10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Solo Ads

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Solo Ads

In today’s featured article we will be covering the 10 most commonly asked questions we receive about solo ads. As email marketers ourselves we have used solo ads to build our own email list and income for well over a decade. Solo ads when used correctly can multiply ones profits very quickly, and build an email list at lightening speed.

We hope our answers to the most commonly asked questions about solo ads, helps you in your online marketing endeavors.


1. What are solo ads?

Solo ads are a marketing strategy to promote ones business offers that involves the sending of emails to a targeted list of people. The person or company sending the email on the advertisers behalf is known as a solo ad vendor or solo ad seller. The solo ad vendor has already cultivated and grown an email list or several of them, and they have gone into the business of selling email clicks – meaning they are sending other advertisers offers to their email list for a fee.


2. How do solo ads work?

Well as explained above, and here is a real life example. Lets say you are an affiliate marketer, or have your own products and you have something you want to sell, and your looking for a way to put your offer in front of people so they can buy it. So now you go and purchase a solo ad from a vendor, they sell packages by the click. Now lets say your purchased 500 clicks, what this means is the vendor is going to send your offer to their email list, with your link in it, and when 500 people have clicked on your link because they were interested in checking it out, the vendor will then shut your ad off.

The vendor uses a special tracking software like Clickmeter, that provides them with a rotating tracking link. This special link tracks accurately the number of people who have clicked on your link, and it tracks unique clicks versus repeat clicks from the same person. Only unique clicks are counted. Once your clicks have been reached the seller changes your link out of the rotating tracking link to another advertiser who still has clicks left or even to their own offer.

This is how they accurately control the number of clicks delivered through any email advertisement they send out to their list.


3. Do solo ads work for anyone and every business type?

No they do not. Solo ads work great for people that are in the following niches: make money online, work from home offers, multi-level-marketing, network marketing, business opportunities, and all related online marketing software and services that help people in those niches, meaning they are related in some way.

Example: you want to sell marketing courses, coaching programs, autoresponder software, make money flipping domains, or web hosting, eBooks on how to make money online or funnel builder software, etc, solo ads will work for you. Basically anything in the make money online and business opportunity niches, that teaches or helps people make more money online.

Physical product sales do not work well with solo ads, unless they are tied to a business opportunity of some kind.


4. How much do solo ads cost?

Solo ads like we explained earlier are sold by the click, they usually come prepackaged by a certain amount of clicks. Each solo ad vendor usually sets the packages they have available from 100 clicks or more, on up to the max they can deliver with their list.

Example Of Real Solo Ad Packages

Example Solo Ad Packages


They can cost anywhere from .40 cents a click on up to 1.50 a click or more depending on the solo ad vendor and the quality of their list. Once upon a time there use to be good quality niche specific ezines available (An electronic magazine, whether delivered via a Web site or an email newsletter), where you could mail their entire subscribers database for one set price. Not any real quality ezines available anymore, at least not to our knowledge. Ezine owners were kinda of the first true solo ad sellers.

Websites that promise to send your email ad to hundreds of thousands of people for 20 bucks, are not real solo ads, and are worthless. Stay away from any site that promises exuberant numbers for very little money. Even this offer we have highlighted in the image below, is way off base and will bring you almost no results, we know because we tested it twice.

example of exuberant solo ad claims


Over the years we have found that inflated numbers sound good, but when tested are not real solo ads. There sending your ad to safelist and mailers, not a genuine cultivated email list list that they own.

If you were to buy a true real solo ad to 1 million people, it would cost you BIG bucks, over 10K!


5. Are solo ads the same as safelist or mailers?

Absolutely not. A safelist or mailer is a membership website that consists of webmasters and affiliate marketers, most safelist (mailers) are free to join and use. It allows it’s members to exchange email ads with one another based on credits. That means that you would be able to email an advertisement to a certain amount of members based on the credits you have and in exchange you would agree to receive email ads from other members (this can mean hundreds of emails being sent to you everyday).

This also means you will need to click on links in email ads everyday to obtain the credits you need to be able to even send out an email yourself. Safelist do have optional upgrade options that will give you a certain amount of credits as part of your upgraded membership, so that you do not need to click as much.

This may sound okay in theory, but most people who join safelist are looking to get there offer seen, so they are only clicking on your advertisement to gain credits, not so much because they are interested in your offer.

So just because you join a safelist and even upgrade in it for that matter, there will not be a big boost to your actual conversions, you maybe lucky if you get one opt-in every time your allowed to mail, and you will get bombarded with emails every single day, and be clicking away to get credits. The only way we have seen them somewhat effective is when you join multitudes of safelist and religiously spend your time clicking for credits and mailing them every single day.

In comparison to true solo ads they can not compete, as an example – we could go and buy one solo ad from a quality vendor for $200 bucks and get 100 or more new opt-ins (potential customers) on our list in a matter of days, where is you could take the time to join 100 safelist and click for credits for hours and hours and mail them everyday and be lucky if you get 30 new opt-ins in an entire month. One of the other biggest downers with safelist is they are advertised as free to join, free to use and as a free method to get website traffic, so they tend to attract people, to be honest, who are more broke and down on their luck, so the rate of conversion from lead to customer is extremely low.

Do the math- spend $200 bucks get 100 or more potential customers in days, or spend hours and hours everyday, (and I mean everyday) clicking for credits and be LUCKY at the end of thirty days if you have 30 potential customers.

