5 Best Strategies For Building Wealth In Your 20s Fast

how to build wealth online

You’re younger in age, feel ready to take on the world, and want to become financially secure for decades to come.

This journey for learning the best strategies for building wealth in your 20s fast are going to change your financial life, possibly forever!

If you are SERIOUS about wanting to increase your bank account, these helpful tips and strategies will help you get started, and build a better future.

Let’s go!

how to build wealthy quickly in your 20s


The foundations of building wealth come with a list of certain wealth building strategies that you should follow closely.

We will walk you through each of these wealth building strategies, and exactly how they work, and how to apply them to your life.

Here’s the best strategies for building wealth in your 20s that we’ll be going through in this post – you will not want to miss these life-changing tips!

  1. How To Save Money Fast Even While You’re Young
  2. How To Make Investments In Your 20s That Last For Decades
  3. How To Increase Your Income Even Without A Lot Of Experience
  4. How To Build Passive Income In Your 20s
  5. How To Start A Business In Your 20s

Each of these 5 different wealth building strategies will give you an edge in wealth creation.

Most people who follow these 5 strategies become much wealthier than the average population.

Let’s get started by sharing with you some of the best strategies and ideas on building wealth, even at this young age.

Building Wealth In Your 20s Gives You An Advantage


Building Wealth In Your 20s Gives You An Advantage

By starting the process of building wealth in your 20s at a young age, you have a substantial advantage over those who are building wealth who are older.

What are these advantages that set you apart from the rest of the population?

  • You have more time for compound interest to grow in any investment accounts. Often investments grow faster and faster, as they age and compound interest occurs.
  • You have time to make mistakes, and learn early. You are able to make mistakes early on that would cripple most people financially who are much older.
  • You have the energy, fast mind, and resources to learn about building wealth fast.
  • You have more time to increase your income, decrease expenses, and grow your wealth while your net worth increases.
  • Decreasing your income while you are young is easier than when you’re more established and have to get rid of foundational expenses.

To summarize this together, you have time on your hands. Having time allows you advantages that experience can’t afford. Because in theory money is time.

As you are younger than the rest of the population, you have the most potential wealth to earn.

Don’t get me wrong, there are ways for you to learn how to build wealth in your 50s or older, but they are slightly different than what you’ll learn here.

Now that you understand the advantage in building wealth that you have, let’s go through why wealth building should be a priority in your life.


Why Should You Start Building Your Wealth Young?

You should start building your wealth young, because it won’t take anything away from your life.

Saving money, investing, and growing your incomecan all be done without sacrificing fun, adventures, and doing the things that you love. 

Often the youth is more concerned with traveling, having fun, and short term happiness – than long term goals.

Just like you, I was among the few in my generation who decided to take my financial life more seriously at a young age, and while doing so, I’ve had a more successful and happy live than anyone that I know.

Why Should You Build Start Building Your Wealth Young

Here are some of the facts of what I’ve experienced at 23 years old so far, after deciding to take building my wealth seriously when I was 18.

  • I’ve gone on 11 different vacations, that I’ve paid for entirely myself. (comfortably and with plenty of money in the bank)
  • By the end of next year I should have 6 figures in investments. (that build me a passive income)
  • Self published 2 books
  • Have a girlfriend, family, and friends – that I love dearly.
  • Am in good physical shape
  • Have a place of my own
  • I own a business that has zero debt

Why did I go through these details of my own life?

Because you need to understand that deciding to build wealth while you’re young is a decision that will change your life for the better. 

Most people view cutting costs as a bad thing. When you’re building your wealth, cutting costs is a great thing that will enable your future to have better opportunities than you can afford in the present. 

Your start to building wealth in your 20s should begin right now!

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how to build wealth online

Accumulating Wealth In Your 20s Means Decades Of Financial Freedom

What most people don’t understand about building wealth in your 20s, is the multi-decade edge you’re going to have.

Being financially secure by the age of 20, 25, or 30, is a more than realistic goal.

