21 Ways to Generate Passive Income (Even with NO money)

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Generating passive income is a great way to make money without having to do much work.

While there are many ways to generate passive income, some methods require more up-front investment than others.

If you don’t have the funds to invest in these methods, don’t worry – there are still plenty of ways to generate passive income without any money.

We are eMoneyPeeps, and it’s our mission to help you make money so you can live the life you have always dreamed of!

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to generate passive income.

what is passive income

What Is Passive Income?

Passive income is money that you earn without having to keep actively working for it.

It can come from a variety of sources, such as rental income, royalties, dividend payments, or affiliate marketing.

Many people use passive income to build wealth and achieve financial independence (like us!)

There are many ways to generate passive income.

Some methods, such as investing in stocks or real estate, do require some money to get started.

But there are plenty of methods that don’t require any investment at all.

passive income methods

Passive Income Methods

Here are four of our favorite methods:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money without having to create or sell your own products.

You simply promote someone else’s products and earn a commission on sales.

There are many affiliate programs available, so you can find products that appeal to your audience.

Most affiliate programs are free to join, and do not require an upfront investment.

Once you find a few affiliate programs that you want to promote, you simply can start promoting using free marketing techniques such as social media, YouTube or traffic exchanges and safelist.

Fiverr is a great example of a high paying affiliate program you can start promoting.

Rent Out Your Stuff

Do you have extra space in your house or garage?

You can rent out your stuff to make some extra cash.

Websites, like Airbnb, make it easy to list your property and connect with renters.

You could also rent out any type of equipment you may own instead of outright selling it.

There are many local Facebook, buy, rent and sell pages you can advertise on for free.

As an example – maybe you own musical equipment, and you do not play anymore, and instead of getting rid of it, rent it out and make passive income from it.

This way you keep collecting money from it, instead of only a one-time sale that pays you once.

generate passive income with dropshipping

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a great way to get into the eCommerce business – without having to invest any money.

With drop shipping, you partner up with a supplier who ships products directly to your customers.

You don’t need to worry about stocking any inventory or dealing with shipping and handling.

However, you may want to invest a few bucks into creating a website, which is very easy to do, and will not cost you hardly anything.

A web hosting company like Nexcess will even let you start setting up a storefront website for free. They have a store builder that will walk you through the process.

Sell Digital Products

Digital products are a great way to generate passive income with no initial funds.

You can create and sell eBooks, courses, templates, or any other type of digital product.

Many platforms make it easy to sell your products or services, such as Amazon Kindle, GumRoad, Udemy, and Creative Market.

If you have some expertise, you can create a course and sell it using these platforms. When setting up a course, you do the work once and get paid over and over again.

The “how to market” is huge and people take courses on pretty much everything imaginable.

If you do have a small amount of money to invest, here are a few other ideas:

Each one of these methods will vary in start up funds needed, and you can grow passive income in them over time.

Invest in Stocks

One of the best ways to generate passive income is to invest in stocks.

Stock investments offer opportunities for compound interest – which can help you build real wealth over time.

DRIPS (Dividend Reinvestment Plans) are really great for investors with very low funds, as you can buy fractional shares automatically every month, and build up a portfolio over time.

This strategy allows investors to compound their returns over time by accumulating more shares, which themselves pay dividends that will be automatically reinvested.

Be aware using this method, and talk to someone who knows what they are doing first.

Buying stocks can be a great way to build passive income, but always carries some risk.

And never invest what you can not afford to lose.

invest in stocks to generate passive income

Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is another great way to generate passive income.

You can purchase property and rent it out, or become a real estate agent.

Real estate is a great investment because it, historically, has low levels of volatility.

There is another way to invest in real estate as well, with out purchasing the entire property yourself.

You are investing in what is a called a REIT (real-estate investment trust). They are very worth checking into, as you can literally get started with as little as $10 dollars.

Check out Fundrise, as they are one of the go to companies online in this industry.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog (like this one your on now) is a great way to share your knowledge and build an audience.

You can monetize your blog by selling advertising, becoming an affiliate marketer, or by selling your own products or services.

Either way, as you create content, it becomes a permanent part of your blog, and if it ranks high in the search engines, it can create passive income for you, possibly for many years to come.

Blog content is like pillars, the more content you have, the stronger the foundation you create, and the more potential revenue it creates for you passively.

We own several blogs, and now you know why 🙂 Take our free course and learn how.

start a blog to generate passive income

Create an Online Course

Online courses are another great way to generate passive income as we explored earlier.

They can be expensive to produce or cost you next to nothing depending the type of course your are creating, but there is a large potential upside.

Courses can be sold through platforms like Udemy, Gumroad, Skillshare, and Teachable.

The best thing however, is once your course has been created, you can collect passive income from it, for the one time production.

