How to Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing (Inside Secrets!)

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YouTube is the second most popular social media website in the world, with over 2.3 billion active users globally and hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded every day.

The video sharing platform is an essential part of the modern Internet, which is why Google’s $1.65 billion acquisition of the brand in 2006 is widely considered one of the best business acquisitions in recent history.

Websites and social media are embedded with millions of YouTube links every day, and there are people who have become rich and famous with the support of the YouTube community.

But did you know you can make passive income using YouTube?

Right, let’s teach you How to Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing

Here’s how to make money with YouTube marketing!

how to Make Money With YouTube affiliate Marketing

What Is YouTube Marketing?

YouTube marketing is the process of creating videos and sharing them on YouTube, and then monetizing those videos in one way or another.

Throughout this article we will explain to you the different ways on how to make money with YouTube marketing.

The amount of ways to market on YouTube are endless. Because millennials prefer watching Internet video 2.5 times more than traditional television, the opportunities to reach viewers with YouTube marketing are much better than the TV advertising of past generations.

Over 1 billion hours of video content are watched everyday on YouTube. With the introduction of smart TV’s and Roku type devices, anyone can now stream YouTube videos directly on their TV’S.

Not to mention YouTube’s app is pretty much installed on every mobile phone, people are basically carrying around in their pocket access to watch YouTube videos, anywhere and everywhere!

This is your chance to stop just consuming content and start producing content that can pay you real money!

7 YouTube Marketing Strategies

YouTube Partnership Program

YouTube will pay you! So take advantage of YouTube’s robust advertising network by simply creating videos and uploading them to your YouTube Channel.

YouTube Partnership Program


If you are shy, you do not even need to put your face on camera, just do “How to Videos.”

I took apart my washer and dryer to change out some parts, and put them back together again, all by watching YouTube videos.

So what are you good at? Are you entertaining and like being in the limelight? Are you a mechanic and can show people how to fix their vehicles? Are you a singer or play musical instruments?

My point is, there is something that you can do, and people will want to watch you do it.

I guarantee it..I have seen some pretty whacked out videos that have had millions of views, and I am sure you have as well.

The key is to not be afraid, because you can make some great passive income doing it.

The more your videos get watched, the more money you will earn. There are whole courses dedicated and centered around YouTube and how to make money with it.

Requirements for participating in YouTube’s partner program

Minimum eligibility requirements to join:

  1. Follow all the YouTube channel monetization policies.
  • The YouTube channel monetization policies are a collection of policies that allow you to monetize on YouTube. As a YouTube partner, your agreement including the YouTube partner program policies require compliance with these monetization policies to potentially earn money on YouTube.
  1. Live in a country/region where the YouTube Partner Program is available.
  2. Have no active Community Guidelines strikes on your channel.
  3. Have more than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months.
  4. Have more than 1,000 subscribers.
  5. Have a linked AdSense account.

Now, if you have no idea on where to start, take this course as it will show you how to meet these guidelines and get fully approved for ad monetization in less than 30 days!

This is the best YouTube course you will ever find, taught by a 7-figure YouTube marketer.

This course will walk you through step by step:

  • You will learn how to create a YouTube channel from scratch.
  • Uploading the videos
  • Optimizing your videos
  • Getting watch time and subscribers
  • How to submit for monetization and partner approval.
  • Other ways to make additional money with your videos.
  • How to have your videos outsourced & created for you.
  • You will watch and learn “over-the-shoulder” style so you don’t miss a single step.

As your video library grows, the value will compound over time and you will enjoy passive income.

This is how people make money while they are sleeping or on the beach.

Thousands of people are already doing it, and so can you!

This is the first goal with marketing on YouTube to make money that you should strive for, is being approved for YouTube’s partner program, as it can open doors for more YouTube marketing and money making strategies described below.

Affiliate Marketing

Create multiple streams of passive income while producing video content with affiliate marketing. Offer reviews and deals to your audience via exclusive links and promo codes and get paid for every sale you help make.

Every Video you upload to YouTube allows you to put a title and description, and in the description is where you can add your affiliate links for different programs and services you are wanting to make money from.

The YouTube course I mentioned above will also show you how to do this.

Using YouTube and affiliate marketing can be very powerful, and bring your earnings to another level. Read Also: How to make money with affiliate marketing

Merchandise Sales

Use a drop-shipper or produce your own unique merchandise and let your YouTube subscribers and fans help market your brand in their everyday lives.

There are always hot products you can promote as well, and using a dropshipper is a great way to find those products and make some big sales.

Sponsored Content

Sell brands on integrated promotions that highlight their products and services naturally while providing valuable content to your viewers. A brand can sponsor a segment, episode, or event in exchange for top billing as a sponsor.

It’s important to know your audience demographics to identify the right partners and rates for sponsored content through your videos.


Go directly to your listeners and ask them to support your content. Many people waste hundreds of dollars on cable or streaming apps but spend more time per week consuming free content on YouTube.

If you build a loyal fan-base, they could help you retire from your 9-to-5 early in exchange for providing them with more of the content they love.

License Your Intellectual Property

Protect the value of your ideas and content by investing in trademarks, copyrights, and patents. These will prevent other companies from exploiting or damaging your brand without your permission.