Most people underestimate their ability to save money.

It’s the consumerism age where people don’t realize consuming isn’t the answer.

Building meaningful wealth for yourself or your family is where happiness and progress is.

By deciding to start building your wealth at an early age, you begin the wealth building process that most people usually start in their 30’s and 40’s, or even older.

These 10 or 20 years advantage you have will mean the worlds different in your net worth and overall wealth you’ve built over time.


Is It Hard To Build Your Wealth At A Young Age?

Building wealth at a young age isn’t hard. However, there is single con that you can’t control while being young.

If you’re younger, you have less experience and knowledge than your older counterparts.

This means that you don’t have the years of bad decisions being made and lessons learned from actively building wealth and failing.

However, you don’t need past wealth building experience to become wealthy.

You simply need to follow the strategies and wealth building foundations that lead to a long term healthy bank account, investments, and net worth.

As well, you need to be patient with yourself during this process. Building wealth takes time!


Best Ways To Build Wealth In Your 20s

The best strategies to build wealth are these:

  • Increase earning potential
  • Decrease costs of living
  • Increase passive income
  • Increase number of investments being made
  • Pay off your debts

Each of these strategies on how to build wealth will allow you to increase your total capital and decrease your outgoing expenditures.

Thus, rapidly building your wealth and net-worth. (Especially when compounded over time)

We suggest that you plan out and follow these strategies closely, so that you can maximize your earning potential.

Read on to discover some of the best strategies for building wealth in your 20s fast.

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How To Acquire Assets In Your 20s

Often people think that the “rich and already wealthy” are the only ones who can afford assets. However, anyone regardless of age is capable of acquiring passive income assets that grow their wealth and net worth over time. What is an “asset”? An asset is a large investment that grants passive income to the owner of said asset. This means that you can make a large investment or purchase on a business, or property – that can potentially pay you a passive income for decades or for life.

There are 3 main assets that you should consider investing in because of the rate of return and potential to grow in value over time.

Included, is an example of how you could use the asset to generate passive income.

Build Wealth With Real Estate – Houses, Apartments, Duplexes

A small duplex in a town with a 1,000 – 30,000 population costs between $140,000 – $300,000

The cost of developing real estate assets is much higher than other investments. The longer term ROI from them can be quite great, as well as cash flow.

However, let’s assume you plan to hold on to this duplex you purchase for 10 years. While doing so you collect $1,000 in monthly rent from each part of the duplex. $2000 a month in total.

Overall, the average rent price in the United States is $1,249.

In 10 years you will collect a total of about $240,000 in revenue. In most cases, this means you will either break even or make a profit from your real estate investment, JUST from the rent collected alone.

In 10 years time however, the value of your property will have increased significantly.

If you were to sell this property after 10 years, then you would have an additional few hundred thousands dollars in profit you would make in total.

Real estate has historically appreciated at a rate of between 3% and 5% per year.

The U.S. House Price Index shows that prices have risen at 3.4% per year on average since 1991, so we’ll use that to illustrate our calculations.

So using this average if you buy an investment property worth $200,000, and you’d like to estimate what its value will be in 10 years. Using 3.4% appreciation per year, you can calculate the potential future value of the property at $280,000.

The monthly revenue should cover your payments, maintenance and taxes, plus provide you a small amount of profit at the end of each month.

We’ll discuss how you can afford investments like these in your 20s, below…

Build Wealth With Real Estate

With Wealth Buying Property – Land Property, Resource Property

10 – 20 acres of land in the United States cost between $31,000 – $62,000

The average price per acre in the United States, in 2020 was $3,100. Some extremely developed big city areas and lake properties are much higher.

Let’s assume you decide to hold on to your land property for 10 years. You collect in land rental from various source, maybe around $1,000 a month.

After 10 years you have a total revenue return of $120,000. If you also sold the property afterwards, you may make another $40,000 -$70,000 in revenue.

In total profit you’ll have earned around $185,000 or possibly even more.

