1. I like this article a lot, only one thing, if there is a example that will be even better,
    The first step, showing how an auto responder collect leads?
    The second step, After collection of huge leads, then what kind of email you send out first to start wave of emails?
    Again I always like your posts.

    1. Sam if you want very explicit instructions on how to collect leads and actually tie them into a page or website we can help you with that. What you email your leads varies depending upon what you are promoting and trying to make money with. Example: if you are selling dog training instructions, you certainly are not going to have the same emails as someone selling violin lessons. We have a course set up, that you can purchase and will walk you through every aspect of setting up a real business online. Including real guidance on the email marketing part, and learning to write emails specific to your niche my friend.

      You can click here and get in the course.: https://emoneypeeps.com/get-started/

      Your friends and partners
      Richard and John Weberg

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