1. Thanks Michael for your feedback, appreciate it my friend! Very glad to see you will put to good use the information we shared, we will keep the golden nuggets coming! Keep us posted on your progress and let us know when you have questions.

    2. Well Hello Richard and John. How goes it? On your email list for a couple of years now following from time to time when I have a chance to sit back and take it all in. I have been researching affiliate marketing and online streams of income for about 2years now (so much content it creates confusion and doubt) but moving forward I have found the marketers that I have followed to be honest and straight forward with there endeavour’s. It is safe to say that yourself and John have built trust with me and I am now implementing your suggestions and feedback slowly as I don’t have the time I need just yet. In saying that I have freed up time from my 9to5 and drop close for high ticket products, getting paid much more and working less hours. Which has now given me the extra time and money I need to build my business online.
      I noticed that you have interest in investing and truthfully you have actually given yourself a multiple streams of income strategy. This is the exact reason for my setting up an online business. To add another stream of income.
      I would love to reach out and have a conversation with you on the phone however the number I have does not connect for one reason or another. I will reach out to you directly through Facebook group and take it from there.
      Nice Job guy’s.

      1. Hello Jeremy and thanks a bunch for your comment and for the kind words about me and John, we really appreciate it! Everything is great on our end and glad to hear you are now getting paid more for less hours put in, so congrats on that!

        We understand how so much information can cause confusion, as when we first got started years ago with online marketing, we were over whelmed at times as well. Eventually we waded through it all, and figured it all out. We began to realize it was all about putting in place marketing strategies that accomplished one main goal of building our email list and following. And it was they to building relationships with people like you, and sharing products and services that worked to help people accomplish their goals.

        Glad to see you are starting to implement some of our strategies my friend. That number we have in our contact details is for text only, and you should be able to text us, as I just tested it to make sure it was still working correctly, and no glitches were happening. We have people text us first so we can keep from getting to many phone calls, once you send us a text and follow the instructions we can set up a call.

        Otherwise, yea reach out to us via Facebook, add me as a friend, and we can set up a time to talk from there as well.

        Look forward to speaking with you!

        Richard And John Weberg

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