How To Make Money Online (Best Way)

make money online best way

In today’s article and video we will discuss “How to make money online?” and “What is the best way to make money online?

These truly are two very broad make money online questions that actually have a lot of different answers, even though both questions are basically asking the same thing. We are going to explore the answers to these questions in more depth with you now.


You can either watch the video below to learn our in depth answers to these two questions or read the text below if you prefer. Either way we wanted to provide you with both the text and the video. The video is a recording of a webinar we did a couple weeks ago.



We used Content Gorilla to extract what we said from the webinar, and with a few edits to take out and replace things that did not quite go together, sometimes technology can only do so much. But to take the time to write down all the words we said on this webinar would have taken us hours and Content Gorilla extracted it in minutes. So fabulous tool, you can turn any YouTube video/webinar into the written word with just a few clicks.


Now what we’re going to talk about tonight on the webinar is the big project that me and my son Jon Weberg are doing. We want to share with other people, such as you, and to bring them into the EMoneyPeeps family. Because what we are doing truly is something that we believe will be a financial revolution for a lot of people, because it will get them on the right track.


And answers the ultimate questions of…

“How to make money online?” and “What is the best way to make money online?”

It’s based on the stuff that we do all of the time that allows us to already be living the dot-com lifestyle, to already have financial freedom where we are not dependent upon a job anymore. We haven’t been dependent on jobs for years and this is why we’re so excited to bring people into the EmoneyPeeps family.


For years we’ve been looking to help people be able to duplicate our results and what we have been able to achieve. Now some people can, but it’s usually few and far between that are able to.


There’s some absolute rock stars and some people who are doing absolutely great and are very very successful. Then there are some that seem to do all the right things and still fall short.


And we’re always curious like, “Why can some people get the results and others struggle so much? Why aren’t we able to have more people duplicate our results and do what we’re able to do?”


We discovered why – it is because we were always building our own web presence. We always have had our own websites, content, our own blogs, our own videos, all these different things.


We noticed that all these successful marketers and all these successful entrepreneurs – all of them did the exact same thing. That’s what we want for you. We want to bring you to be able to create your own stuff. That’s why we made this EmoneyPeeps program. That’s why we made this community, so you can create your own stuff, be your own authority, be your own brand.

Because that’s the way you get a lot more results, a lot more profit and a lot more leads and a lot more of everything!


This is truly the best way to make money online.

Regardless of your niche or the products and services you are promoting.


How to make money online the best way


We’re really super focused on creating a huge culture with what we’re doing here at EMoneyPeeps. We want people to be proud of what we’re doing because it is the right path for you all to be able to finally turn your online marketing, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, offline marketing, passions- whatever you want to call it – into a full-time income online and join us in living the dotcom lifestyle.


That’s the goal of you reading this post or watching the webinar here is to help explore that and why this is so powerful as what we do and why you need to be doing certain things that absolutely work because they’re tried and true.


There’s one thing we want everybody who’s on this blog post here reading this or watching the webinar to do.


What I’d like you to do is in either Google, Yahoo, or Bing, or whatever in the search bar for your browser


I would like for you all to search in the browser.


And go search forhow do you make money online” or “how to make money online for beginners“.

Go type in your browser, in a separate window how do you make money online and what’s going to happen is that if you start scrolling down and you start clicking on (after you get through the ads because the results usually have ads first and you can see that a lot of people you know do pay-per-click or search engine marketing that they pay for in some of the top results they’re like the first four or five) those top search results.

You’re going to start seeing other sites and you keep scrolling down and you can click on them in the results and it’ll bring you to their sites.

how do you make money online search results


One of the first ones after you get through the ads is a blog and a full website. Then the next one down is another blog full website. So what I want you to experience and understand by doing that search is that almost all of the results that you will find, almost 100% of the time for everything you ever search for will be a full website and blog (they have content).


Besides the people that are paying via PPC (pay per click) advertising to get in those results. There are the other people that are just organically put there at the top of the search results. Meaning they ranked for those keywords because they’ve built a real web presence online and have created good content on a website/blog. So people are literally going and searching and finding them..Keep this in your brain the next time, anytime you do a search in Google..You will see every time full websites/blogs in the top results.


The important thing for you to remember about that is that when people are searching and finding your content, and finding your blog, and these types of things – they already are looking to buy it. They already are looking for solutions they’re already looking for an answer. They are coming to you..


And if your the one with a website/blog that shows up in the results, you’re seen as this person with the answers. When they are seeing someone who’s an authority, who’s teaching them, who’s showing them what to do they build the “know, like and trust” with you faster. They want to buy from you because they have that like, know, and trust, because they came from something they were searching for..


