How To Increase Email Conversion Rates Right Now

What is a good email open rate?

Increasing email conversion rates is a key factor in the success of any online business.

There are many types of conversions to consider when growing your business online that will help to increase profits.

Some of these conversions include:

  • opt-ins
  • email opens
  • click-through rates
  • social interactions
  • website visitors
  • video views


Why It’s Important To Increase Email Conversion Rates

For every type of action your trying to increase conversions on, there is a corresponding result that can happen to produce more sales and profits for you and your business.

So it is imperative to always be tracking and split testing your marketing components and keep track of your businesses metrics.

Conversion rates are something to not take lightly, and should always have your attention.

You should always be looking for more ways on how to increase your conversion rates for all your marketing methods, especially email marketing, because email marketing is the most powerful marketing channel there is.

4 billion people worldwide use email

After all, more than 4 billion people worldwide use email!

That’s a whopping 52% of the entire worlds population.

61% of those email users say they actually enjoy receiving promotional emails weekly.

Email stats

This means that email marketing should not be swept under the carpet, it should be embraced, and whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned email marketer, make sure your email marketing campaigns are high quality, on point, and keeps your subscribers coming back for more.

Building your email list is the key. It always has been.

If you’re already using email marketing, you should be paying attention to your data so you can improve upon your results and conversions.

email opt in rates

Are you ready to learn how YOU can keep on improving your email conversion rates?

Let’s go!

Opt-in Rate

Your opt-in rate is the number of visitors it takes to get a new email subscriber.

So if you get 100 visitors to your lead capture page or website, and 20 people put their details into your online form to subscribe to your email list, you have an opt-in rate of 20%,

If we break this down further, you have an email conversion rate of 5 subscribers for every 20 visitors.

So now, you know if you are getting 100 visitors a day to that same page, you can expect roughly 20 new email subscribers a day.

This is what it would look like after a year:

20 subscribers a day x 365 Days in a Year = 7,300 Brand New Leads!

Generating 20 new leads a day is great, but you should always be looking to do better, because getting new leads costs time and probably plenty of money.

But what if you could increase this number by 5%?

A 5% increase would equate to another 5 more leads a day, and an increase of 1825 more leads in a year.

This is quite significant.

An additional 1825 more potential customers!

How many more sales could you make with an extra 1825 leads every year?

Scaling up your email list by sending successful email drip campaigns, optimizing your website (especially your cta’s) WILL increase sign ups and lead to more sales.


split testing emails

How to increase your opt-in rate

1. Split testing

Split testing, also referred to as A/B testing, is a technique that can be used to improve your opt-in conversion rate.

Split testing involves using two versions of the same page, with one being the control and the other being a slightly tweaked variation of the original.

This updated variation is typically created in order to test a small change to see if it increases your opt-in rate.

After this test, you should send equal amounts of traffic to both lead capture pages, to see if the change you made has worked to increase your conversions.

Usually what most marketers do is use tracking software like ClickMeter that also acts like a rotator.

You set your two pages to rotate evenly.

How cool is that?

what is split testing

For split testing to be effective:

1. You need to run a decent amount of traffic to both pages, we always do at least 2000 visitors to each page. If you do not run enough traffic for your split test, it will not be very accurate, therefore, your conversion rates may become even worse!

2. We recommend making small adjustments to the variation page. For example; you could change your call to action only, if that does not increase conversions after testing, you would change back the call to action on the variation page and change something else, like maybe your headline. Even changing colors on your subscribe button can have an effect on conversions.

Finally, make sure to keep the original page intact, and only tweak one thing on the variation page each time you run the split test, otherwise you will not know what you did that resulted in an increase (or decrease)

Split testing can be done for lead capture pages, sales pages, bridge pages, basically any page you control and can alter.

Its an effective method to increase email conversion rates!

Go ahead, join ClickMeter, and give it a try!

tracking link clicks

2. Link Tracking

Again if your using tracking software like ClickMeter, you will know where the majority of your opt-in conversions are coming from, because you can track your landing page after opt-in.

If one traffic source you are using is outperforming all others, you will want to focus the majority of your resources scaling that traffic source.

Sound easy?

Tracking software can be very advantageous.

It will hep avoid bad traffic sources (these always offer little to no conversions) plus the ability to carry out split testing of multiple pages.

Each percentage increase you can squeeze out after split-testing 

Now THAT is surely worth a try?

ClickMeter Link tracking, affiliate tracking, conversion tracking


Email Open Rates

Most people, on average, receive over 100 emails every single day.