Can I Generate Passive Income with No Money?

Not a chance, we will never feed you any BS!

You are going to need a small amount of money, whether your intention is start your own business from scratch online, or offline.

Starting a lawn mowing business with no money can also be tricky with no funds!

generate passive income with a lawnmower business

This is because you will need:

  1. Gas
  2. A lawnmower
  3. A rake
  4. Some way to find customers

The point is, you need some money at least in the beginning to generate a passive income. Sometimes maybe just a few dollars, but it will cost something..And time is money as well.

Even when you start your 9 to 5 career, it usually takes a few weeks to get paid, so you need gas to get to work, or bus fare.

On top of these things, you may require specialized shoes, boots or clothing, so there is always some expense.

Our tip to you is always remember that a little start-up money, no matter how small, may be required in your endeavors to create a steady, passive income.

generate passive income affiliate marketing

Generate Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to start generating passive income with no initial investment.

It’s a simple process in which you promote other people’s products or services and get paid a commission for every sale you make.

This can be a great way to make some extra money on the side, or even turn it into a full-time business.

There are a few things to keep in mind when getting started with affiliate marketing.

First, you need to find a product or service that you believe in and are passionate about promoting.

Next, you need to set up a website or blog where you can promote the product or service.

Finally, you need to attract visitors to your website and convert them into buyers.

These are the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.

Once you have these in place, you can start making money by promoting other people’s products.

There are several different ways to promote affiliate products.

Some of the most common methods include creating blog posts, writing product reviews, and using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

generate passive income using social media

The key is to be creative and find a way to stand out from the competition.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

You need to find what works best for you and focus on building your unique brand.

This takes time and effort, but it will be worth it in the end.

If you’re looking for a way to start generating passive income, affiliate marketing is a great option.

It’s a simple process that can be scaled up easily to create a full-time business.

Just remember to focus on building your unique brand and providing value to your visitors.

This will help you attract more visitors and convert them into buyers.

rent out your bike to generate passive income

Generate Passive Income Renting Out Your Stuff

Renting out your stuff is a great way to generate passive income with no initial funds.

All you need is some stuff that you’re not using and a place to store it.

Here are some ideas of things you can rent out:

-Your car: Rent out your car when you’re not using it. This is a fantastic method to supplement your income when there is no need to drive anywhere.

generate passive income renting out your car

-Your house: Rent out a room in your house to help cover rent or mortgage costs.

-Your tools: Rent out your tools when you’re not using them. This is a fantastic method to generate money while on vacation or at work.

-Your parking spot: Rent out your parking spot in a busy area.

-Your bike: Rent out your bike when you’re not using it. This is an excellent method to make money when your bike is just gathering dust!

There are many ways to rent out your stuff, and each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Do your research and find the option that’s best for you. Here are some more ideas for renting out equipment.

drop shipping as a business

Generate Passive Income Drop Shipping

There are many ways to generate passive income, but one of the most overlooked is drop shipping.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can start generating passive income through drop shipping with no initial investment.

What is Drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a business model in which eCommerce entrepreneurs sell products without having to carry any inventory.

When a store owner receives an order from a customer, they simply contact the supplier, who will then ship the products directly to the customer’s door.

drop shipping apps

Drop Shipping Apps

Drop shipping apps like Oberlo let you add products from various suppliers into your shop to fuel your product offering.

Drop shipping is the perfect business model for new ecommerce entrepreneurs. It’s simple to set up and manage, and it doesn’t require a large up-front investment.

You can also run your drop shipping business in your spare time – you don’t need to quit your job to start a successful store.

Plus, there are several drop shipping tips you can apply to drive traffic to your store.

How to Dropship

Step 1: Find a Supplier

The first step to starting a drop shipping business is finding a supplier.

You can search for suppliers on websites like AliExpress, but be sure to read the reviews before you make a purchase.

It’s also important to find a supplier who is willing to work with you on shipping times and rates.

drop shipping rates

Step 2: Set Up Your Shop

Once you’ve found a supplier, it’s time to set up your online shop.

Oberlo makes it easy to add products from your supplier into your shop, and they offer a range of features that make setting up your shop easy – including automatic order tracking, product categorization, and a built-in shopping cart.

Plus, Oberlo integrates with Shopify, which makes it easy to set up your shop and start selling.

Step 3: Promote Your Shop

Once your shop is up and running, it’s time to start marketing it.

Our tips for driving traffic to your store include participating in groups on Facebook, running ads on Google AdWords, and creating compelling product descriptions.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re optimizing your store for search engines so that potential customers can easily find your products.

promote your drop shipping store

Step 4: Handle Orders and Shipments

Once you’ve started attracting customers, you’ll need to manage orders and ship them out.

This includes processing payments, tracking inventory, and staying in touch with your supplier to ensure that you’re always stocked up on products.