You as a marketer did not need to go out and find customers, they came to you!


It wasn’t like an ad popped up that they didn’t want, or an ad put up on a YouTube video, or commercial or somewhere else where they didn’t want it and wasn’t expected. They actively are looking for and actively want the search results.


Content Marketing is how you truly make the most money online.

Like I said almost 100% of the time -besides when people are paying to rank in the search- all the rest of the results is literally free organic traffic for all those people and literally all they’re doing is creating a piece of content. I want you to really think about this. They’re creating pieces of content and they post a article to their blog or they create another page on their website and what happens is these people go searching for them and they come to them to buy.


You’re not trying to go and find buyers. You’re creating content that attracts buyers credit card in hand…

Content Marketing is how you truly make the most money online.


So ask yourself this question: Which would you rather have..?


Would you rather learn how to create a piece of content that attracts you buyers on a continuous basis, or would you rather have to go out searching all the time for traffic sources and trying to find somebody to buy from you?


Going out searching for buyers takes a lot more time, a lot more money, a lot more testing, a lot more searching. Because again there are some months marketers spend – you can spend – or we’ve spent a couple thousand to five thousand to ten thousand to fifteen thousand dollars a month in ads or more.


And once you’ve bought paid ads, you don’t always know if it will convert into buyers. But, we can know what is going to convert is when you have people who are looking for your content who actually want what you’re promoting, want what you’re selling and what you’re offering. That will get you a lot more conversion a lot more sales and a lot more traffic because like like my Dad said they’re actively searching for you and what you have!


It’s something that they actually want. I was just like for example- my dog is next to me on the ground doing her thing. (This is really John and his dog Layla)

jons dog sitting next to him


Let’s say someone wants to buy dog food, they go to Google and search “best quality dog food for labs” well if there’s a blog that comes up that goes through, in detail about what they want.


They’ll go, “Oh wow this is great this is for labs, it’s for ones with if you want a shiny coat. I like when my dog has a shiny coat!” and they go through saying to themselves “This is everything I want!” And because they are reading that blog post they are actually way more likely to buy from the person who created that blog post.


So whether you’re an affiliate marketer or whether you have your own product and services, whatever the case may be – that’s what having your own blog and your own content does when people find it.


They go through that same process – oh wow this is exactly what I’m looking for – and some people don’t do this process because they think it’s difficult “I’d never be able to do that.”


And that’s not true. It’s not true at all.


How To Make Money Online Course – Learn from someone or a group of people who have already done it.

It’s actually way easier to do once you have something, someone that will walk you through setting it up. Because once you have it set up, and you’ve learned how to do it – once you learn that process and you set it up – you actually can repeat it and you can repeat it over and over again, just like we do. It is just learning to navigate that’s all it is. And we’ll explain more about this as we go through, is learning to navigate a little bit of how to do a few things. Our EmoneyPeeps Course is perfect for that.


Many of you that will see this presentation, will see it on a piece of content of ours that we have created. A web page, a blog. We have the ability to throw up a new, good looking web page every day and we do that.


I mean sometimes we’ll go do a video, put it up on a page, send it out to everybody and it’s a brand new page. But we have learned how to do it and so can you. Because it’s not as complicated as you think it is. You can literally produce pieces of content in a matter of 15 minutes once you’ve learned to navigate and once you’ve been through the foundation. It’s nothing more than a little bit of navigation.


Something we learned too that is especially important for people who are looking at this, is that the majority of our long-term customers, the people who’ve been with us the longest, they invest the most. They’re the most serious about what they’re doing. They actually like and want to use the products.


Those people are the ones that you want. They are the ones that you’ll earn the most from. Because they came from content of yours that came from Facebook posts or YouTube videos, or came from some kind of blog post or somewhere where it was posted and they were actively looking for it. That is the true power of content, and why content is king. Game over checkmate!

content is king -game over check mate


Content is pillars that never goes away, so it does not matter what lengths you have to go through to learn how to create it. It will always make you more money, because unless you take the content down, it NEVER GOES AWAY!


Because when you go through other methods you’re almost more of forcing it down someone’s throat. You’re almost saying, “Come on buy this please buy this! You need to buy this, this is great!” and you try to coax them and walk them through and guide them all these different things into buying. Which is not as effective as letting it happen organically, and naturally because THEY are searching for it. This is called buyer intent search.


This process is what we teach you how to do within our EMoneyPeeps courses, we teach you how to create this pillars of content and build your web presence online and bring customers to you naturally.


So you are either a content producer or a content consumer.

Content producers make the money!

You want to become a content producer because that means sales come to you automatically.


Now I do want to tell you all about an email that we got today from a well-known marketer and he’s a big marketer. He’s been online a long time and the one thing that we can’t stand is when people use sleazy methods to try to make sales because it’s lying.