That’s a lot of competition to try and grab your attention!

This is why YOUR email needs to stand out from the crowd, and you WILL increase your email open rates

As we’ve explained, these can lead to higher conversions.

Increasing email opens continues to be one of the most important marketing challenges for many businesses and online marketers.

Again, if you can increase your email open rates by just 5%, that can lead to even more conversions for you.

More people opening your emails, equals more potential eyes on your offers – a sure fire way to increase email conversion rates!


What is an email open rate?

Let us explain how email open rates are defined and calculated.

Email open rates are calculated by dividing the total number of emails opened by the number of people sent to.

Got it?

It’s a pretty simple statistic.

Send an email to 5000 people.

500 people open your email.

That would give you a 10% open rate.

Make sense?

What is a good email open rate?

The email open rate average across all industries is right around 20%.

This sounds high, but having said that, different industries do have varying average open rates.

Some industries are of course, much higher than other businesses.

The best way to determine a good email open rate for your business is by tracking your actual open rates for a full three months and averaging them out.

This rule of thumb worked out well for us, and continues to do so.

That gives you a clear target against which you can measure your open rates over time, thus ensuring they keep improving.

Take a look at the image below.

It’s provided by GetResponse, and as you can see, they have broke things down by industry averages, amongst other statistical data.

Remember, these are only averages, and your open rate, as per your industry you operate in, could be much higher or lower.

These rates are dependent on how well you engage with your subscribers, whilst writing strong subject lines is another little tip that you could implement to increase your email conversion rates (the chart made us think of this!)


Average email open rates provided by GetResponse


How to increase email open rates

1. Get new subscribers

The average churn rate for any email list is around 20% yearly.

Churn rate means the rate at which you lose subscribers due to a number of reasons.

These may include:

  • hard bounces
  • unsubscribes
  • email abandonment (through people no longer being interested in what you offer)

So now that you know you will lose approximately 20% of your email list yearly, the first way to keep your open rates high, is to keeps things fresh, clean and engaging.

Do not become stagnant in keeping traffic coming in and getting new subscribers, because over time a portion of your email list will die.

Building your email list with fresh subscribers should be one of your main priorities.

Some subscribers will read your emails for years, some will not.

We have some subscribers who have been with us now for 15 years, and are our best customers.

Adding new subscribers to your list increases email conversion rates, if you follow the steps on our FREE course.

2. Email List hygiene

Clean your email list by deleting unsubscribes and people who have not opened any of your emails in the last 6 months to 1 year (non openers).

If they have not opened even one of your emails in 6 months to 1 year, they are most likely never going to.

Sending emails to large numbers of people who NEVER open your emails will bring down your deliverability rate, and affect your email open rates –hence lowering your conversions.

3. Email more often

If you do not email your list at least a few times a week, you really risk them losing interest in your offers.

If your subscribers only see an email from you once a month, they might even forget who you are and that they ever subscribed, unless you have a really recognizable brand, like Amazon.

Heck they might even think you are a spammer especially if they have forgot all about subscribing to your email list because it has been so long since you sent them an email.

4. Re-engagement campaign

Try to re-engage your subscribers and offer your email subscribers something valuable for free or a big discount if they open your email.

Whatever your offer is, make it extraordinary and utilize a subject line that spells it out clearly.

5. Write better subject lines

Look through some of your past emails you sent that got the highest open rates, if you have had some subject lines that really kicked up the opens, send it again. And try and mimic what worked in those subject lines with new ones you write.

Maybe it was the topic, maybe it was the subject line itself, experiment with it.

Look at these subject line examples for some inspiration. There is a formula that will help you increase your open rates, learn it and master it.

**Copy it and do not lose this, Here is the absolute magical formula!

End Result Customer Wants + Specific Period Of Time + Address The Objections

Lose Weight While You Sleep -Stress free

$90,000 a Year Repairing Cracked Windshields in your spare time

Write a Book in 30 Days that sells like hotcakes

Write killer headlines in 2 minutes without thinking

How to triple your opt-ins in 30 days for free

How to eat more and still lose weight. (I like this lol)

How to start a 6 figure biz today with NO risk


Another subject line type we do at least once a month is the reply to email type.

Examples: Can you reply to this email, we have something special for you?

Subject lines are pivotal to increasing email conversion rates.

6. Subscribe to your own email list

Last but not least, always subscribe to your own email list from several of your email accounts.

You need to see how your email and subject lines show up in your email providers.

This has led us to shorten some of our subject lines because of how a subject line got cut off when it was delivered. Plus if you make any mistakes you will know it.