The monthly revenue should cover your payments and taxes, plus provide you a small amount of profit at the end of each month.

Buying land is a cheaper and in some cases better alternative then buying real estate properties themselves in some areas.

**Note: With all investments there is risk, buying real estate is considered on of the most safe investments, because it is backed by something tangible.

Building Wealth By Purchasing Businesses

Building Wealth By Purchasing Businesses – Online businesses, offline businesses

From the low $10,000’s mark to $1,000,000’s, there are many active businesses that are looking to be acquired.

Some business owners aren’t seeing the profits they wish for, others just want to get rid of the responsibility of managing their business.

Regardless of why people are selling their businesses, they are for sale in many cases.

By buying into or buying an entire business at once, you are essentially acquiring all it’s monthly profits / revenue while also getting the net value of the business as well.

For an example…

Let’s say you buy a business for $200,000 that is generating you now $4,000 a month in take home profits – meaning after expenses and loan payments made.

After 10 years of owning this business, assuming it’s profit margins neither increase nor decrease, you’ll have made a total of $480,000.

That alone is a very nice recurring profit generated by the business. The purchase will also be a tax deduction, and if you decide to eventually sell the business – you will acquire even more money for what the business total value and worth is.

Or once the business is paid off you could hire someone to fully manage it, and you keep reaping in passive profits, year after year.

Personally, this is one of our favorite ways to increase wealth.

Buying small businesses that generative positive returns regularly, will allow you to expand and grow your wealth extremely fast.

Now, how can someone in their 20s afford investments in assets like this?

You’ll be able to afford these kinds of assets by taking out a loan and using credit.

Worried about high monthly payments? Here’s the remaining 4 strategies for growing your wealth that will allow you to afford these loans. (You’ll save, earn, and have much more money on a monthly basis at your disposal)

How To Increase Your Income In Your 20s

How To Increase Your Income In Your 20s

Increasing your monthly income in your 20s is much easier than most people make it out to be.

In fact, you have youth on your side which will give you more flexibility in the ways you are able to increase your income.

Let’s go through each of the best ways you can almost instantly increase your monthly earnings today.

  • Ask for a raise.
  • Ask for a better paying position in the company.
  • Work overtime whenever the opportunity is present.
  • Work in a better paying field.
  • Work 2 jobs at once.
  • Buy a duplex as your first home, live in one side and the rent out the other. Your tenants payment to you pays your loan payment and maybe more. Now you have no housing expense – instant raise!

What each of these single income raising options does, is immediately increase your monthly income.

If you want to truly start scaling your income and wealth fast, you should combine many of these income raising opportunities at once.

Here’s an example of how to increase your income in your 20s (can be done at any age)

  1. Ask for a better paying position in the current company you’re working for. (if denied, request that you need a raise)
  2. Following this, send out applications regardless – to all nearby job opportunities that pay more than what you’ll make after a raise with your current company.
  3. Work a minimum of 5-10 hours more per week in overtime. 10-20% overtime equals more money for you to invest in income assets.

By following many of these strategies at once, you enable yourself to quickly grow your monthly earnings by almost double or more. Don’t believe me?

Let’s assume you normally make $2,000 every 2 weeks. That equates to $52,000 a year.  (This is the equivalent to making $25 per hour, and working 40 hour work weeks)

example of how to increase your income in your 20s

Calculating the suggested changes above….

  • You get the raise (yay!) or are hired to work a better and higher paying position. The new pay for you is $28 per hour.
  • You work 7 hours overtime time every week, for the whole year. This is 364 more hours a year, at a 1.5X rate (time and a half) that = $15,288 earned in just overtime income alone. Plus you made $3.00 more per hour for your regular pay, that an increase of another $6,240.
  • Maybe you even get a bonus from your job, after putting in these extra work hours and energy.


Before we asked for a raise, worked more overtime, etc., you have made $52,000 a year!

Your total earnings now is, $58,240 (base pay after increase) + $15,288 (Overtime) = $73,528.

