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Do content creation courses work?

You may of heard the expression ‘content is king’, which is a phrase coined by the online community, because creating great content and sharing this on a website or on social media, has proven to generate better results for most online businesses.

So, we have decided to share with you a list of the best content creation courses online so you can convert your readers, followers and group members into an affiliate sale.

Search engines LOVE quality content too, in fact its one of the main ranking factors when it comes to sorting out the order of which piece of content should rank first and so on.

Content Creation For Your Business That Converts

One of the first questions we are asked is “How can content creation get better results for my business?”

There is no magic bullet to creating quality content.

However, we can guide you on how to create great content that converts, such as:

  1. improving your writing skills
  2. carrying out research
  3. setting conversational tone that sounds personal, rather than formal
  4. adding a touch of humor
  5. including emotion
  6. telling a story, perhaps of a life experience relating to the topic you are talking about
  7. how you should structure your content so that it flows
  8. tips on how to engage with your audience, including question based content
  9. the use of different media, such as video, images and infographics


If you prefer to look at something visual, we have put together this infographic that may help you before you decide to sign up to our content creation courses.

step by step guide to content creation


If your content creation can create better value than competing content in your field, you will attract and convert leads and customers into sales!

Our content creation course teaches you everything you need to get started, and its FREE!


What Type Of Content Should You Create?

There are many types of media you can use to improve your content.

This includes text, images, video, infographics, podcasts, charts, data and other graphics and all of these can be used to communicate your content to an audience.

Our content creation courses explain every media type that can be used in your content.

But where can you use all this media?

common types of content marketing


As you can see, there are so many options to think about in your content creation process!

Let’s break all these down for you.

Video Content Creation

Videos can really help build long-term relationships, loyalty and trust with your audience.

In fact, video content has fast become one of the most popular methods to communicate with potential customers, followers and subscribers.

Popular channels include YouTube, Vimeo and Viduber.

If writing isn’t really your ‘thing’, we can teach you how to create highly targeted and engaging videos if you enroll on one of our content creation courses TODAY.

Even a one or two minute video can have a BIG impact!

Did you know that by including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%?

Most online businesses use video as a marketing tool, and you should too.



We created this video as part of our marketing strategy that generated huge results!

If you found our ‘Affiliate Millionaire’ review interesting, you can sign up below.

Infographics Content Creation

Infographics have been around for a while now, and they are excellent at establishing brand authority if used correctly.

They also have a great chance at going viral because people love digesting small bites of information in this format, which is essentially what an infographic is – a combination of using text and graphics to communicate.

In fact, we have included one on this very page!

Longform/Evergreen Content Creation

Leveraging evergreen content in your marketing strategy is a key concept that can help you drive traffic and increase leads and conversions.

But what exactly is longform or evergreen content?

This blog post is long form content (almost 3000 words!) and it stays relevant to the topic which happens to be  ‘content creation courses’.

Our aim (and what we teach you in our course) is to keep your content as fresh and engaging so that visitors return time and time again.

evergreen content creation tips
Courtesy of


Evergreen content is commonly made up of tips, lists, reviews and media formats that we have already mentioned, such as video.

Raising questions and answering them as expertly as possible can help add authority in your content creation strategy.

Top 10 Lists & Checklists

We’re huge fans of making lists, because they help keep us organised!

They are incredibly useful for presenting a large amount of information into smaller segments that can then be digested easier.

For content creators (like you if you decide to sign-up to one of our FREE content creation courses) and marketers, it is a simple way of getting across an idea or list of items, such as ‘9 Ways to Convert Leads with an Online Blog‘ or something like that.

Think about this scenario. You’ve done a Google search for ‘ways to make money’, which result below would you rather click?

  • Make Money Online
  • 10 Best Ways To Make Money Online Fast

Its the second result right?

This is because humans have a short attention span, and will often ‘skim’ over text such like our example above.

