Best Traffic Exchange List 2022 – Because We Love Free Traffic

Best Traffic Exchange List

Have you thought about using traffic exchanges to drive traffic to your website, blog or other offers?

If so, make sure and read this complete article so you can understand where traffic exchanges may or may not fit into your marketing strategies.

Just like with any online website traffic strategy, you need to first figure out the best way to utilize these traffic exchange platforms to get results from your efforts in using them.

There are some specific ways to use them that are effective, and if you use them in the wrong ways, not much is going to happen.

By using traffic exchanges in the right way, and depending on the type of business you have, you can increase your website’s visibility and build more leads and sales for your business.

In this article, we’ll also share a list of the best traffic exchange sites for 2022, so if you decide to use them, you can start with the best ones available.

Did you know that traffic exchanges can also be a great way to build back links?

We will explore this and much more throughout this article.

Why You Should Use A Traffic Exchange


What Is A Traffic Exchange?

A traffic exchange is a type of membership site that you can join and promote your website or offers to other members. This is done through the use of full page views, log in ads, and banner and text ads.

The main premise of most traffic exchanges, is you view other peoples offers in return for views of your offers.

They Are Credit Based

You will receive credits for viewing other marketers offers, which in turn you then apply the credits to your links and ads.

They call it clicking for credits or surfing, and is based on a timer.

Optional Upgrades And Credit Purchases

Almost all traffic exchanges are free to join and use, with optional upgrades or you can purchase credits instead of clicking for them.

Some traffic exchanges have other advertising options available, that makes them even more valuable to use, as not only will members see your offers, but visitors of the site can as well.

What Is A Traffic Exchange


How Do Traffic Exchanges Work?

Please watch this video below to learn more, as I log into a traffic exchange site in the video and show you how surfing or clicking for credits is done.

I also give you some insights into how to effectively use them.


Do Traffic Exchanges Actually Work?

The idea of traffic exchanges is not new, they have been used for over 20 years now.

Some online marketers cringe at the mention of the use of traffic exchanges.

Maybe because of the ‘concept’ which is the exchange of views between marketers.

This means “you view my offer and I view your offer”.

So the real question is..

Are Traffic Exchanges A Waste Of Time?

The answer is – YES and NO..Because it all depends in how you use them..We touched on this briefly in the video above. (Make sure to watch it)

Just like with any other advertising method there is online, they all take a bit of tweaking, testing and tracking to get the results you desire.

As an example: I have seen some marketers spend thousands of dollars on PPC (Pay Per Click), like with Google ads and make nothing in return.

The opposite is true as well, there are some marketers who use PPC and make an absolute killing.

The difference is: In how one marketer spent a considerable amount of time and resources learning PPC, and the other did not.

With any promotional method used online today, you can not just “Wing It”, you have to learn what works and what does not, and traffic exchanges are no different.

Now, before you head off to the list of best traffic exchange sites below and start using them, we need to explain a few more things, so you can get the results you desire.

do traffic exchanges work


Types of Traffic Exchanges

The first thing to realize when using traffic exchanges, is that there are two different types you may run across, and one type you want to stay far away from..

1. Manual surf traffic exchanges

Manual traffic exchanges are comprised of real people, like me and you, who are looking for authentic methods to further grow their businesses.

When users are surfing or clicking for credits, it is done manually like I showed you in the video above.

There is a short timer and the user clicks on an image or number when the timer expires, and then is brought to the next site to view.

Each time a member completes this click, they are given credit, which they can apply to their own offers.

Manual surf traffic exchanges use all kinds of different anti-cheat methods to make sure real people are viewing your offers.

2. Autosurf Traffic Exchanges

Never use autosurfs, it means no one is actually looking at your offers. They just sit and run on your computer, no one has to be present, they are worthless.

Extreme high complete bounce rate, this type of traffic exchange is absolute garbage.

The user does not need to be near their computer as the ‘autosurf application’ visits each site and then moves to the next site automatically after the proper amount of time has elapsed.

So do not use them.  Many autosurf programs can be filled with viruses and malware as well.


Best Website Traffic Exchanges

I have used manual surf traffic exchanges for almost 18 years now, they ARE NOT the only traffic sources I use, this is just one of the strategies in my marketing arsenal.