This person – not going to name their name – sent out an email that said “You do not need a website to make money online, you do not need a blog, you do not need to produce content, you do not need WordPress”!


But yet this marketer that’s how we even got on his email marketing list quite a few years ago is because of his content! And he has a blog, has a website, has marketing funnels, he has all these things, and he uses them all the time. All the time! But some marketers use that method of bait and switch to get people to buy a different product that promises riches for doing nothing, but the page that you go to learn more about the product is on their own personal website/blog!


See? You do need those things!


If you don’t have your own web pages / blogs that you own that’s on your own domain name that you have learned to create, then you don’t have a real business, and you will never make the real money.


Because you don’t control the outcome if you don’t know how to do this. Then you cannot get as much free traffic as we can by having stuff rank in the search engines and buyers come to us. If you can’t do this, you’re done before you even start.


That’s why you really have to look at and think that all the entrepreneurs all the marketers you know or follow, or any company that you know if it’s any kind of reputable one, do they have their own website, and do they have their own blog , do they produce special pages for their offers they are promoting?


Do they produce content?


The answer is always Yes!


That’s how you see all of the messaging, all the messaging you see anywhere Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, or blogging or anywhere else. It is all content. Probably anything you’ve ever bought you found from a blog or you found from a video or you found from some piece of content somewhere. Or from an email- it again is content..


Realize that this is the best way to make money online no matter what you want to sell!

If you want to get ahead, if you want to be very successful with this stuff, you have to be like people who have these content machines. They build a brand, they become peoples authority in that niche what ever that may be, which a lot of people don’t necessarily talk about or even know much about.


It’s so important! Because without your brand and authority being there you aren’t seen as reputable. If you aren’t really giving someone anything for them to like, know and trust you for, then you’re just posting something that’s static. Something that seems and stays the same. You keep doing the wrong things over and over again. But it doesn’t mean it’s going to convert into money for you.


Just because it’s going to help them solve their problems doesn’t mean it’s going to give them any solutions long term. This means it’s not going to do anything to really help. But when you give someone a piece of content or a video or something they can actually learn about what they are interested in…


They learn about the practice, learn about the service and how to use it. They learn about every part then they can build like, know, and trust with you first, then the product and the company or or service behind it. That’s when they’re going to buy from you.


That’s why we’ve had such great success where we have the highest conversion rates. Conversions meaning we make more profit from what we promote than anyone else. It means that we know how to spend the least money but make the most back in everything we’ve ever done.


The reason for that is because we make more than one video, we make more than one page, we produce content like crazy across all of our social media, across our blog, across what we email. We do what you see the most successful marketers are doing. Hence, why we are successful and can sell anything and make money with it.


And that’s what we want you to do for whatever you want to promote. Whether it’s an affiliate program, whether it’s your own product, or services, whatever the case may be.


What we want is for you to be that person who uses this concept and succeeds with and because of it!


If your searching for ways to make money online.

It does not matter, your going to need content to truly sell it and to make real money doing it.


Just like you’re watching or reading this right now…. whether it’s live or not live – you’re here right now and seeing it for yourself because of our content!


Content is so important in that process and a lot of times, like this well-known marketing person that I used as an example earlier that sent out that email and said not true stuff in doing that, using that angle- what those people are doing is keeping you dependent upon buying piece after piece after piece after piece after piece of xyz from them, and keeping you confused so you just remain a loyal buyer to them because you never quite figure out the whole money making puzzle..

pieces of the money making puzzle


That’s why this well-known marketer this is how he markets, and I was quite appalled by what he had sent and I realized he’d been doing some of this for quite a while in a different kind of way.


Definitely if you ever want to live the dot-com lifestyle, if you want to make six plus figures a year, seven figures, eight figures it’s all out there to be had! But the only way you’re ever going to get there is by producing your own content and you learning how to be “that guy” or “that girl”. AKA branding yourself and establishing know, like, trust, and being viewed as an authority in your chosen space.


Now again, it’s not as complicated as you might think.


How do you get to that point?


Well, literally that’s what we’re talking about doing with you. By helping people like you through – I’m talking step by step by step, over the shoulder watch our screen, we’ll watch Seely Clark’s screen because he is our master trainer, and watch that screen and you will literally be walked through in a “click here, copy this, paste it here, do this” and as you learn that navigation, you will become a marketing master step by step.


Because that’s all you’re going to do through our course is go through video by video and learn to navigate, to build this web presence, a full blown website blog where you will have the capabilities and be going “Wow I can create a page anytime I want now! Wow I know how to blog! Wow I know how to attract buyers to me! Wow that’s how you do that!”