This makes it much more appealing, and we strongly recommend you include some sort of listicle or checklist in your content creation methods.

listicle content creation courses

Content Creation for Email Marketing

Our free online content creation courses really go in-depth when it comes to email marketing!

We have been developing this kind of content for many years, and with our guidance, we’re sure that you can learn or improve in this area.


But what is email marketing?

Email marketing is essentially a form of communicating products and services that you are offering, and is often incentivized.

We don’t want to give all our secrets away in this blog post, but we can share with you some tips and tricks!

This includes:

  • Writing good subject lines
  • Ensuring text is clear and concise
  • Keeping it short but sweet
  • Showcasing benefits and features of your product or service
  • Personalizing your emails


But most importantly, with any email marketing campaign you should always add value and make sure it grabs your readers attention.

To find out more about how an effective email marketing strategy can help you generate wealth you’ve always dreamed about, simply sign-up below to get started (yes – it’s completely free!)


Social Media Content Creation

Lots of people make good money from social media, and this is based on creating quality content through engaging posts, creating stories, miming on Tok Tok or through making videos for YouTube.

A social media content creator (like us) is responsible for managing, editing and creating content, but also  communicates a brands ‘voice’ to their users and followers.

social media content creation tips


All too often we regularly see poor quality posts, or an unedited video that just doesn’t hit the right note.

These posts and videos usually get zero shares, likes or comments.

BUT, luckily for you, we have some very simple content creation processes to make your social media marketing campaign a success!

This includes:

  • How to source images, infographics and memes that could go viral
  • Creating short how-to videos promoting affiliate products with high conversion rates
  • Answering questions in groups to generate hot leads
  • Participating is polls and surveys
  • Joining worthwhile business networks you can promote to


Social media is an important platform that can be used as an effective method to promote products and services to.

We can show you how to do this in our free online content creation courses.

Content Creation Courses Online

What Content Creation Tools Can I Use?

Quality content trumps good content, that’s a fact, but what tools can be used to help you create content that sells?

Well, there are quite a few free content creation tools that you can use in your content plan, these include:

  • Spelling and grammar checking tools such as Hemingway Editor and Grammarly are  designed to keep your blog posts error-free.
  • Google Trends. A Data-driven tool that can be used to your advantage to visualise and discover topic trends.
  • Canva is a great free graphic creation tool that can be used to create beautiful posters, flyers, social media posts and hundred of other media types to boost your content,
  • A keyword explorer. A tool that is used to find relevant keywords and phrases that you can include in your content.
  • Unsplash. A free collection of images that can used across your content, including social media and blog posts.
  • A snipping tool. Most browsers have a built-in snipping tool that can help you edit content or grab screenshots to use in your posts.

Whatever kind of content you are trying to create, there are may resources to help you gets started.

If you want to learn more from content creation courses available at eMoneyPeeps, we are happy to answer of your questions, or you can sign-up below.


A Guide To Content Creation Software

Creating any content can be daunting, so it may help you cause to consider using content creation software in your approach.

This can cut down on research, writing, finding resources and editing.

We have handpicked a selection of content creation software to help you create text, graphics, video – and even audio (for podcasts)

Some you may not be familiar with, but you can always reach out to us for more information.

These are:

  • Ahrefs is a much loved SEO tool that can be used to find keywords, analyse competitors posts and research topics.
  • Google Documents. This suite of tools include a text editor, spreadsheets and flow charts that can assist you with any initial content creation plan or ideas.
  • Headline Analyzer. They say a headline sells stories, so why should your title be any different? A useful tool to grab the attention of you audience.
  • Google Analytics is a a powerful measurement tool that can analyse existing content, demographics and traffic.
  • Tailwind is social media content creation software used to schedule posts and analyse data.
  • Camtasia (other video software is available) is great for creating tutorials, walkthroughs and video.
  • removes backgrounds from images is a great alternative if you are unfamiliar with photoshop!
  • Answer the public. I love this website because it throws out questions that people are searching for. I use these whenever an FAQ section is required in a blog post.