I use all of the sites listed later below in this article for multiple different purposes. They all have their part to play.

Not all website traffic exchanges are created equal, some have hardly any members and are not very active, so the amount of exposures you get to your websites or offers can be relatively very small, so it is equally important to choose the right manual traffic exchanges.

This is why I am providing you here in this article with the best traffic exchange list for 2022.

This list does NOT Have AUTOSURF traffic exchanges in it, these are all manual surf traffic exchanges, with high anti-cheat technology, which mean NO BOTS.

They also have some other features available to you, that can help your business grow in other ways.


We can help you with any affiliate marketing questions, either associated with traffic exchanges, or otherwise.

Simply join our FREE course below, and we’ll take you on a journey to remember.


Best Traffic Exchange List 2022


1. LeasedAdSpace – is number 1 on this list because it is the most unique traffic exchange you will ever find, in the fact that all of their advertising packages they provide you with are also all public.

This means that they not only share your website with other members, they also place your banner ads, text ads, solo ads, and adboard ads publicly on their outside pages, so that you may get visitors from the search engines as well. This site produces content by the minute, and has over 40,000 members already.

There are many benefits to using Lease Ad Space because of ads and content being placed publicly on their outside pages, so that your offers get seen by the potential thousands of visitors who visit their website and their 40,000 members.

LeasedAdSpace has a domain authority score of 60, and has over 2.3 million backlinks pointing to the site.

2. PageRankCafe – this is another unique traffic exchange site, in the fact that all advertising options are place publicly on their site as well, similar to Leased Ad Space. I have them listed number 2 because they do not offer as many advertising options as Leasedadspace does.

Your ads are permanent here just like Leased Ad Space, they never get deleted unless you delete them, and have the same opportunity to be found by the search engines, and out side members.

PageRankCafe has over 14,500 active members and over 500 new members joining monthly.

PageRankCafe has a domain authority score of 30, and has over 67,000 backlinks pointing to the site.

3. TrafficAdBar – another really great traffic exchange site, this traffic exchange sits at number 3 in the list because it has an additional feature, where as they have a ladder system of points that can get your offers more exposure with less clicking and they also send an email digest of member offers to all registered users.

TrafficAdBar is a very active traffic exchange, they don’t just advertise your website or affiliate links to other members, they also advertise your website throughout their advertising network which includes other traffic exchanges as well as other websites.

Traffic Ad Bar has over 25,000 members.

TrafficAdBar has a domain authority score of 59, and has over 560,000 backlinks pointing to the site.

4. TrafficG – has been around about 20 years, and is one of the first traffic exchanges I came across years ago. It is one of the most active traffic exchange sites online, they have over 600,000 members. On average, over 17,000 members log in daily to surf this exchange.

Your sites and offers are shown to other members in the exchange and in outside advertising through their search directory. So it is another great place to gain active backlinks.

TrafficG has a domain authority score of 60, and has over 1.3 million backlinks pointing to it.

5. WebmasterQuest – has also been around for almost 20 years as well and is owned by the same company that owns TrafficG.

Webmasterquest also has a search directory and operates much the same as TrafficG. Members can select from a range of targeting options when they add or modify sites in the members area.

WebmasterQuest also has hundreds of thousands of members.

Webmasterquest has a domain authority score of 38, and has over 43,000 backlinks pointing to it.

6. Hit2hit – Has been online for over 16 years and has over 175,000 members. Out of all of the traffic exchanges sites I have listed, it is the most traditional, and does not have as many other advertising features.

As far as traditional exchanges go though, hit2hit is one of the best.

When using a traditional traffic exchange site like hit2hit, make sure and use a lead capture page only, because all of the advertising available is member to member only, they have no outside public pages or directories your ads will be on.

Hit2hit has a domain authority score of 44, and has over 85,000 backlinks pointing to it.

Traditional Traffic Exchanges

There are many numerous manual traffic exchange programs online, and you may join more of them as you go through and learn what works best for your business. However, the ones we have provided in this list are the absolute best to start with.


