means that even if you doubled or tripled ad costs you still would be a minimum of high 7 figures in gross profit.

By these estimations we can find that starting and running a lead generation business can be extremely profitable!

**Disclaimer – We are only giving you examples of what’s possible, these are not any kind of income guarantees, only examples.

Any business takes dedication and hard work. Y

ou need to do your own research and due diligence.

If you’re seriously considering learning more about how to start a lead generation business, keep reading on.

This guide should help you make a decision.


How To Build A Lead Generation Business?

Now we’re getting into the small details of how you can start your own lead generation business from scratch.

Knowing how to start a lead generation business will give you more insights into business itself, and into understanding how business works.

How To Build A Lead Generation Business

First we’re going to go through…

What resources do you need to start a lead generation business?

You’re going to needs a variety of automation tools, software, employees, and knowledge to successfully be able to run a lead generation business.

  1. Marketing automation software. (CRM‘s, autoresponders, lead management software). In order for you to be able to run the business, you must first have the tools for acquiring, following up with, and managing your leads and customers. These tools are what you will use to run and manage leads for your own business. Here’s a list of autoresponders and CRM’s we recommend.
  2. Competent Employees or VA’s. Your business can only thrive if your customers are getting reliable and profitable leads. Therefore, the people you hire that help get these clients results, are going to facilitate whether or not your lead generation business will be successful.
  3. Expertise & Knowledge in Advertising, Marketing, and Sales. In order to succeed in running lead generation campaigns for others, you must also know how to do the same for yourself! Make sure that you understand how to get your clients and yourself profitable results, before you start running ads to get your first few clients. Here is the most complete business education platform online that you can use to educate yourself and your employees.

Once you’ve gathered together these resources and have an understanding of how they work, you have one more step to setting up a lead generation business.

You need to setup the actual business itself. Because it’s a huge part of how to start a lead generation business.


The following foundations of business must be in place in order for this lead generation business to run successfully.Ā 

  • Lead Generation Process For Clients & Your Own Business. (You need a process for your leads to go through that closes them into becoming clients)
  • Lead Follow Up Series & Client Management (You need a follow up and management process so you can close more of your leads into clients, and follow up with clients)
  • Advertising (Obviously, you need leads in the first place for this whole process to work properly. Leads bring in customers, customers bring in profit, profit scales the business)

Once you’ve setup your sales process, follow up, and have ads running leads through the business – it’s time to run the business month to month.

How To Run A Lead Generation Business

How To Run A Lead Generation Business?

Knowing how to start a lead generation business is one thing, and being able to run the month to month operations of a lead generation business is another.

The process of running a lead generation business is the same as the process of running any business.

The only difference between the two is that you must be able to deliver high quality leads on a very consistent basis with a lead generation business.

It is in your very businesses interest for you to deliver high quality leads.

There are a few main factors to running your lead generation business profitably and more easily.

Pay Close Attention To Your Advertising & Lead Generation

If your lead quality diminishes, then customers will drop you very quickly.

This is why it is extremely critical that you make sure that the person in your business that is responsible for lead generation for your clients, does an incredible job for each and every client.

If you’re able consistently get clients exceptional leads, they will keep paying you top dollar money every single month without complaint.

Your clients deserve your heart, mind, and profitable care, as well how you manage your leads can affect your brand name in the industry as well.

Take Care Of Your Lead Generation Clients Like Gods

How you manage your relationship with your clients is going to determine your customer retention.

And customer retention, is the god of business.


Retaining clients is multiple times more profitable then obtaining new ones.

Yes, being able to retain clients will dictate whether or not your business can quickly scale, or whether it will flounder completely.

You should treat your clients almost like a father or mother treats their children.

Your customers complaints, concerns, and ideas should ALL be both heard and considered carefully.

You need to treat them well, give to them, over deliver value and knowledge… And if you “raise them right” – treat them right. They will be loyal and love you forever because you were there for them.

How you take care of your customers, is even more important than how you acquire them.

Scaling up a Lead Generation Business

Learn How To Scale Through Upselling & Downselling Clients

The fastest way to scale beyond retaining clients, is to also upsell and downsell them!
Think you’re going to lose a client? Offer them a downsell or temporary decrease in pricing. Think you’re client could see even more growth in their business? Offer them another service or product. You’ll make more money per client, and also help them earn even more too.

