1. Wow, I remember using this back in 2009, when I was promoting MLM type of biz and I had 1 person that enrolled through the program. Crazy… I think safelists aren’t that targeted its kinda like cold traffic in a way. People are just looking, just curious but maybe I should get back into it.

    1. When safelist and mailers are used properly to build a list of leads like through a lead capture page, like this one from the main opportunity we are promoting. Then they can be effective. And Yes you are right they are cold leads, and that’s why you must advertise a lead capture page in them, so you can follow up with them by email. Email marketing is the number one ROI of all marketing and should always be used in conjunction with any advertising you do.

      Using safelist and mailers is only one strategy we employ, as they are not going to produce a ton of leads quickly. We mainly share them as a means for people who have zero advertising budget and have lots of time available to use them.

      As anyone can use them for free, but they are time consuming if you are clicking for credits. There are other advertising means that can build leads much quicker, like solo ads, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and PPC.


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