Traffic Exchange Pros & Cons

Traffic exchanges do have their pros and cons, just like all traffic generating strategies.


1. Free traffic

With almost all traffic exchanges you can create an account and use them for free, and they have optional upgrades to gain you credits without having to click for them. So if you have a very small advertising budget or have no budget, you can still make your website known and gain visitors without spending tons of money to get started.

Did someone say FREE traffic

2. Immediate fast traffic exposure

Traffic exchange programs can instantly boost up your website visitors in hours and days. With Traffic exchanges you can drive traffic almost instantly to your offer pages and much faster as compared to other marketing techniques.

3. Branding

Traffic exchanges are a great way to get known by other online marketers and expose yourself to thousands of people very quickly. Building trust is an absolute must in this new digital age, especially in 2022 and beyond.

Some traffic exchanges have tens of thousands of other members, and of course these members utilize other platforms for online activities like social networks and such. So do not underestimate the potential cross over effect of being seen in traffic exchanges can have.

4. Multiple advertising channels

Most traffic exchanges, give you multiple advertising channels for exposing your business through the use of – banners ads, text ads, full page views, login ads, directories and more.

5. Targeted traffic

If you are in any of the following niches – make money online, affiliate marketing, network marketing, MLM, and business opportunity niches, traffic exchanges can offer you very targeted traffic.

6. BackLinks

Several traffic exchanges, like some of the ones we mentioned in our list of the best traffic exchange sites for 2022 will give you high quality backlinks, when you utilize all of the advertising available to you.

So if you are doing SEO for your website/blog, TE’S can be a great way to get backlinks, without having to beg for them.

Traffic Exchange Pros and Cons


As all marketing strategies have both pros and cons, traffic exchanges have some drawbacks as well.

1. Lower conversions per visitor

Because of how most traffic exchanges work and is a member to member exchange of offers, conversion rates from visitor to lead is lower than most advertising strategies and takes more traffic to get leads.

2. Time consuming

Traffic exchanges can be very time consuming to use, especially if you have no budget to upgrade in them. Earning credits is done manually and takes time everyday.

3. Lower audience reach for smaller exchanges

If using smaller exchanges, you will need to join multitudes of them to reach enough people to gain conversions. Traffic exchange owners tend to advertise their traffic exchange in other traffic exchanges. The ones I have listed above in the list bring in members from other advertising channels.

4. Must test & optimize pages for them

Must be more creative with the pages you are advertising in them, should use pages that brand you, and build your email list, and the pages should not have a ton of text on them or potential distractions.

The best traffic exchange list does include some of the best TE’s that eliminate some of these traffic exchanges disadvantages.

Types of Traffic Exchanges


All businesses and entrepreneurs rely upon gaining more exposure and finding customers in order to stay in business.

However, with more sites online than ever before vying for people’s attention, it becomes harder and harder for everyone to get noticed.

Luckily, there are many reliable methods of gaining exposure that don’t involve paying a HUGE monthly fee.

Traffic exchanges are one of these methods which allows participants to get started for free and start getting some much needed targeted website traffic.

Traffic exchanges do have their pros and cons, just like any traffic generating strategies.

It is always worth testing and tweaking your offers just like you would do with any other online marketing.


Recommendations When Using Traffic Exchanges:

  • Use a lead capture page or splash page – Or build a special offer (funnel) tailored for traffic exchange users.
  • Create an enticing lead magnet offer – Use an eye popping image, a very short description, and headline.
  • Use all the advertising available to you – Each type of ad, you may end up using different landing pages, because a banner or text ad is not based on timers and is not a forced click thru.
  • Test, track and tweak your offers just like you would do with any advertising platform. There is always room for improvement.


Why We Use Traffic Exchanges

Quality traffic exchanges can truly aide you in getting more leads, sign ups and sales.

They also can be a very effective branding tool for you and your business when used correctly.

The trusted and well-established traffic exchange websites listed above are highly recommended for promoting your offers, and getting new leads and customers for your products or recruits for your business opportunities.

Manual traffic exchanges are helpful resources to get the traffic you need to succeed. We only listed the Best Traffic Exchanges List For 2022 and beyond.

We really hope this article has been extremely helpful to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂

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