An example of how works! before
before after
and after!


Content Creation for Beginners

If you haven’t had a chance to read all of the information around content creation – don’t panic!

We have put together a quick guide for beginners which summarizes everything in the post.

  1. Research a topic to talk about. Open up Google docs and write down your thoughts and ideas. Its good practice to write down something actionable to build from.
  2. Put together a content creation plan. Think about the type of content, your audience, and what platform you are thinking about publishing on (blogpost, social media, YouTube)
  3. Outsourcing. Its time to think about connecting with people who may be able to offer you some value that you can add to your new content. LinkedIn, Email and Messaging are great ways to connect with influencers or experts in your topic.
  4. Start writing. You should begin constructing your blog or social media post or setting up a video or podcast. Do this manageable chunks so you don’t burn yourself out!
  5. Add additional content using content creation tools and software. You should start to see things taking shape!
  6. Once everything has been structured and put together, you should read everything through to make sure it flows and has the potential to engage with your audience.
  7. Use Grammarly or Hemingway Editor to check for errors. There are other tools you can use to check SEO etc.
  8. Get a friend to read through your finished article!  Often overlooked, sometimes a fresh set of eyes may spot something you’ve missed.
  9. Publish! Once you are happy, you can now publish, upload, or post to your social media channels.


Of course there is a lot more you will need to do to make sure your content is quality.

We’ve designed our free content creation courses around years of experience to make sure you don’t waste your time making poor content.


content creation courses for beginners

Content Creation For YOUR Audience

Our content creation courses will teach you how to build trust with your audience, especially if you can offer them the best solution to their problems.

While someone is reading your blog post, or listening to a video, a few things are happening:

  • you’re seen as an authority
  • you’re seen as knowledgeable
  • you’re seen as someone to trust

Those 3 things are key for your audience, list, followers, or ANYONE that wants to buy or invest in your offers.

Think about it…

How often does someone see your funnel or sales page, and immediately thinks “Right, I’m ready to buy right now!

Almost never!

Usually your buyers and customers are people who…

  1. Are on your list for an extended period of time.
  2. Read through your content, videos, training.
  3. Build a relationship with you over time.

And blogging (content creation) enables you to do all of these thing simultaneously as well.

content creation for blogging

Using Our Content Creation Courses To Attract Customers

You need to start creating content ( not random content).

Centralized, easy to understand – content – that your audience is CRAVING.

Remember they want solutions to their problems.

The best way to do this while converting your list in order to get a lot more customers a lot faster, is to start your own blog now.

You can go here to start that process.

We’ll teach you how to customize and setup your entire web presence, so you can sell and offer any product or service that you desire.

Once you have a blog setup (even if you already do) you must create content based around solving your audiences problems through the methods mentioned throughout this post, but in particular:

  • How to articles & videos
  • Review articles & videos
  • Best articles


This type of content has buyer intent built into them, which means they ALREADY want and are willing to buy from you.

Use content creation to build my audience

Engaging Content Creation That Solves Problems

Continue posting and engaging to get THOUSANDS of free visitors (traffic) either once or twice a week, or if you can manage it, on a daily basis.

You need to post helpful and relatable content to your blog and content channels to maximize exposure.

Your audience has more then one need, and a lot of problems in whatever niche you’re in that they’re trying to solve.

The more of these problems you can solve with additional quality content…

The more you build great content and trust with your audience, the more they will keep on reading more of your content.

Keep this up, and over time and we can honestly say that this will have profound effect on your entire business.

Through our content creation course you will:

  • Attract leads
  • Gain more customers
  • Grab brand attention & recognition
  • and a ton more for your entire business.


All of which is necessary in order for you to grow your business successfully!

Please leave us a comment below if you have any questions or need help in anyway, or just say hi 🙂

With my kindest regards,

Jon Weberg




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