7 Steps on How to Build a Website

build a website

Building a website can seem like a big task for a small business. But it’s a lot easier today than ever before.

As our digital universe rapidly expands, it’s important to carve out a space that expresses your passions and interests. Whether you are building a website for business or pleasure, we will guide you in this fun and rewarding process. 

We broke it down into less intimidating parts for first time web builders. Here’s how to build a website in 7 simple steps:

  • Claim Your Domain

The first step of building a website is finding a server to host it and claiming a domain. If you don’t want to spend the time learning about how the backend of the Internet works, find a web hosting or content management system like GoDaddy, WordPress, or Shopify to find fast and affordable ways to get your online store up and running.

  • Plan the Information, Products And Service You Will be Highlighting

Sketch out your full list of offerings and try to organize it for a digital audience. Create categories that make sense and try to prioritize the information and products that are most urgent. Most sites have a homepage, a page with background and contact information, and a page that highlights their products and services. 

Browse the sites of your inspirations and competitors to get a better idea of how to best present your website to visitors. Every new lead that visits your site is a potential customer.

  • Design a Layout That is Accessible For All Possible Customers

First impressions online are just as important as in person. You only have a few seconds to impress visitors or else they’ll go to another website domain.

Your website is not an artistic statement. It’s your digital place of business and you should treat it with the same respect as a brick and mortar location. Don’t burden visitors with pop-up ads, auto-play media or invasive data grabs. 

Remember that most people access the web on their phones today, but optimize your layout for tablets, laptops, and desktop computers as well. Lucky for you, most CMSs provide simple and attractive templates to design your site in just a few clicks.

  • Brand Your Site With Attractive And Engaging Content

Content makes the Internet go round. Users want great new content on a regular basis and they expect it to be high quality and darn near addictive. 

Your content should be easy to find, neatly labeled and fast to load. You can measure how engaging your content is by tracking the amount of time and unique views your web page gets.

  • Consistently Update the Content, UX, And Plug-Ins 

Don’t get too comfortable! The web is constantly changing and your audience will expect your website to do the same. Schedule content weeks to months in advance to avoid getting stale or going AWOL on your audience. 

Be realistic about how much you can realistically produce and post within your normal schedule. Plan and budget for regular updates and redesigns. Every day, new apps and plug-ins are released to make ecommerce easier for both sellers and customers. Stay on the cutting edge of new platforms and services and don’t rely on what’s worked in the past.

  • Maintain Your Servers And Customer Lists

Customers take note of the stability of your business. Does your site consistently crash or go offline? Do you send consistent communications about new products and existing orders? 

Treat your ecommerce with the professionalism of a real business and watch it pay like one as well. A strong Customer Relationship Management plan is only the beginning, as you and your team will still have to put the management tools to work.

  • Promote!

You didn’t build your website for nothing. Get out there and promote it to the world. Invite new visitors from all corners of the Internet. Just because you built it, doesn’t mean they will come. 

There are endless new options available to web surfers everyday. Spend the time, energy, and money needed to reach your audience where their attention already is.

Are You Ready To Build A Website For Your Business?

Trust us, it’s way easier than you think! 

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We really hope this article has been extremely helpful to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂

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