That’s an instant 50% increase in your immediate income!


What if you worked 10 hours a week in overtime .VS. 7?

You’d earn $21,840 in overtime alone, and earn a total of $80,080.

That’s an increase of almost 30 grand of your original income before you sought out better pay.

As you see, there are some effective and simple strategies to instantly increase your income that will allow you to afford investments, assets, and others items, normally beyond your comfort level.

How To Cut Costs In Your 20s

A new pair of Air Jordan’s, or an investment into your savings? The new iPhone 29, or keep the money in your bank in case your car breaks down?

Often the younger generations have a higher interest in consumer goods, which can drastically affect the balances in their bank accounts.

If you really want to follow the path to building wealth in your 20s the right way, you will need to cut down unnecessary expenses.

How To Cut Costs In Your 20s


Here are the 4 different expenses you can cut out of your life to have more money available to be saved, invested, etc…

  1. Clothing, and especially high cost brand names.
  2. Going out to eat excessively.
  3. Getting the NEWEST iPhone, sneakers, headphones, etc…
  4. Recurring subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, phone bill, rent, etc…

You can still enjoy some of these things, while consuming them less.

You can decrease the “level” of subscriptions, buy clothes less often, eat out less, and only get the “new and best thing” once in awhile.

I promise, you’ll still enjoy your life and get access to the luxuries you want. Just understand, that the more money you save from reducing these expenses, the faster your overall net worth and wealth will grow for you.

You’ll be more liquid, and have excessive available capital to be allocated towards wealth building assets. Be smart with the money you do have..

I am going to give you an example of a friend of mine named “Mike” who became a millionaire before he was 30.

Mike started working at 16 and was always smart with his money, he always worked hard – had a side hustle besides his job. But was not in a hurry to move out on his own, so he stayed living with his parents until he was 28.

Instead of purchasing a home or renting a place, he bought a duplex when he was like 20.

Now he could have moved into it, and his tenant would have paid the mortgage on it, but he stayed living with his parents, and banked the rent payments from two tenants.

At the same time, because he did not move out, and had no real immediately bigger living expenses, he invested much of his job money as well, into stocks.

Mike also never went out to eat much, he always packed a lunch from home when working, and bought groceries for him and his folks for their other meals.

Everyone called Mike a pinch penny..Mike was not in a rush and knew what he was doing.

So he did not waste any of his money.

Fast forward: Mike can now buy pretty much anything he wants.

He owns several rental properties, he has a beautiful lake home, and a massive garage/man-cave most men would die for, I believe it is like 48X80.

He owns multiple vehicles, a gorgeous very expensive Harley Davidson, that are all paid for.

The moral of the story is: Be like Mike, and think before you buy!

That is if you want to build real wealth from affiliate marketing

How To Invest In Your 20s

How To Invest In Your 20s

It’s often said that investing and compound interest are the 5th wonders of the world.

This can be said true, as making the right investments will allow you a thriving financial future filled with freedom.

There are many industries and areas that you can invest in that are capable of reaping great rewards, such as:

Each of these investments have the potential to scale in value and also earn you APY.

The question is, which one of these investments is going to generate the most income and profit for you?

If you check with most investment research and case studies, Cryptocurrency is by far the most profitable investment you could have put your money into this past 10 years.

With hedge funds, every industry across the planet, and the largest companies in the world – all putting billions of dollars of investments into crypto – it’s here to stay and will continue growing rapidly year after year.

However, Crypto isn’t the only place for you to consider for scaling your wealth successfully.

Crypto can be volatile, and as with any investment there are risk, you should never put all of your eggs in one basket. Because if those eggs break you are sunk, end of story.

Stocks, bonds, gold, and silver – also have performed well and brought investors extremely generous returns.

how to invest in your 20s

One great aspect of investing in any of these financial assets, is that the barrier price of entry is much lower than other forms of growing wealth.

Whether you’re investing in Cryptocurrencies that earn a certain % APY, or you decide to invest in certain stocks that offer dividends – these investments can be made with any amount of money you have available.