It’s going to be a lot of “aha!” moments for you.


Because you’re finally going to have a business that you look at once you finish it (you’ll never really “finish” it, it’ll always be a work in progress) and you’ll be amazed at what you’ve learned and what you can do with your business that YOU built from the ground up.


You will be looking to scale to new heights and make more and more money and the process will never end with our course. Because we’re not going to end the process. We are literally – Seely is going to be, and us too- will be helping you build a site from scratch and literally just keeping it going and expanding it and expanding it until you get to what ever goals you want!


It’s all step by step it’s so simple, we everyone we’ve had go so far through it hasn’t had a single question. The reason why that’s important what we’re seeing is cool, is because of the fact that it’s so easy to go through, it’s so simple, that anyone can go through it, anyone can understand that, anyone can get it all setup. It sounds like it’s a lot having your own website, your own online presence, your own blog, being your own authority, but it’s not.


You do not need to know anything, we will teach it all to you, one step at a time.


This course really is how to make money online for beginners.

It’s really just a series of simple steps people are walking through right now and it’s easy and anybody can do it. If you have some experience you will just go through the course faster.


We’ve gone that extra step and Seely spells it out in the first video in the course. He says this is so detailed you might get bored with some of how detailed it is. But it’s so important, because as you go through it, eventually you’re going to understand marketing so well and how to create your own content and do your own thing that you’re going to learn how to sell as a saying goes “ice to eskimos”.

sell ice to eskimos


You learn how to actually sell. That’s one of the biggest things too we learned about everything we’ve done in the past is people didn’t always necessarily learn to sell. If you don’t know how to sell and market yourself and get your name out there, to get your brand out there, to get yourself out there, then it can be very hard to convert people to attract people to get them as customers.


That’s where we’ve seen one of the biggest problems is people didn’t know what they were doing. They didn’t understand how it worked. Even when you go through this process you know exactly how it works. You know exactly what to do. You know what to keep doing in order to keep seeing results. Because we’ll keep putting videos out in the modules and training so that it never stops.


So you just keep learning…


We have so much knowledge to give you. I’ve forgotten more than most people know about marketing. I’ve been doing this now for literally over 17 years. I can’t possibly teach you everything in one day. Johnny has been doing this for over 10 years, and Seely has been doing it for over 10 years. We can’t shove 37 years of marketing experience down your throat in one go.


It has to be a continual process that you will keep just building and growing from the foundation on up. And you’ll become part of our EMoneyPeeps family, the culture that we’re going to build. We are creating a financial revolution, all of us together, and growing step by step. That’s the whole aim is to build into a community – a growing community with growing content, with growing training, with growing education to walk you through to becoming a master marketer and growing your income along with it!


As you learn you’ll attract more sales, you’ll attract more customers, you’ll attract more leads, and you’ll understand how it all works. After you know the process it becomes easy for you. When it becomes simple for you then you will become your own leader, you become what you’ve been wanting to become this whole time.


You can have your own webinars , your own events, all these different things because you are a master at what you do. And that’s what it takes.


Avoid make money online scams.

Promises of riches or money for doing nothing.


Anyone who’s on here who’s going to watch or read this, that’s looking for a quick instant solution, who’s looking for something that’s going to happen overnight, who’s looking for the money right, right, right now, we’ve discovered, and said for years and it has always been the case – That does not exist online…That does not exist anywhere, this is not for you..


If you’re looking for that, or anything even remotely similar you are never going to do this. You have to realize and get out of that state of getting the results right now. Break the mindset of “ I need an instant money making system!”. They do not exist!


Ads or websites that promise you money for doing nothing are just plain old scams, there is always going to be work involved and money put into of some kind first, before you ever make anything.


If you don’t understand how to market and how to sell in the first place it’s going to be hard to make any money with anything. Because you don’t know how to market. And you don’t know how to sell. You don’t have your own online presence. You don’t have anything of your own. THIS is why you must have this foundation in place for you to be able to sell whatever you like, however you like, however much you like!


The part where people succeed online – is the mental process of “You know what? I want to learn this, I know this works, I’m going to figure it out! I’m going to look for somebody that can help me… I’m going to follow what they teach me to do, and then I’m just going to go after it!”


That is how you make money online and lots of it! Get The “MENTAL part right first”!


Here’s an example – I gave it the last time we did a webinar…


There is a guy that came online about a year and a half ago – getting close to two years now – he’s already made over a million dollars in his almost first two years. He’s already made over a million dollars, but when he came online he searched out what he should be doing first…


He did knowledge seeking and then he started a web presence online immediately. His background also helped him succeed faster, he had some of the skills already.


