How Often To Send Marketing Emails To My List?

How often should you email your list? Monthly? Weekly? Daily?

Emailing your list is an important part of your business strategy. It can help you stay in touch with your audience, build relationships, and convert more sales.

And if you do it right, it can be a powerful way to grow your sales exponentially.

So many marketers and entrepreneurs are terrified of sending emails to their list of subscribers, or just quite simply – they don’t do it enough.

But why is this?

Common questions affiliate marketers struggle with include:

  • What do I write?
  • Will my subscribers get mad if I email them too much?
  • What topics are OK to send?
  • Should I include links in my email?
  • Will my email be offensive?

Then what happens is they get frozen in fear and do not send out an email at all, and pretty soon weeks have passed and their list has not heard hide nor hair from them.

Then they scratch their head and wonder why they’re not making any money?

frozen with fear of failure

If you’re just getting started with email marketing, then sending promotional emails is probably an essential part of the process.

The key thing to remember about this strategy? Your content needs be compelling and engaging in order for people read them!

In today’s article we will try and cover some of these common questions that prevent people from effectively emailing their list.

This should answer the main question of…

How Often To Send Marketing Emails To My List?

We will also include information that will help you to become more comfortable writing and sending emails to your list, because this is so much often times the reasons marketers fail with their email marketing strategy.

Before we jump into sharing some strategies, if you are unfamiliar with email marketing we have a completely FREE course you can join where we guide you in creating compelling email marketing campaigns and tons of other affiliate marketing tips and tricks.

Build Up Your Email Writing Skills


Build Up Your Email Writing Skills

No one is born with writing skills, It’s a SKILL that must be learned and that anyone can learn. It takes time and practice to get better at it.

Here is a very true life example below, that should help you to understand, that anyone can learn to write decent quality emails, no matter what your background, education or experience is.

Maybe you have heard of Helen Keller, or maybe not, either way she became incredibly famous.

Helen Keller


Helen Keller was born in 1880 and lost her sight and hearing at the age of nineteen months to an illness now believed to have been scarlet fever. So losing her hearing and sight at such a young age she never learned to speak clearly much at all.

Five years later, on the advice of Alexander Graham Bell, her parents applied to the Perkins Institute for the Blind in Boston for a teacher, and from that school hired Anne Mansfield Sullivan.

Through Sullivan’s instruction, the little girl learned to understand and communicate with the world around her.

She went on to acquire an excellent education and to become an important influence on the treatment of the blind and deaf.

Keller learned from Sullivan to read and write in Braille, despite not being able to hear or see.

Helen Keller at twelve years old published an autobiographical sketch in the Youth’s Companion, and during her junior year at Radcliffe, she produced her first book, The Story of My Life, still in print in over fifty languages.

Keller published four other books of her personal experiences as well as a volume on religion, one on contemporary social problems, and a biography of Anne Sullivan.

She also wrote numerous articles for national magazines on the prevention of blindness and the education and special problems of the blind. In all, Helen Keller wrote 12 books in her life.

Now, I am sure you can see by Helen Keller’s amazing true story, that anyone can learn to write decent emails, this takes away any and all excuses.

If Helen Keller was able to learn and write books, I am sure you can learn to write masterful emails.


Your Emails Will Never Be Perfect

Over time through writing email after email, you will get better at it, your writing and copy in general will improve greatly as well, but it will never be perfect.

I have been writing emails and articles now for almost 18 years, and my copy and writing skills are still improving, the more you do it, the better you will get at it.

You will also get much faster at writing in general. Words will flow out from your fingertips with much more ease.

Quote by Richard Weberg


Read More And You Will Write Better Emails

One of the best ways to improve your email writing, is to read.

When you read a lot, you will learn new words and phrases, expanding your vocabulary without even trying.

You will find yourself using new words even when talking with others, or you will spit out sayings that you read, that you do not even remember coming across.

I make it a point to read and learn every single day, by searching out topics I am interested in, this has helped my own writing skills immensely.

Even if I know a topic inside and out, I will always go and find other articles on the same topic, and read them first to get myself into the zone.

Beginners Guide to Email Marketing Lists


Do Not Procrastinate

Have you ever heard the saying “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” – Thomas Jefferson

Just do it! As Nike says…

If you have been putting off sending an email to your list, write an email right now, and send it to your subscribers, do not wait.

Start a better habit today.

You can either create habits of success, or habits of failure, but you will not create both. Procrastination is a success killer.

I do not care if you can only muster up one paragraph, write an email and send it to your subscribers right now, then come back to this article and finish reading it.

Do not ever let yourself talk yourself out of doing something and putting it off for another day.

This will not only make for a crappy email business, but in general it will make for a crappy life, because you will always be putting stuff off.

Successful people just get it done.


Send Marketing Emails In An Organic Method

The great thing about email marketing is that there is always a topic you can write about.

Organic emails are fantastic, because they add a personal and thoughtful angle to them.