If you do choose to license out permissions to use your IP, you can collect consistent royalty payments or large lump sums for the rights to stream your media.

Many More Ways

Any marketing strategies that leverages a YouTube audience to drive sales could probably be considered YouTube marketing.

Maybe you can think of the next great YouTube marketing plan that satisfies both you and your customers.

YouTube has also created some other ways to help creators make more money, you can learn more here.

10 Tips for YouTube Marketing Strategies


10 Tips To Make Money On YouTube

We’ve talked about some strategies that you can use to make decent money as a Youtube affiliate marketer, but how about learning some tips?

Keeping videos short, on point and full of great content are just some of the tips we have to offer.

Content is king!

Content is an essential part of a marketing strategy. Whether it’s content writing or video creation, content has always proved that marketing could be effective when done right. So, instead of focusing only on good video effects, make sure your content is relevant and timely.

Watch time on your content has increasingly became one of the most important ranking factors for videos.

You’ll want to make sure that your videos are engaging, entertaining, and truly draw in someone’s attention. And you need to KEEP the attention over time.

Another important factor of content creation that many don’t consider – is the uniqueness of how you present your content.

You see usually the same boring old review videos, and other similar kinds of entertaining that work but don’t really engage your audience.

You want your content to be powerful, you want to it to move people, and most importantly you want it to be one of a kind.

Because being one of a kind is what truly makes a person, brand or company stand out against any competition.

Youtube content is king

Work more on your video graphics

Of course, YouTube is made for video marketing. Aside from content, you should work on your video graphics and ensure that they are pleasing to the eyes of your target market.

Your thumbnail should exactly match what the video is going to cover while also causing curiosity at the same time. If you’re going to use graphics specifically, don’t be afraid to spend serious time and money in this area.


People can’t stand subpar half ass graphics and imagery. People want to see clean, crisp, and concise imagery that has had serious time and effort put into it. That’s what grabs and holds people’s attention.

Make it short

Long videos will bore your target market. One way to make your video marketing effective is to make it short but meaty.

If you are going to shoot a longer video, you’ll want to break up the videos content into segments. In each segment you should have an intro in the segment in order to keep your audiences attention.

By keeping shorter segments in place that truly capture and hold attention, you’ll be able to increase your watch time drastically.

Upload Videos Daily Or Weekly

Consistency is always the key to successful marketing. You have to make a schedule for when to upload videos.

Is it going to be daily? Weekly? Monthly? Make sure you are consistent with your uploads so that your target market will have something to look forward to.

The main reason why uploading videos on a consistent schedule is so important, is because of the culture you’re building with your following.

Whether you realize it or not, but by building a following within YouTube or other social media platforms – you’re creating your own mini interactive culture.

People within will expect consistency, and look forward to seeing your content.

Post regularly on youtube

Promote your YouTube channel

You can use other social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote your YouTube Channel.

Your content should be syndicated across all of your other social media followings. If you have an email list, podcast, or other forms of audiences following you – consider sharing your YouTube videos to the places as well.

Promote your YouTube channel

Remind your viewers to subscribe

One way to get a consistent number of views is to remind your viewers to subscribe. Make a reminder in every video you upload.

You can even cut a segment into each video where you have a pre-recorded video asking them to be a subscriber, comment, like the video, and maybe even hit the notification bell.

Use your channel to promote your products and services

Your video marketing should be about your business, passion or something relevant to it. To make the most out of your marketing strategies, don’t forget to promote your products and services. Affiliate marketers do very well on YouTube as well.

Every few videos you can shoot a promotional video. However, the majority of the videos you upload should be either…

  • Enticing
  • Entertaining
  • Educational

By shooting a variety of content, you’ll build a loyal audience base that can actually relate to your content you publish.

You can also build passive income from your YouTube videos, where you get paid by YouTube directly through adsense.

Giveaways for more viewers

Freebies excite people, and they should be a part of your marketing strategy. Host a giveaway event using your YouTube channel. You can get more followers and subscribers by using this technique.

Youtube giveaways

Find a niche

Your niche would depend on what you want to promote. If it’s all about your products, then you should stick with your line of business. For example, if you are selling beauty products, your niche should be about beauty.

If you don’t already have a niche or industry you’re selling in, here’s a video covering why you should start a side hustle and start using YouTube for it today.

Choose your video style

Last but not least is choosing your video style.

Is it vlogging? Education videos? Engaging videos? How to? There are a lot of options to choose from. At the end of the day, you should be consistent and stick with your video style.

Building a YouTube channel and following, is similar to becoming a true influencer.

You are responsible for creating engaging stories that people will follow and listen to.

By being able to do this, you’ll build a loyal following of people who truly love and want more of your content every single time you upload.

How to Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing: Final Verdict!

You could take a course to become an expert in YouTube marketing and start making passive income.

While it can seem intimidating at first, YouTube marketing can actually be approached in a very direct and simple manner.

Taking the time to learn the right strategies first, on how to make money with YouTube marketing, will massively speed up your success rate.

Would you like to build a web presence online, click HERE to get a glimpse of what we here at EmoneyPeeps can do for you.

Please leave us a comment below if you ever have any questions or need help in anyway, or just say hi 🙂

Have a fantastic day!

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