How to Make Money With YouTube Marketing

youtube marketing

YouTube is the second most popular social media website in the world, with over 2.3 billion active users globally and hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded every day. The video sharing platform is an essential part of the modern Internet, which is why Google’s $1.65 billion acquisition of the brand in 2006 is widely considered one of the best business acquisitions in recent history.

Websites and social media are embedded with millions of YouTube links every day, and everyday users can become rich and famous with the support of the YouTube community. But did you know you can make passive income using YouTube?

Here’s how to make money with YouTube marketing, whether you want to be a famous influencer or work from behind the camera, the sky’s the limit!

What Is YouTube Marketing?

The amount of ways to market on YouTube are endless. Because young viewers prefer watching Internet video 2.5 times more than traditional television, the opportunities to reach viewers with YouTube marketing are much better than the TV advertising of past generations.

The different marketing strategies that qualify as YouTube marketing include:

  • YouTube Partnerships

Take advantage of YouTubes robust advertising network by simply gaining views and collecting payments for short ads that will appear in your content like traditional commercials. This is one of the easiest ways to monetize content if you already have a large following or consistently go viral. As your video library grows, the value will compound over time. You might be surprised to get a huge payment from a video you uploaded years ago and forgot.

2. Merchandise Sales

Use a drop-shipper or produce your own unique merchandise and let your fans help market your brand in their everyday lives.

3. Sponsored Content

Sell brands on integrated promotions that highlight their products and services naturally while providing valuable content to your viewers. A brand can sponsor a segment, episode, or event in exchange for top billing as a sponsor. It’s important to know your audience demographics to identify the right partners and rates for sponsored content.

4. Crowdfunding

Go directly to your listeners and ask them to support your content. Many people waste hundreds of dollars on cable or streaming apps but spend more time per week consuming free content on YouTube. If you build a loyal fanbase, they could help you retire from your 9-to-5 early in exchange for providing them with more of the content they love.

5. License Your Intellectual Property

Protect the value of your ideas and content by investing in trademarks, copyrights, and patents. These will prevent other companies from exploiting or damaging your brand without your permission. If you do choose to license out permissions to use your IP, you can collect consistent royalty payments or large lump sums for the rights to stream your media.

6. Affiliate Marketing Links

Create multiple streams of passive income while producing content with affiliate marketing. Offer reviews and deals to your audience via exclusive links and promo codes and get paid for every sale you help make.

7. Many More Ways

Any marketing strategies that leverages a YouTube audience to drive sales could probably be considered YouTube marketing. Maybe you can think of the next great YouTube marketing plan that satisfies both you and your customers. You could take a inexpensive course to become an expert in YouTube marketing.

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