How to increase your click-through rates


Click Through Rates (CTR)

Click-through rate measures how many times recipients click a link in your email, and it is one of the markers of your subscribers engagement.

The higher your click-through rate, the more things are going well for your emails; it means that you’re not only getting great inbox placement, but also that your content is compelling and relevant to what they want, so people are clicking.

The click-through rate is calculated simply by dividing the number of clicks on your links in your emails by the total number of emails sent.

So now, if you send an email to 5000 people and 150 people click on your link in the email, that’s a 3% CTR.


Click To Open Rates (CTOR)

The CTOR, is one of the most important email marketing benchmarks, because it shows you of the actual number of people who opened your email how many actually followed through and clicked on your link.

This is a more accurate measurement of how compelling your email copy is, because it’s not bringing into the calculation the total number of people you sent the email to, as some of your email list will always be dead weight.

So we always use the click to open rates for our metrics, as it is a more accurate assessment.

The CTOR is calculated by dividing the number of clicks on your links in your emails by the total number of emails opened. If 500 people opened your email and 150 people clicked on one of your links in it, the CTOR would be 30%


What is a good click-through rate?

On this image provided by GetResponse you can see the average Click-through rates and Click to open rates by industry. Again your own rates may very depending on how well you write compelling ad copy and engage your subscribers.

average Click-through rates and Click to open rates by industry


How to increase your click-through rates

1. Open rates

Well the first place you want to start is following the advice we laid out above with increasing your open rates, because the more people who open your emails, obviously the more potential people who will click on one of your links.

And the key factor in getting more opens, is your subject line.

2. Email copy

Once subscribers open your email, the content is what will keep them reading and lead them to click your links.

Emails should be used as a summary or overview that solves a problem. The longer it is, the more likely your reader will get disinterested and not take any action.

Make sure each email you send has one main objective. This way, your readers don’t get distracted or confused on what direction they need to take next.

Here is a formula we designed to aide you in writing more compelling emails that get click-throughs.

Acknowledge a problem

Invoke emotion

by relating it to yourself

Solve the problem -using the product or service you are trying to get action taken on

Create urgency

Close them into taking immediate action

Remember every product or service we use in life solves a problem for someone…People make decisions and take action based on pain or pleasure.

improve CTA rates

3. Improve your call to action

A call to action (CTA) is a word, phrase, or sentence that prompts the reader to take a specific action, like click your link.

Examples of Call to Actions:

Click here to join us now

Click this link

Click here >>

Click here to get started immediately

Get started today
Download our app for free
Claim your exclusive deal today
Join now and cancel any time

Get a free gift when you sign up today
See why our service is right for you
Join the club

Save $XX by shopping Now
Let’s work together
Get everything you need in one place
No experience necessary
Work with us

Start immediately

Make the change NOW and Save

Get LifeTime Access Only Today

Try it you might like it

Let us help you get paid

Pick this up for a one-time payment…XX BUCKS off…

Join our community before time expires

Book your next adventure now

Limited time offer

See you on the inside

See you on the call tonight

Look forward to seeing you on the webinar

These shoes will look great on you

Marketing has changed a lot over the past few years, but the ultimate goal has remained the same.

You need to drive your subscribers to take action to get conversions.

CTAs are essential for making this happen. So as a marketer, it is critical that you learn to write effective ones.

4. Offer incentive or bonuses

Many marketers use incentives and bonuses that they give away or offer discounts for when promoting to their email list.

These can be coaching calls, a free ebook, a deep discount, a phone call, a free course, etc. What you would offer is up to you and should be specific and relate to the products or services you are trying to sell.

If your still having a problems getting your emails acted upon, you will want to take a course on writing compelling ad copy, I guarantee it will help you.

This is a skill we mastered over time by doing it over and over again and we have taken many courses on copywriting, we are still getting better at it.

“The repetition of doing something over and over again is the mother of all skill”


How Increasing Conversion Rates Boosts Your Success

The most successful businesses and marketers online, all have learned how to increase the conversion rates they are getting.

They make every dollar count and are very wise in using tracking software and data they have collected to scale their results to new levels.

Simply making small adjustments can significantly increase the number of conversions you are getting, especially when you make them in all aspects of your email marketing. They all add up!

We really hope this article on how to increase email conversion rates makes your email marketing much more effective and prosperous.

If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂


Your Friends And Partners

Richard And John Weberg

P.S. For even more guidance with email marketing, make sure and read our ultimate email marketing guide.



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