So once he started growing his web presence – he didn’t go find an opportunity like a “make money online opportunity” where you join for 50 bucks monthly, and then you get these done for you pages and you run around advertising them.


I mean, that is a solution to get going – we’ve made money off plenty of that kind of stuff. We’ve helped people start building their email list – all that kind of stuff – but the key to our success that’s always propelled us to the top of the sales leaderboards (which sometimes even we forget about) is that we’re constantly creating our own content like we’ve been talking about this whole time.


We do this through blogs, through our websites, videos, and we’ve been doing that for years, so we’ve talked about and gone, “Yes you have got to be building your email list, you got to be sending your emails!” We keep telling people over and over because you do, the money’s made in the follow up! (This is content as well, you build an email list through your webpages, and then email them about your blog post and product pages))


BUT it’s also made in the content creation where people immediately recognize you as an authority. Listen, they’re already in a buyer mode. They want to buy now because they’re looking for that product or service and they find you through your content.


So that guy created that kind of money because he immediately started doing the right stuff and expanded it out and did incredible things.


What he has is his own web presence, his own website, and blog. He now makes money from over 50 affiliate programs on autopilot. That’s exactly what we want you to do! We want you to do the exact same thing.


Because we’ve seen it work so well – we’re seeing work so well – we’ve been doing it for how long? YEARS!


We’ve like said we finally came to the realization that this is what we’re doing the entire time, we just didn’t realize how much that it impacted it all! So why not give people a simple to follow path to do what we’re doing to become like us, get results like ours and beyond….


Because you know everyone says to who they look up to, you know I wish I could have your results. I wish I could be on the top of sales leaderboards. I want to get there someday!


In order to actually get that…. this is what we’ve been doing…… and like I just want to reiterate this- we say that anyone who’s still looking for an instant solution – who’s looking for it to happen overnight – it doesn’t work that way. If it did we would all be so damn rich instantly!


Learn the foundation, the skills of how to make money online.

“The Repetition Of Doing Something Over And Over Again Is The Mother Of All Skill”

learn online money skills


It takes time, it takes energy, it takes effort, and it takes learning the foundation of ALL marketing. Which is learning sales, learning how to build your brand and your name, and be able to attract people to you.


Which is a simple process once you learn it. That’s something that a lot of people think is complicated. But once you learn it, then it comes to you like this: you know exactly how to navigate where to go, how to create a post, how to do this, how to share it, all these things that we’re going to walk you through. It will eventually become very, very simple.


Once you get inside it’s going to be very easy for you to go through and get started. We have someone – Michael Camire for example- How long did it take him to get through the modules? Just saying for him to get to module 2, it’s so simple to go through, and we’re always going to be adding more to it. So you’re never going to run out of ways to improve and grow your business and make more money online.


Michael was able to go through within a few days. Because he followed the instructions. They were that simple and easy to go through. He had no problems! It’s so laid out so that you can just watch the screen, and do a screen, pause the video, rewind it, pause the video whatever you want. It’s going to walk you through that entire process and whatever time frame you want to spend getting everything going. How fast or slow is up to you, anybody can follow it.


What really got us thinking is this….. yes, some of you watching or reading this are part of affiliate programs that we promote. We make money from, and have made six plus figures from them and all of that stuff. What really got us thinking though is okay because so many people they don’t make the kind of money we do…


I mean, they do what we do…. except…. they’re missing the content portion they’re missing having their own blog, their own web presence online, some of them have static web pages which have a static web page that never grows or turns into anything else. It’s just a static web page with information on it and never changes. Much like these done for you “I’ll build you a web page” type of stuff.


That’s not what we’re talking about. If you do that, you’ll fail.


So what I’m talking about is anytime you go search in the search engines – Like I had you in the beginning of this – search for “ how do you make money online” or whatever it is that you’re searching for.


When you go search, and all of a sudden you go to a couple things – you find content that is relevant to what you are looking for and it’s on people’s blogs/websites!


The ones we just looked up- it’s a blog on finance. One is a blog from…yep… Forbes! Anybody ever heard of Forbes?


They rank the same way that we are showing you to do! They rank all the time for different search terms. They’re not static pages they’re actually websites like drop shipping courses, stories, topics, build your business, or a build your life type of blog.


See they aren’t a static business. This person, I guarantee you, has customers coming to them all the time, just like we do. Like we want to teach you how to do. Because this is how people make oodles of money eventually, because anything that people search for you can make money from.


I do searches every day. I mean ask yourself how many searches do you do every single day? On your laptop, on your phone?


We’re searching all the time on Google and a lot of times it’s a blog or some kind of page or content that constantly comes up.


