How To Start Building An Email List Quickly (2022 Update)

How to start and grow an email list

Build An Email List FAST!

Learning how to start building an email list quickly and effectively is the best way to sell any product or service online.

It does not matter what niche you are in, or what you are trying to sell and promote, every entrepreneur and successful business online, build their own email list.

In order to get started building this email list you will need a few important tools and resources that will allow you to gather leads, communicate to those leads, and turn those leads into sales.

When building an email list, whether you’re just getting started or already have a decent list size, it’s important to remember that quality leads are what you’re after.

Along with this, you want to be able to communicate with these leads and their own specific interests.

We’ve gathered together a list of the tools you’ll need to effectively build your email marketing list both quickly and effectively in 2022 or any year for that fact.


How To Start Building An Email List Quickly And Effectively


Using an Autoresponder to start building an email list now.

This is a part of email marketing that you need, because it is a fundamental that’s required in order to build effectively. In order to build your email marketing empire fast and to build it in the right way.

Being able to market and communicate with your audience is number one.

Which is why you need a quality autoresponder which will enable you to do these things.

You need an autoresponder because your autoresponder gathers, collects and sends out emails to your leads and to your potential clients and potential customers.

This enables you to communicate and build a relationship with your audience, and potentially turn them into customers.

As well, it gives you a way to upsell/downsell/resell/ your current customers.


Why You Need A Funnel or Website Builder


Why You Need A Funnel or Website Builder.

When you’re looking to learn how to start an email list effectively & quickly (or how to grow an email list quickly),  you need to find a funnel or website builder, because you need some kind of process that will convert your leads into customers for your leads to follow. You need a funnel builder.

I highly suggest GrooveFunnels and for autoresponder, we also highly suggest Get Response.

These are some of the most reputable.

You want to use the most reputable, respected, and result producing marketing tools possible.

With the right tools, you’ll be able to more easily manage and communicate with your leads and customers.

Along with designing funnels, with your funnel builder, you’re also able to create and design other sales pages and other sales funnels to also further convert your leads into sales, which I’ll go over either in other videos or later on in the funnel creation and conversion courses as well.


Why You Need To Become Good At Copywriting.

You will want to become great at copywriting.

This is actually applicable for almost all of your marketing- you will want to improve upon and become a master at copywriting.

The reason why copywriting is so important is because the written word and the spoken word that you are using across all of your marketing is all of the communication that will decide whether or not someone’s going to become aligned with you and whether or not someone will become a customer with you.

Your business fails without good copywriting.

Your business cannot do as well as it potentially could.

Copywriting can literally multiply the number of leads and sales you are getting through your current funnel and through your current process, you have for getting customers and converting them.

So if you truly want to learn how to start building an email list quickly, or learn how to grow your own current email list, you NEED to become a master of copywriting. (if you want maximum profit from your email list building)


Why And How To Follow Up Effectively With Your Email List.

You will need to be able to follow up very well and master the follow up process, because the follow-up process is responsible for converting over 97 or 95 percent of all your leads into actual sales and customers.

I’ll repeat that, because the majority, the vast majority, I would say over 80 to 90 percent of businesses, affiliates, and people who are selling any kind of product or service fail to follow up, and an even larger percentage fail to follow up correctly and as much as they said and as properly as they should.

The follow-up is incredible and is so necessary to be done – in the right way and the right amount to convert your leads into sales.

So you’ll want to make sure as well that your follow-up is pristine and you are very great at following up with your leads and customers.

The better autoresponder that you have, the more likely you’ll be able to produce more profit and sales per lead that you generate.

The reason for this is because usually better autoresponders or good autoresponders get you good open rates. Better open rates can get you higher Click-Through rates.


Get An Autoresponder With List Segmentation


Get An Autoresponder With List Segmentation.

Better autoresponders also give you the ability to segment your list, which means that you are able to decide who you’re actually going to email out to based on if they opened the email on the clicked on an email that you sent them.

If they abandon the cart, if they took or did not take certain actions can tell you how you need to proceed with the next follow-up for that segment.

The reason why email list segmentation is so very important is that it gives you the ability to differentiate or to separate who you are emailing to.

You can segment to people who didn’t open your email and people who you did open your email.

The reason why that would be a good idea is that the people who have not opened your email and haven’t shown interest in what you offered them yet. So they do not know what the offer is yet.