When promoting your products and services, you can use these in your email campaigns:

  • Write about a customer story or experience
  • Include a testimonial
  • Send updates about your business, such as a new blog post that just went live
  • Keep the content interesting
  • Birthday or celebratory emails (such as ‘we wanted to thank you for helping us reach 500 followers on Facebook’)

There are tons of other angles you can use in your email marketing campaigns, especially around events such as holidays and big shopping days like Black Friday!

how to get subscribers to my email list


Don’t Worry About What Your Subscribers Think

It is your email business, your subscribers have signed up specifically to hear from you – they WANT to hear from you, so communicate with them!

This is why they subscribed to be on your email list in the first place, for you to send them emails. If you do not send them emails they will most likely forget even who you are.

The whole goal of sending emails to your list, is to follow up with your leads and connect with those who want – what you have.

Not all of your subscribers will resonate with you, and that is okay, this is why you build an email list in the first place, to find the people that do.

But if you do not send the emails, nobody will ever buy from you.

Make sense?

My Subscriber Story

Several years ago now, I connected with another marketer who was trying desperately to make money online, he was building his email list, and he had a little over 5000 subscribers by the time I met him.

I invited him to call me on Skype, so I could find out in more depth where he was struggling. So I asked him a few questions, and found out he was making NO money from his marketing. Through my further investigation with him, I came to see that he had never sent one single email to his list.

He had previously bought a course that showed him how to set up a lead capture page and autoresponder, and put in 1 automated follow up message. The course also showed him how to drive traffic to his lead capture page.

So that is what he did, and he had built up his email list to a little over 5000 subscribers in 10 months.

But he never sent them a single additional email, so all of his subscribers got 1 email from him, the day they subscribed and not a single email since.

Once I realized this, I asked him, why have you not sent any emails to your list?

His answer “I was afraid they would be offended and unsubscribe.”

Next I asked him, Why are you even building an email list then, if your not going to email it? How did you expect to get sales and make money?

If your never going to promote anything to your subscribers with a link in your email for them to buy from, you can not make any sales, understand?

He said “I guess I didn’t think about it like that, I only cared that I might offend them in some way.”

This is a true story and that is not the only time I have ran across someone who built up an email list into the thousands and was frustrated because they were not making any money, yet had never sent a single email to their list, because they were afraid of what their subscribers might think.

So now that we covered some of the obstacles people are faced with in emailing their list, let us get down to the main question of how often should you email your list?

How Often Should You Email Your List


How often should you email your list?

Its ultimately your email list and only you can decide how often you will email it.

What we will do here is give you some examples, our suggestions and recommendations based off of our many years of email marketing experience.

I have been marketing online now about 18 years, and have done email marketing for a little over 15 of those years, and my son Jon has been doing email marketing now for around 11 years.

We have tested sending emails to our list every day, twice a day, once a week, once a month, every other week – you name it, we have tested every delivery frequency possible.

Check out this data table below (we know the data is quite old, but these trends still apply!)

You can clearly see that emails are sent, on average, between 2 and 5 times a month!

Now a days, there is more competition online and 2 to 5 times a month is not going to cut it. We personally email almost every single day now.

How often are other email marketers sending their emails

Before we share some tips with you, perhaps you will benefit from signing up to our free email marketing course?

You will learn to:

  • Set up your own website and blog
  • Create your own email address
  • Build an email list
  • Learn how to craft compelling emails
  • Earn money through affiliate marketing!

Let’s get started with some juicy tips and tricks so we can answer the question of ‘how often to send marketing email to my list?’ thoroughly!

Email your list often

In our experience emailing our own list, we have found that emailing often works best for us for maximum conversions.

We send at least 4 to 5 emails to our list weekly, and sometimes we send an email every single day. We try to miss no more than 3 days in a seven day period.

Sometimes we even send emails twice a day if we are really pushing an offer because of limited time special pricing, one time offers, or a major product launch, etc.

If we go for an extended period of time without emailing, some our long term subscribers will start actually sending us messages and asking if we are okay, or ask us if we unsubscribed them for some reason, they start to panic.

We have become really good friends with many of the people on our email list, some of them we have met in person, and even traveled with them on vacations and marketing events.

Some of them we have created joint ventures with and done marketing projects together, it is amazing the connections you can make through doing email marketing.

Some of our dearest friends started out as subscribers on our email list.

email your list often


Emailing Often Builds Like, Know, And Trust

Think about this for a moment – What is the fastest way for someone to get to know, like and trust you enough to buy from you?

It is through continual communication, that is what email marketing is, a method for you to communicate with thousands of people all at once.

So if you send only 1 email a month, how is any of your subscribers going to really get to know, like and trust you?

By the time you send them another email a month later, they have probably forgot who you even are or worse yet, have already bought what they were seeking and made a connection with someone else.

Most people receive on average 100 emails a day.

More than 4 billion people worldwide use email and rising (The Radicati Group)—that’s a whopping 52% of the entire world’s population.

61% of those email users say they actually enjoy receiving promotional emails weekly (Marketing Sherpa).

Again if your not emailing often enough, you will not stand out in the 100 emails a day most people receive, and eventually through non emailing of your subscribers they might even think your emails are just spam.

That’s how people determine what is spam, is when they see emails from a business or person they do not know, or remember opt-ing into.

email spam


So it is especially important to email new subscribers often enough in the beginning to make sure and make that connection with them, otherwise it could be lost, and your energy and money spent on advertising getting new subscribers is just wasted.