Managing orders and shipments can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it when you see your business grow.

generate passive income from digital products

Generate Passive Income Selling Digital Products

You can start selling digital products with no initial investment at all.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection!

There are several different ways to sell digital products.

You can create your own product, or you can become an affiliate for someone else’s product ( we recommend the affiliate route)

Creating your own product can be a great way to generate passive income, but it does require some initial work upfront.

You’ll need to come up with a product idea, create a sales page, and write the product instructions.

But once your product is created, it will continue to generate income long after you’ve put in the work.

digital product royalties

Secondly, and recommendation is to become an affiliate marketer.

Becoming an affiliate is a great way to get started in digital product sales.

There are many different products available, and you don’t need to create your own product.

All you have to do is find a product that you believe in, and promote it on your website or blog.

The company that created the product will handle all of the customer service and shipping, so you don’t have to worry about that.

So how do you get started?

Here are a few tips:

  • Choose a Product or Service That You Believe In

When choosing a product to promote as an affiliate, make sure it’s something that you believe in.

If you don’t believe in the product or service, your readers won’t either.

Find a product or service that you would be happy to use yourself, and that you think can help your readers.

choosing a product to promote as an affiliate

  • Promote the Product or Service on Your Website or Blog

Once you’ve chosen a product or service, it’s time to start promoting it!

Add a review to your website or blog, and include a link to the sales page.

You can also create a special offer for your readers, or write a how-to article about using the product.

  • Use Social Media to Promote Your Product or Service

Another great way to promote digital products is through social media.

Share information about the product on your Facebook page or Twitter account, and encourage your friends and followers to check it out.

You can also create special graphics or videos to promote the product (we recommend Canva)

use social media to product an affiliate product

  • Join an Affiliate Network

If you’re looking for a variety of different products to promote, consider joining an affiliate network.

Affiliate networks are websites that connect affiliates with merchants.

This is a great way to find products that you’re interested in and to get access to promotional materials like banners and text links.

  • Stay Up-to-Date With the Latest Trends

The digital product market is constantly changing, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

Subscribe to receive email updates from popular bloggers or join online communities where people share information about new products.

This is a great way to find products that you can promote on your website or blog.

We believe digital products are a great way to generate passive income, even with no initial funds.

use trends to generate passive income

Create A Blog To Generate Passive Income

Another great idea is to create a blog and generate passive income through affiliate marketing.

With this method, you will promote other people’s products or services on your blog.

When someone visits your blog and then decides to purchase the product or service that you recommended, you will earn a commission from that sale.

If you can create compelling content that helps your readers, you will be able to generate passive income on your blog through affiliate marketing.

It may take some time to see results, but if you are patient and continue to put in the work, you will be successful.​

Create A Blog To Generate Passive Income

Here are our tips on how to do this:

  1. Choose a topic for your blog that you are interested in and knowledgeable about.
  2. Research the best affiliate programs for your blog topic.
  3. Sign up for the programs and get started.
  4. Write compelling content that will help your readers learn about and want to purchase the products or services you are promoting.
  5. Be patient and continue to put in the work. You will see results over time if you are consistent.​

Creating a blog to generate passive income can be a great way to make money online.

Become An Influencer And Make Millions

There are tons of people making millions of dollars as influencers!

With hardly any expenses to getting started at all!

Become an influencer to Generate Passive Income

YouTube and TikTok are classic examples of platforms where people are making bank.

The money is there for the taking, if you’re willing to learn the tricks of the trade and put out consistently great videos.

Look at Pepper Belly Pete. 

Over 1.1 million followers, and all this guy does is put out videos on TikTok of him cooking food. 


He is an influencer who now is getting paid handsomely.

Who knew, right!

Do not over complicate what is possible, there are new influencers becoming millionaires every year!

print on demand store to Generate Passive Income

Alternate Passive Income Ideas

We hope you have picked up on a few of our ideas already!

However, if none of the above are what you are looking for, how about some other great ideas that could work as you strive to leave the 9 to 5 behind and generate honest passive income!

Create a print-on-demand store.

Thanks to technology, it has never been easier to set up your own store and start selling products.

You don’t need any inventory and there is no need to worry about shipping or handling products yourself.

All you need to do is find a good supplier who can provide you with high-quality products that you can sell in your store.

Once you have set up your store, you can start promoting it and driving traffic to it.

You can also look into ways to optimize your store for search engines so that you can get more visitors.

If you can generate a good amount of traffic and sell products, you could be looking at a nice stream of passive income from a print on demand store!

sell handmade products to Generate Passive Income

Sell Handmade Products

It has never been easier to sell handmade products!

You can set up a shop on a site like Etsy or eBay and start selling your products TODAY.

You can also create a website of your own to sell your products.

