Best Solo Ad Companies

Best Solo Ad Companies

There are many people as well as companies selling solo ads online. In this article today we will discuss the best solo ad companies to buy solo ads from, and explain the differences in buying a solo ad from a person versus a full blown company.

First lets give you a brief overview of..


How solo ads work?

Solo ads are an advertising medium that uses email marketing – meaning your ad is delivered to peoples email inboxes. You either purchase these solo ads from a company or from individuals (entrepreneurs). You purchase solo ads by the click.

Here is an example.
You purchase 500 clicks from a solo ad seller either a company or a person, next you will either give them an email swipe, or they will provide one for you based on your offer. You also give them a link to your lead capture page. They will then send an email with your link in it to one of their email list, as people are interested in the subject line they see in their email provider, they will open the email and click on your link and be taken to your offer.

The solo ad seller uses a special tracking software such as ClickMeter, to record these opens and clicks, by putting your link inside a tracking link before sending your offer. When the seller sees that you have reached your 500 clicks they will then shut your offer off and proceed with someone else.

Now that your solo ad has completed they will either send you a report in the case of an individual seller, or if you purchased through a company, you most likely will have a log in to a back office of some kind with reporting built in.


What is the goal of a solo ad?

The 1st goal is to for you to build your own email list, and get subscribers. In the example above, we used 500 clicks, so once your solo ad completes, you will have hopefully added 125 to 250 new subscribers to your email marketing list.

If your lead capture page is not converting by at least 25%, you need to tweak it so that it does. If your lead capture page performed badly, make sure and tweak the heading or call to action before buying another solo ad. Start small, and as it performs better, scale into purchasing larger solo ads.

The 2nd goal is for you to make sales or commissions from what ever it is your are promoting through emailing your subscribers (leads). Your lead capture page will be connected to an autoresponder or crm, so that you will be able to email your leads anytime you want with your offers.

The money you make will be made throughout the follow up process. Over time many of your subscribers will keep buying from you. We have people that have been on our email marketing list for over 15 years.

So the faster and bigger you build your email list, the more potential money you will make. Email marketing can be very lucrative when done right.

All successful entrepreneurs and companies online use it, including major retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, etc


Where to buy solo ads.

You either purchase them through individual sellers or through a company. There are also platforms set up that bring individual sellers and buyers together in a membership site, like Udimi.

Not all of the solo ads sellers are professional, effective, or reliable that you find online. We have been ripped off many times over the years, this is why it is so important to track the traffic you receive from any solo ad seller. A company like ClickMeter can provide you with relevant tools to manage and track solo ads campaigns.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the best solo ad sellers. Platforms like Udimi can be very reliable, because they use ratings and reviews with in their platform, to help the best sellers and buyers to come together.


Buying solo ads through a individual versus a company or platform.

We prefer to buy through companies or a platform like Udimi, because it can be easier to find reputable testimonials for a large company or platform, versus finding them for an individual small seller.

We get approached on Facebook all of the time from individual sellers claiming to have the best list, over the years we have tried a few of them out, and have been very disappointed. We track everything we do, so we test with smaller click packages always before buying larger ones.

The other problem with just buying through individuals, is usually their list are smaller, and their means of bringing people into their list are by buying solo ads from other individuals, so their list can get conjugated with the same subscribers. Which will bring down your opt-in rate, the number of subscribers you get from a solo ad purchase.

The best solo ad companies and platforms bring in people to their list through many advertising and marketing channels, so their email list tend to be much larger and diverse. They also have bigger advertising budgets, which bring in new subscribers faster.

These are the reasons 90% of all of our solo ad purchases are done through the best large companies or platforms, you want to be able to reach the largest audience possible, so over time you can scale your income. Occasionally we will still buy through an individual that we have got to know as a quality solo ad provider.


Our recommended best solo ad companies.

1. Traffic Authority – You can read our full traffic Authority review.

2. MLM Leads

3. Udimi Platform

4. Trafficforme


In conclusion.

We have been buying solo ads for years and through extensive testing have identified the best solo ad companies. The list is small because they continue to perform for us, and we have no need to find new ones at the moment. We always continue tracking, so we will only alter this list of companies when they have continued to perform badly.

With all advertising and marketing that you do online, always test. Your lead capture pages and offers may not perform as well as ours do, all depends on how well you dial in your lead magnet offer. Start small, tweak your offers and continue to test.

We really hope this “Best Solo Ad Companies” article has been extremely helpful to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂

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