And you can have that for yourself. You can have that amount of authority on your site. You can get views on your site for free, every single day! Naturally that’s incredible and you can rank for more than one thing… Oh yeah- so you can have 10 things in the top five results they get you 10,000 clicks a month and generate you 50 customers or 100 customers a month. Without you paying a cent for advertising in any niche!


Let’s say you came online and you found one of these make money online ads out there somewhere or you got on somebody’s list and you joined one of these “make money online programs”. That’s all it is you know, a “build your list make money” but if you’re not producing content in order to succeed in that type of business you will end up spending thousands of dollars in advertising. And in our experience with that niche… the more you have to spend to try to get enough customers to make enough money.


That’s another reason why we have switched – not switched everything we do- we are still doing certain things, but why we just switched our focus and changed how we teach, and what we want to share with everybody. Because there’s a much better way to promote even those types of programs.


When you have people like we’ve talked about the whole night so far when they’re coming to you as a buyer.


You can end up eventually learning how through these modules in our course. You learn how to attract people to you by writing great articles. You’ll do this with our help; you don’t even need to know how to do that fully. We will share how to do everything.


You can make money online with your computer

We will show you how..

make money with computer online


This is a way to attract people to you. It’s a way to build your own brand. How to build your own presence. How to actually do the number one thing that gets you sales, that gives you customers, and it gives you profit in any business. Which is knowing how to build like, know, and trust the audience that you attract to you using what we teach here.


We have a saying that “people do not join products or services people join people!”


If you don’t have this, if you don’t have any way to relate to people, if you don’t have any way to teach them anything. If you don’t have any way to educate them…to have them learn more about you, your product or services, or whatever you plan to offer… If you don’t have that you can’t build like know and trust. If you don’t build like know and trust you won’t get customers. You won’t get sales. You’ll be where you are right now..failing.


And it will keep doing that because you haven’t yet discovered how to build like know and trust through your content. Through teaching them something to educate them. Through having more and more information to show them. Because they continue to relate to you and actually build a relationship with you.


Know, like, and trust: aka relationships is why we have so many people that follow us that are also so loyal to us. Because we give them information, we give them education that actually helps them.


Which is what you should be doing to make sure you’re successful. We make sure that we do it in a way that’s consistent. So that they can keep learning from, they can keep growing from, that’s what we’re going to give you is a platform you can keep continually growing from for years and years to come.


Please make sure and at least click here and go read more of what we’re doing. See that we’re actually doing what we’re talking about helping you to do.


Because we want to be making sure that we are leading by example. showing you that we do what we tell you. Show you that we’re not saying, hey you should go create your own presence, you should be a blogger, you should do these things and then going oh yeah we don’t do any of it. Because we’re not liars like that, we’re truthful.


Instead we go “Hey this is what’s working for us this is what’s doing well.” and then share it with – you guessed it- YOU.


We’re seeing through everything we’ve learned in 27 plus combined years… Seely our master trainer has 10 years… so 37 plus combined years we see that xyz, this is what’s working best, this is why we’ve done so well, we want to give that to you and walk you through it step by step.


We will show you how to do your own thing.

You don’t have to copy us. We don’t want you to copy us. For example- like our EMoneyPeeps site. You will not be copying it. That is not what this is about.

do your own thing and have success


That’s sometimes where people- when they come from the make money programs niche- where they’re part of a make money program that is all “copy because you get done for you pages” that look identical to somebody else’s. They are used to those done for you pages so the only branding you ever do through that process is branding the company. That is not what we want for you to do here.


If you never brand yourself. You’re dead in the water. In order to brand yourself you have to build something where it can produce content. Like a website that has multiple pages and a blog- remember we’re not talking about you copying us and creating another EMoneyPeeps we’re not talking about you doing that…


We’re talking about you creating your own blog, web presence. For you to be able to sell and promote whatever you want, to whomever you want.


It doesn’t have to be this niche. If you’re a violinist and that’s your passion and you would really love to create a following and sell a course or sell instructions on how to play violin, we will show you the way!


Creating your own online presence and branding yourself – this is always the best way to do it. It’s the foundation that will build you an evergreen success story.


Because it never ends. You keep learning. You keep navigating. Yeah, it’s not sexy. It’s not sexy like an ad you see that says hey pay fifty dollars a month and you’re going to make ten thousand dollars a month in the next few months. Everybody’s doing it, it’s so easy just join us!” That does not work anyway, except for people who create their own content.


For most people the reason they do not duplicate our success or duplicate somebody else’s success – someone that has had six plus figure plus success – is because they stick with the using the done for you pages, that done for you list building. We have never done that.


Any affiliate program we join or ever have joined, we use our own stuff every single time. We go build our own funnels. And usually the companies will ask us “Hey will you build a funnel for us?”