When creating your website, be sure to use keywords that people will use to find your products.

You can also use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic to your website.

If you have a good marketing strategy, you could see a lot of success from selling handmade products!

become a virtual assistant to Generate Passive Income

Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are in high demand these days, and there is a good reason for that!

They offer companies and entrepreneurs a wide range of services that can help them free up their time so that they can focus on more important things.

If you are good with computers and have some administrative skills, you could make a great virtual assistant!

There are a number of websites where you can find virtual assistant jobs, and most of them are very flexible so that you can work from home.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection!

sell stock photos to Generate Passive Income

Sell Stock Photos

If you are good with a camera and enjoy taking pictures, you could sell your photos as stock photos.

There are a number of websites where you can sell your photos, and most of them pay very handsomely!

Although you will need to take high-quality photos if you want to make money selling them as stock photos.

You should also do some research on the types of photos that are in demand so that you can focus your efforts on taking the right type of photos.

If you put in the hard work, you could make a lot of money selling stock photos!

write an ebook to Generate Passive Income

Write an eBook

Are you an expert on a certain topic?

Do you have a lot of knowledge and experience that you would love to share with the world?

Why not write an eBook about it?

eBooks are a great way to share your knowledge with the world and make some money at the same time!

There are a number of websites where you can self-publish your eBook, and most of them are free to use.

You can also market your eBook on social media sites and through your website.

If you put in the hard work, you could sell a lot of copies of your eBook and make a nice passive income!

Tip: Using an eBook creator, such as Sqribble, can help you with the whole process to get you publishing quickly and professionally.

start a YouTube channel to Generate Passive Income

Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great way to share your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge with the world.

If you are good on camera and have some interesting things to say, you could start a YouTube channel and start making money!

There are a number of ways to make money on YouTube, and the best way to learn how to do it is by watching other successful YouTubers.

Some of the ways you can make money on YouTube include:

  • Selling advertising space
  • Offering paid subscriptions
  • Selling products or services
  • Donating time or services to charities
  • Participating in affiliate marketing programs

If you put in the hard work, you could make a lot of money from your YouTube channel!

build your own app to Generate Passive Income

Build Your Own App

If you are a tech-savvy individual, you could make a lot of money by building your own apps.

There is a lot of money to be made in the app market, and the best part is that you don’t need any initial funds to get started!

All you need are some coding skills and a great idea for an app.

You can find a lot of information on how to build apps online, and there are also several courses that you can take to help you get started.

If you have the skills and the drive, you could make tons of passive income from a mobile app.

Create Intellectual Property to Generate Passive Income

Create Intellectual Property

If you have ideas for patents or creative original content, consider using trademarks, copyrights and licensing rights to monetize your intellectual property.

Whether you write a book, a song or a clever saying, your intellectual property is worth protecting in the long run.

Licensing fees and royalty payments could soon be arriving in your mailbox regularly if you play your cards right.

Diversify Your Assets to Generate Passive Income

Diversify Your Assets

Whether you are investing in something as small as a vending machine or as large as a publicly traded company, it’s important to make your money work for you.

The opportunity cost of money shows that spending and leaving money in a savings account will lose you money in the long run.

To avoid the effects of inflation and aimless spending, invest your extra cash in strong assets like stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, real estate, and other entities that have been proven to appreciate over time and create passive cash flow.

There are countless investing opportunities such as stock DRIPS (Dividend Reinvestment Programs), and crypto where you can by small fractional shares over time, even as little as $20 a month.

Of course the more you invest over time, the faster your potential gains can be.

become a freelancer to Generate Passive Income


If you are looking for a way to make some extra money, you could consider freelancing on Fiverr.

Fiverr is a website where people can offer their services (usually creative services) for $5 per hour.

Although $5 per hour may not seem like a lot, there are a lot of people who make a full-time living from freelancing on Fiverr.

The best part about freelancing on Fiverr is that you can work from home, and you don’t need any initial funds to get started!

All you need are some skills and a great idea for a service that you can offer.

You can find a lot of information on how to start freelancing on Fiverr online, and there are also several courses that you can take to help you get started.

If you are looking for a way to make some extra money, freelancing on Fiverr is a great option!

sell services on fiverr to Generate Passive Income

Are You Ready To Start Making Passive Income?

So there you have it!

A few different ways that you can make a passive income with no initial funds.

If you are willing to put in the hard work, there is no reason why you can’t make a lot of money from any of these methods.

Making passive income is not as difficult as you might think. You can make money from multiple income streams while working from home!

The secrets to starting a booming online business and generating passive income are waiting for you in our eMoneyPeeps’ industry-leading e-business program!

We provide simple and detailed video instructions for starting, creating, and marketing your business online.

We really hope this article has been extremely helpful to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂


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