1. I have increased my budget for paid traffic over organic traffic. I do need to go and research TA to see if they offer targeted traffic. I now have multiple packages going to keep the traffic trickling in. I’m excited to see TA now offer a monthly plan for a very reasonable budget which I will be taking advantage of soon.

    I’ve started to do more tracking especially for organic traffic, however it take time to make all those links. What I need to learn is how to set the tracking up to show conversions. You can get lots of clicks but that doesn’t bring in the income.

    I’ve also recently changed my autoresponder from SendShark to Aweber. Aweber allows me to import list without having the members to opt in again. I’m also learning about tagging and and automating the autoresponder from the Scalability course. It’s taking me some time to learn and put all this in place but in the end it will save me money and time. Once I get this down, I will have generated a list of buyers and not tire kickers.

    I’m also looked at and used some of the other paid traffic resources you have recommended and tracking them separately to see where I’m getting more leads from and with the AR now, I can blast out every day.

    Thanks guys and please keep feeding us and the machine.

    1. Hey thanks Michael for commenting my friend, appreciate it. Glad to see you are on the move, and want to schedule a time to chat with you on the phone or via skype. I know we are already connected on skype, so I just sent you a message on there. Look forward to chatting with you.

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