We’ve been asked by three or four different companies we’ve been affiliated with- for us to make a funnel for them. Because our funnels convert better! We have the highest conversions to measure and track our conversions. We have the highest conversion highest profitability out of every single affiliate in the entire company.


THAT is what we want to teach you. How we get that conversion so high and how you can do that for whatever you want to build out. See like Seely Clark our dear friend and master trainer he is literally building a website/blog from scratch through the training modules you will be going through and he’s doing it live.


And that’s what we’re going to give you so if you go to and take a look at, read the page, watch the video, check out the blog, and see for yourself that we do exactly what we are going to help you do.


This is what has been doing for years and years. This is the process we want to teach you and walk through step by step.


It’s just a process! It is simple once you know it. That’s what our course will teach you – it’s the process. It’ll show you how to set everything up. It’ll show you what plugins to use. It’ll show you what we use for every little thing. Seely just walks you straight up through everything.


If you look on any affiliate leaderboard for any company – the people that are on the top of that leaderboard all have their own pages like me and Johnny. Actually if we were to count up the number of pages we created, I don’t even think we could.


There’s probably at least at 500 of them. We’ve made so many pages for years we probably have 30 funnels. We’ve created 30 funnels with how many pages, how many sales pages, how many other stuff and that’s why we do so well.


Do not copy our site. Instead, copy what we’ve learned and duplicate it and create it for yourself and promote and sell whatever you want!


I want you to understand this for you, not to brag about us, but we could set a timer for five minutes and I guarantee me and Johnny could crank out a nice looking page with content on it in about five minutes.


Why so fast? Because it’s all simple navigation. And that is what we’re going to teach you – that same navigation – so you don’t have to be dependent on other people to co-create something for you. Because that is wrong. That’s where you fail. Because you’re still not the source, they are so that means you are at the mercy of their whims and schedule.


Instead of that, we want to teach you to be the source – meaning you know how to create your own stuff and are an independent source of your own content.


Yes, at first you will have some expenses to learn how to do this stuff. Plugins that we use, stuff like that, but you’re not going to have to go pay somebody all the time to do something for you.


You’re not going to have to go and buy tons of traffic and spend tens of thousands of dollars on traffic. Because you’re going to learn how to create content and share it. Yes you will spend some money on advertising at first or helpful sources to help create your content.


But it will be one piece at a time. That’s why this course will be very long and educational and drawn out. It will show you how to do all this stuff. That way, when you come out of it – out of each module – each video step you’ll be like, “Man I know how to accomplish real stuff online now! I feel like I have a real damn business! Look at that! I have a site but I did it! I went and did it! I didn’t have to go looking for somebody else to do it for me or pay for a static web page!”


So you’ll feel good about yourself and you’ll see a lot more results, like we said, this is a sign that we’ve seen that has done the best for us.


And it’s the best for every single serious marketer we know. It’ll make you the most money so if you’re looking to make the most money online with what you’re doing and do well and to do it for years to come this is exactly what you need.


So go to and get started with us today.


Our Private EmoneyPeeps Community.

Another bonus is that we have a private group that you’ll get access to. It is not on Facebook. We don’t want the distractions of Facebook. It’s a private group you’ll get access to it through one of the videos in the modules. We even show you how to join it. It’s a truly private group that we’re going to keep all people in for EMoneyPeeps family of entrepreneurs.


The reason for the private group being off of Facebook is that a lot of time we don’t want any distractions with how Facebook is. We still have our groups on Facebook we’re going to be posting just good content to them. Like maybe some of you have seen lately we’ve been posting articles from our EMoneyPeeps blog on it and that’s the way it should be.


That is an example of how you attract the people who are interested in your blog post that you make. They’ll come join because they want to read more.


Like from our FB posts that are about EmoneyPeeps- They’ll come to us want to be on a webinar we post the content they’ll come and that’s the way it should be. You should have customers coming to you. You should not be chasing them.


That’s how all the big companies do it, that’s how all the big money makers do it online. It would make your head spin if you knew how much money some of these people make that build their web presence and get some of them the amount of free traffic they get.


Like the guy that i was telling you about earlier with his blog and website he literally gets over 500,000 visitors to his blog website for free every month! I’m talking 500,000 people who are searching out what he posted in one of his pages and blog post like literally, he does not pay for that traffic…so that’s what can happen.


If that sounds good to you, if that sounds like something that would help you grow, help your business do better, how do you get more sales, more leads, more customers, and become profitable, and do it for years and years to come (not for the next year hoping it’ll work out) but for years and years to come….


If you’re serious, you need to become an EMoneyPeeps member today by clicking on this link or if you’re somewhere around this page on the page because you can click on the button below or somewhere around here in the comments.