Here is another fact: it takes an average of someone seeing your offer 8 to 12 times before they will buy from you.

There is only one way to get your offers repeatedly in front of someone, and that is through email marketing. That is what makes it the most powerful marketing tool you have access too, and why you should email your list often.

Some people will buy faster than that but 99% will not. And if your not emailing often enough, I guarantee somebody (competition) is.

Put it this way, we no marketers with way bigger email list than we have, but they do not make nowhere near the amount of money we do in comparison.

They subscribed to your list for a reason, now get emailing them, before someone else like us does 🙂

Setup an email schedule

Set up a schedule

It is important to set up an emailing schedule and stick to it religiously. If you are going to email 3 to 4 times a week, write that down on your calendar and make it the first thing you do each day, because it is the most important task that will make you money online.

“The money is in the follow up” My son Jon always says, people do not buy products and services, they buy people, let that soak in for a bit, and it should make total sense.

There are a lot of scammers online, it is just the nature of the digital world, because they are able to be countries away, yet so close to your wallet.

People buy from people, they know, like and trust. So building a connection with your subscribers and building it fast is an absolute must.

The marketers and businesses that are the best at making connections, make the most money online.

If you join our course, we can help you setup your own email schedule.

This includes email frequency, subject lines and how to write awesome content that converts!


What if they UNSUBSCRIBE?

Who cares…Literally, you want the people who are not interested in your emails and offers to unsubscribe. They are dead weight on your email list.

Sending emails to large numbers of people who NEVER open your emails will bring down your deliverability rate, and affect your email open rates –hence lowering your conversions.

So occasionally in some of our emails we point out the unsubscribe link and tell them to unsubscribe if they are no longer interested in reading our emails and being connected with us.

You want your list to be clean, and eventually full of loyal customers and people who love your content.

If no one ever unsubscribes from your email list your probably not emailing your list at all.

email writing tips


4 Email Writing Tips

It does not matter what niche you are in, or what kind of products or services you are selling.

It could be physical products, digital products, marketing programs, business opportunities, what ever it may be, you can apply these tips to help you, as we have sold pretty much everything through email marketing.

1. Write emails as though it is one on one

Like your talking personally to one person, even though your emailing many people at once.

2. Write in story’s or give examples

People will connect with you faster, you need to give them something to relate to, make it personal for them.

When I first started email marketing, I told my story to my subscribers all of the time, and that is what gave me fast success with my email list as I built it. I was relatable, people would reply to my emails all of the time, and tell me how I touched their life, or moved them.

They would also say they felt like they knew me even though we had never met.

I knew I was on the right path with my emails, because I was invoking a response.

3. Invoke a response

That is the ultimate goal, that is when people really start buying. Getting people to reply to your emails, is when you know you are hitting home runs.

Even if sometimes those responses are F*ck you….If you never get one of those, you are doing something wrong – ask any professional email marketer.

In order to invoke a response from people you have to get under their skin a bit, sometimes the naysayers and negative subscribers you have on your list will get nasty when you make them look in the mirror so to speak.

It does not mean you are even trying to get under their skin, it just means they do not like something, or feel they can not afford what you are selling, either way, when it happens unsubscribe the nasty people.

Because it will happen, do not be alarmed when it does, it is normal, not everybody will like everything you say. That is life, and your email list is no different. Keep emailing.

invoke a response


4. Sell people solutions to their problems

Remember every product or service we use in life solves a problem for someone…People make decisions and take action based on pain or pleasure feelings.

Offer them solutions and they will buy from you.

A person buys a new TV because they want a bigger screen, it gives them joy, sell them the solution. The feeling they will get when..

A person joins a business opportunity because they are broke and in pain, sell them the solution. The feeling they will get when..

A person buys a guitar because they want to play like Angus Young, it gives them joy, sell them the solution. The feeling they will get when..

No matter what your selling, map out what joy it would give someone, or what pain it would solve, then sell them the solution, not the product itself.

Nobody cares what the product is, they care only what joy it gives them or what pain it takes away.

Why does anybody buy a new vehicle?

It’s not because they want another payment, it is not because they need a new vehicle.

No matter how broke down their car is, the only reason they will purchase another one, is because of the pain their old vehicle is causing them, and the perceived joy (feelings) the new one will bring them.

Sell them the solution (Feelings). When you master this process in your emails you will sell like an absolute rockstar!

Sell people solutions to their problems


How Often Are You Going To Send Emails To Your List?

Now that you have read this article, we really hope it helped you learn more about emailing your list, and has helped you determine how often you will email your list.

Email marketing is a wonderful way to earn money online, when done right it can lead to a full-time income and much more.

Anyone wanting an successful email business should always be learning how to get higher conversions and bring their business to the next level.

Determining your key metrics like – How Often Should You Email Your List, is an absolute must to maximize one’s time, effort and money in producing profits.

If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂


Your Friends And Partners

Richard And John Weberg

P.S. If you have no email marketing experience what so ever, we suggest also reading our email marketing guide for beginners.



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