Stocks have something called drip plans, where you can invest in fractional shares.

Not all stocks have this, but many popular ones do.

If you are in a situation where it’s hard to save money, you aren’t earning very much, and there’s not a lot you can do to improve your situation – these may be the investing places for you to put your money into.

Of course, use your own discretion or talk to a professional. We are not financial advisors.

However, we do offer a complete FREE course where you can learn tips like this, from our experience in affiliate marketing.

How should you start building your wealth by making small investments?

You need to separate a portion of your income on a monthly basis that automatically gets drawn from and put into any of the investment areas.

For example, every month when you get paid your first or second paycheck, you should invest a certain % of what you made and put it into the investments of your choice.

Over a year or few years time, you’ll have put together quite a good diversified investment portfolio for yourself.


How To Start A Business In Your 20s

It’s take much time and energy to start a business.

However, since the digital revolution of the internet, it’s become insanely inexpensive and in most cases easier to do than a traditional business.

Building a business online can grow your income, wealth, and total net worth as well.

What are the exact steps you need to follow to create a real online business?

  1. Choose your industry. You should only work in or be in business for an industry that you love being in. When you love what you’re doing, it is no longer work.
  2. Learn and educate yourself. Most people start a business without any real knowledge of what’s involved. Then they struggle for decades. Instead, educate yourself before getting started.
  3. Setup your business. Using a page builder, autoresponder, or CRM that you need to set up… A) The sales process. B) The follow up process. For your business to function & convert.
  4. Runs ads or use organic traffic. Use whatever means you have available to direct traffic and leads to the offers you put in place.
  5. Scale, test, and grow! Business growth always comes from the sizes of the calculated risks you take. Be smart, use your gut, and get out there!

If you want a full step by step process to setting up a real online business, you can check out another article we made here. 

Just remember the journey of starting and managing a business will take serious effort.

For some people, running a business is the largest challenge they’ll ever face in their life.

Hopefully the linked guides above will make the process easier for you.


Here’s a video explaining more on how to start an online business and make money online

(The income potential for a business is quite high, but so is the debt you can accumulate if you do it wrong)


How To Pay Off Debt In Your 20s

Debt is the largest crippling financial factor that has not just destroyed our nation, debt is currently ruining the financial abilities of almost every single American.

The average American has $90,460 in debt! The worst part about debt is not the debt itself, it’s the high interest rates you’re paying because of the debt. With credit cards having on average between 16-30% interest rates, it’s no wonder that America is struggling to shovel off the debt they’ve put themselves into.

So, how do you escape the debt you may be in?

You MUST pay it off as fast as you’re capable. Otherwise, you will have to pay enough in interest, that it can take decades to pay off even smaller debts. Your debt should be paid off in the following order.

  1. Credit Cards
  2. Vehicle Loans
  3. Mortgage
  4. Student Loans

Since credit cards have the highest interest rates they need to be paid off first.

Following this, vehicle loans, your mortgage, and student loans are also a priority.

Take 10% of what you earn per paycheck / month – and apply it to pay off your credit. If you can afford paying off a higher percentage, then do so.


Final Thoughts On Strategies For Building Wealth In Your 20s

Each of these wealth building strategies are capable of bringing almost any person to near certain financial freedom.

However, there is one overarching strategy that you can use that puts all of these individual strategies together. If you’re someone who is looking to obtain certain financial security with massive amounts of wealth in a decade or so – then continue reading closely.

The ultimate wealth building strategies – is the one that combined all of the other smaller wealth generating methods together.

You’ll want to follow these strategies for building wealth in your 20s, all together.

Used in unison, there’s no telling where you’ll be financially in a few years.

  • Acquire assets
  • Increase your income
  • Cut costs
  • Start investing now
  • Start your own business
  • Pay off your debt

By using all of these wealth generating financial foundations, you increase your ability to create generational wealth that drastically scales.

We really hope this article has been extremely helpful to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂


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