With our training you can make this difference in your life and make a difference in your business.


There is no magic button. There is no magic program.


There is the magic of you being serious and driven to obtain your dreams and goals and going after it!

success go get it


I’m not talking just like for a day. Not for a minute. Not for an hour. Not for 30 days, Not for 60 days. I’m talking that you’re totally focused and you’re going to have success no matter what… That is the only magic – is being serious and driven, and willing to learn.


That’s what me and Johnny have always done. It is why we have success online. We never said we’re going to try this for a year, we’re going to try this for two months. Heck, Johnny made a decision at 10 that he was going to do this stuff, literally and he has never wavered from it!


Imagine that! He as a 10 year old never wavered. He’s like literally he never even wanted to get a job ever. He had one job for like six months. It was to put more money in his business!


How many people do you know who do that? And he’s never had to work for anybody!


That’s the dot-com lifestyle. I’ve been free since I was 38 or 39 years old. Meaning I haven’t had to have a job going to work every day, I don’t have to do that. I just turned 50 years old in March.


You can do that too! But not by going, “I want to make money in the next month!” and, “I want to make three thousand dollars a month in the next month, if I can’t do that then I’m quitting! If it doesn’t work it’s a scam it’s a fraud! I didn’t make any money!”


If this is your way of thinking, then please don’t join us. We don’t want people like that because that’s not the way anything real works in life. So make sure you really think about that. Really think about that and realize what should your next decision be, should it be to keep doing what you’re doing?


How has that been working? You can choose to keep doing what you’re doing or to actually make a difference become an EMoneyPeep and learn the foundation of what will make you an actual marketer so you can sell whatever you want whenever you want, however you want, however much you want, and do it in a way that you will eventually be able to become free because of it.


We’d love to help you. We’re going to help you do it the right way. We’re going to tell you straight up how it’s done detail by detail, we’re going to hide nothing from you and we’re going to be here to help you through that process always.


So go ahead and check out the site, read, learn, watch the videos, read a blog post and see that we’re actually serious about what we’re talking about and we are going to actually help you once you get inside.


We will keep giving to you over and over and over again every single month exactly what you need to grow your business and earn more and more. Do you want that dot com lifestyle that we’ve lived now for a long time?


I have been able to do some amazing things with people that I care about greatly. Me and Johnny have traveled the world together. We’ve spoken on stages. I never dreamed that I was ever going to do any of that stuff.

richard and john weberg


I’m like the hick who goes outside and has a fire with his buddies and invites people over for some barbecue chicken and a few cases of beer. I didn’t say a couple beers because that’s not the way I am. I’m very passionate – driven. I am passionate about everything I do. If i can do this and become free there’s nobody on this planet that can’t.


I am not a technical person… I like to build crap, I like to build things with my hands. This next couple couple weeks here coming up I’m going to be hand building all the doors that go across this closet. I’ve been working in all kinds of parts of my house. It’s all tongue and groove log siding on the inside. That is freedom, it’s a freedom lifestyle. And the things that me and Johnny have got to do together and what he’s been able to accomplish and do is because of this.


The dot com lifestyle that you can have when you do it right is amazing. So do it right and become and EMoneyPeep and actually learn what you need to so you can always grow in order to build a real business. Not just some site. or static page. Join us and learn how to build a real business that’s going to last for years. You can do it just like we’ve done the past 37 combined years.


Thank you so much for taking the time to come here and learn about everything that we’re doing and what we want to give you all and share with you all. We’re excited for the financial growth that is going to come for people throughout this process and the long-term relationships that we’re going to build with all of you.


Eventually once the coronavirus has gone down, we can get together and we’ll have live events and all kinds of stuff where you get to meet us, and we get to meet you, we get to shake your hand, we get to share in person, we get to mastermind together. We are so looking forward to it..


I’m just super excited about the future of what we’re doing and I’m super stoked to work with all of you. It’s going to be some great times! We’re creating something that’s going to last for a long time to help you guys grow for a long time and actually make a difference.


That’s the main part is to make a difference and actually help you become successful on your own. So you can manage and do all this stuff yourself. You’ll be in charge and you’ll be someone who can promote and build and sell whatever your heart desires and get the freedom that comes with it. Thanks again for reading or watching, and we will see you in our private members community!


Join The EmoneyPeeps business from home financial revolution, and let us share with you how to make money online the right way, the best way!


Click Here To Get Started Now


Please leave your comments below if you have any questions, or just say hi 🙂


Your Friends And Partners

Richard and John Weberg

Seely Clark IV

emoneypeeps make money online



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Richard And John Weberg in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in the infinity pool