Meaning they haven’t clicked and seen your offer, so they still have the potential to convert.

So if you’re able to email them separately, you can now use a different email to get them to re-engage and then go and click on your link.

This can increase your conversion rates.


Segmentation is very, very critical for your email marketing


You can use list segmentation and variations in so many different ways. Segmentation is very, very critical for your email marketing.

Open rates means the number of total opens per email sent out to your list.

Your list is your entire list of leads or a certain list of leads, and your open rate is the number of opens you get when you send out an email to all those leads in a single email.

You click-through rate is the number of total clicks per email when you send out to a specific list.

Let’s go back to the open rate, if you send out to a thousand people and 500 people open your email, that means you have a 50 percent open rate.

If you send out the same email to a thousand people and five hundred open and 50 of those people, click on the link in the email, you’ll have a ten percent click-through rate upon your opens.

List segmentation is the ability to change or send emails to different sections of your list based upon their activity.

So if they take a certain action, if they don’t take a certain action or so on, you can send different emails, and this will raise your conversion if you do it in the right way.


Why You Need To Become Good At email Copywriting


Now another important side note. Your click-throughs and profits and sales are also, as I’ve already said, heavily affected, not just by your autoresponder, but also by your copywriting and follow-up ability.

I’ve used both of these 2 autoresponders for maximum profit. Send Shark I’ve used for over ten years. The Send Shark autoresponder is one, that’s reliable. It gets good open rates, good click-through rates and it’s a close, close native community and a close native company.

So I highly suggest that you use Send Shark and also Get Response. The reason I suggest Get Response is because of its list segmentation.

Get Response has very advanced list segmentation and it’s just in general, a really powerful autoresponder.

That again has been also in the industry for years and years and years, and it’s one that a lot of top industry leaders and top companies I use because it’s so great with segmentation and other things as well.


How to Convert Leads Into Customers & Have Success With Email Marketing.

Now you also need a high converting, funnel, and sales pages because again, 90 percent of your customers around ninety percent of customers, conversions for leads and sales are going to come from your follow-up.

They’re going to come from the sales pages that they go through.

They’re going to come from as well your emails going to your sales pages and going to your funnels.

This is why your funnel process, your sales pages, copywriting, and follow up, are so important for your email profit margin.

All of these things are going to help you increase sales and conversions across all of your marketing. As a whole – and I’m saying this again because copywriting and follow-up mastery are so critical. Follow up alone is 90 percent of your customers.


Convert Your Leads Into Customers And Have Success With Email Marketing


I just know for a fact, from the consulting I’ve done from my past experience and from the experience of all other marketers I’ve worked with – that knowing and being great at copywriting and creating funnels and sales pages will drastically multiply your number of sales that you are able to generate because copywriting and follow up equals unlimited customers and sales.

It’s people who can convert customers and follow up with customers like crazy and follow up with leads like crazy that are able to scale (grow their business and income) very quickly and see a lot more results because they have those abilities.

Copywriting and follow-up are the processes that build like know and trust between you and your customers, which, if you’ve been marketing you know that “like know and trust” are the building blocks that convert leads into sales and that converts sales into full-fledged repaying customers.


Start learning how to build your email list quickly and effectively today.

If you master email marketing, you can write your own ticket.

So you really want to get started mastering email marketing, the longer you wait to get started the longer it will take you to learn how to build your email list quickly and effectively.

If you’re okay with that, with your ability, if you think you’re decent at it.

You may be.

You don’t want to that’s fine, but I highly recommend it for everyone.

No matter, all of the marketing tools I have listed in this article are designed to help you build your email list MORE quickly and effectively.

These are just suggestions that we’ve seen in our own marketing that have actually increased our own results and for many thousands of others. For additional help make sure and take the list building challenge here.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

We really hope this article has been extremely helpful to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂

With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg

Richard Weberg

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  1. You guy’s are awesome and always bringing to the table the best content I ever seen on the internet and you really show that you care and you give step by step videos how to set it up to where people can’t f_ck it up the only way they can’t is by not doing it period hands down the most effective teaches I have ever seen from any other entrepreneurs that teach the same thing you guy’s are the ones I will be getting all the tools needed to have an Internet business love you guy’s for who you are and what you guys are about partners and friends that are like family…. Much respect always Kevin Harmoning

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