1. Thanks for this great article.

    Organic leads i.e. Leads from organic search are the best, however, from my own opinion, they are difficult to acquire because you need to put your time, funds and energy to get a stable organic lead unlike that of paid leads whereby you don’t need to concern yourself about any search engine algorithm update. Don’t get me wrong, Paid leads are more expensive than organic leads though. My point is organic leads are difficult to acquire.

    1. Hey thanks for your thoughts on this article my friend. You are very correct, as paid leads are faster and much easier to acquire. Getting leads through building organic traffic is a much longer game, and one does need to be constantly tweaking their organic lead gen strategy to stay in the top results. Buying traffic to generate leads although does have an upfront cost, can equal a much more consistent immediate lead flow, and when one is optimizing their sales funnel process can lead to very nice ROI (return on investment).

      All marketing strategies to generate leads will have some cost of both time and money, even when using a strategy to get organic leads.

      This article here – How to Get Free Website Traffic, is there really such a thing? Explains in more detail, why no traffic and lead gen strategy is really free. It is wise for marketers and businesses to do both if they want consistent long term profits.

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