For example… Let’s say you have a client who you’re running ads for and they’re paying you $5,000 a month.

If you have the capability and want to increase your ROI drastically as well, you could offer them SEO services, or follow up management services as well. When you do this, you are able to charge another $2,000 – $3,000 + a month on top of your original pricing, you just instantly increased your profit by 50-75%.


How Much Do Lead Generation Companies Charge?

Imagine your lead generation company is now up and running… How much should you charge for lead generation services?

It’s a loaded question with many different peoples opinions trying to dictate the end answer.

What’s the best price to charge as a lead gen business?

You should charge at the higher end of the market average. Do your research.

Being cheap and charging cheap will destroy your profit margins and make your brand seen as a “The cheap brand”.

You want to be careful to attract the right types of clients.

Businesses or entrepreneurs that are looking for the cheapest service they can find, are not usually the best clients to have.

The big money in any industry either goes to…

  • The company that can get masses of customers at low volumes paid to them per customer.
  • The company that can get lower masses of customers at high volumes paid to them per customer.

Make sure and do your research for the industry and niche you want to be involved in, as B2B, B2C and Local Lead Gen, can vary drastically between pricing for leads.

Obviously a client that is a commercial builder, your per lead pricing would be much higher for them, as the leads you would be providing can mean big business to them!

It’s much more profitable to be on the high ticket side of the product and service spectrum, especially in the lead generation business.

How Much Do Lead Generation Companies Charge?


Lead Generation Tools

You need to have proper lead generation tools in place in order to run a customer lead generation company properly. You will want to invest in a proper CRM, tracking software, and more if you want to run the business successfully.


Lead Generation Strategies

You must also understand proper lead generation strategies in order to know how to generate quality leads in mass quantity.

You can learn more about how to generate good quality leads at this Marketing Education platform.


Last Thoughts On How To Start A Lead Generation Business

Being able to provide leads for other businesses is definitely a process. It’s going to take time and setup in order to be able to do it profitably. If you’re wanting to get started building a lead generation business from scratch, here are some steps you should refer to before getting started.

1) Do your research.

And first choose the type of Lead Generation business you want to start.

Is it B2B, Local Lead Gen, or B2C?

2) Pick an industry, a niche.

Remember, the narrower the niche, the bigger the opportunity. As an example, narrow down from Construction into a subcategory, like Home Building, then further narrow it down to home Remodelling.

“The Riches are in the Niches” Finding a market with good volume and weak competition is the key to fast growth.

3) Write a business plan.

If you have no plan, you have no business, this will be one of your biggest mistakes. Know the market you are going after, and know your cost.

4) Determine Your Commissions and Fees.

Again, do your research, charge at the high end of average. You do not want to be the cheapest in the market. Especially starting out.

5) Create marketing assets.

The operational success of your lead generation business deeply depends on your marketing assets.

Marketing assets are web real estate (landing pages, websites, blogs, e-books, social profiles, etc.) that attract leads who are looking for specific information. These leads often carry with the intent to purchase, hence making your marketing assets a magnet for these leads.

With the marketing software available today, building these web assets is easier than ever before. Marketing software like Groove CRM makes managing and creating web properties a breeze.

Building a web presence online is an absolute must!

6) Make a prospective client list.

Start searching and looking for you ideal clients, and make a list of them. Start reaching out and nurturing a relationship with them.

7) Have a referral system.

Give something valuable to existing clients for referrals. Word of mouth can be a great way to enhance bringing in new clients.

Referral sales happen to be one of the best converting marketing channels.

8) Hire experts when needed.

Do not try and do it alone. If you need help, hire it out. Smart people engage with other smart people, this is what makes good business. Invest in your business and it will pay you back when done right 10X.

We hope you enjoyed this article, and learned a lot about how to start your own lead generation business.

Please leave us a comment below if you have any questions or need help in anyway, or just say hi šŸ™‚

Have a fantastic day!


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Richard And John Weberg in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in the infinity pool

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Richard And John Weberg in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in the infinity pool