Add that up for a year. Based on only a $200 monthly advertising budget, you would gain over 1200 plus new potential customers in a year, versus safelist of 360 if your lucky. Multiplied out over 10 years (12,000 versus 3,600). This is the difference between those who are willing to invest in their business online, and those who do not, and why the ones that do invest in their business make WAY more money faster! I do not know about you, but I do not want to spend hours clicking away at my computer everyday. Money is leverage in this online game, use it to your advantage. A bigger budget will build your customer list much faster. You are either building a hobby or a business, it is your choice.


6. How do I make money with solo ads?

Number 1: Always use a lead capture page that is tied into an autoresponder. You want to use solo ads to build your own email list first and foremost. Never advertise directly a sales page, or a main affiliate offer link, you want to build an email list with solo ads. It does not matter if you have your own products and services for sale, or you are an affiliate marketer, always use a lead capture page as your link the solo ad vendor is sending out in their email ads.

If you do not know how to create a lead capture page, or have no idea even what an autoresponder even is, then join a system like this one here to lean on, meaning they will provide you with lead capture pages, and a step by step email marketing system as part of your membership. This is how years ago we first got started as well, as a beginner to email marketing, it is better to start with a done for you type of system, through the act of doing you will understand, and learn much faster, especially when you are walked through it step by step.

If your are more adventurous and especially if you have your own products or services, you can create your own lead capture pages and set up an email list through an autoresponder company like GetResponse that provides both an autoresponder and lead capture page builder.

Number 2: You will make money through the follow up process with your email list as you build it, and many of the people who get on your email list, will be with you for years to come as loyal customers. We have people that have been on our email marketing list for over 15 years, and literally buy almost everything we recommend. Send emails to your list on a regular basis, at least 4 to 5 times a week promoting your offers. The follow up is the key to making money online, and all successful businesses do this, including major retailers, like Walmart and Amazon.

Number 3: If your new to solo ads and first starting out, a 300-500 click campaign is a good start, you don’t want to blow all your money at once. This will provide you with some initial metrics on how well your lead capture page is doing without costing you too much money. You should be looking to get at least a 20% – 40% opt-in rate. If you are not, then you will want to tweak your lead capture page before running another solo ad. Always test before you scale.

Number 4: Use a Tripwire, imagine for a moment that you sell online courses. You offer a monster marketing course with dozens of videos, articles, and other assets, and it’s priced at $1,000.

That’s a lot of money for a consumer to spend with a company in which they have no prior experience of. If you haven’t been in business long as well, you might not have strong social proof or other ways to speed up conversions and overcome objections with your new leads immediately.

To incentivize conversions so you make some immediate return on your solo ad spends, you might create a mini-course (a tripwire) that supplements your primary course. It could include one or two short videos, a couple checklists, and a few articles.

Pricing this much smaller course at $20 or even a $5 trial makes the product far more attractive to new leads who do not know you at all yet. Most people are more willing to risk small amounts of money first until they get to know you and your business. Your follow up emails is what will help build the trust factor. It takes an average of a lead seeing your offer 7 to 10 times before they will purchase from you or join you in some endeavor. EBooks make great tripwires as well.

Number 5: Scale your income, by sticking to an advertising budget and keeping the leads flowing in, and as you make more money scale your income through bigger solo ad purchases, using your profit to do so. This is how you can build a 6+ figure income online very quickly.


7. Do solo ads work?

Absolutely, when you follow the guidance we have laid out in this article. If you are using an effective lead capture page that has a decent opt-in ratio, and are following up with your email list regularly you will make sales, and the bigger your list grows the more potential sales you can make. Solo ads are effective and can help you build a high converting email list very fast.

As the saying goes “You can lead a horse to water but you can not make it drink” and we can not make you follow up with your email list on a consistent basis, you have to do that. Email marketing is the highest medium for conversion that exist online, because you can follow up with people on a regular basis. Doing so, builds like, know and trust, which is very important for turning leads into sales.

Put it this way, if your making any sales now without any follow up, once you implement email marketing and follow up with your list consistently 4 to 5 times a week you will 1000X your sales. Think about this as well, and ask your self this question: what is the one thing every type of platform, system, company wants from you in order to use their services..? It is your email address.


8. Are solo ads worth it?

Let me rephrase the question: are solo ads worth buying? Well, if you want a consistent flow of leads for your business, and like having customers, then yes they are definitely worth it!

With solo ads, once you have dialed in your opt-in page, and your follow up (conversion process) with your leads, you can turn a $200 ad spend into $2000.00. Take the time to learn email marketing and offer a range of product price points, and your email list will become your most important money producing asset.

Leads are the core for any business whether offline or online, if you have no leads viewing your products or services, you will make no sales. Advertising even as an affiliate marketer will be your biggest budget spend. Think about this: in the off line business world a company like Walmart has the most leads walk through their doors, so it has the most customers that walk out of it. It is all effectively advertising your business and reaching as many people as possible. The more leads that come in through your lead capture page, the more customers you will get through your email follow up.


9. Do solo ads still work in 2021?

As long as there is email, solo ads will work and be effective. The bigger the internet has become, the more email marketing works, because there are more people with an email address. People read their emails every single day it is a habitual habit. So yes, solo ads work in 2021 and they will work long into the future as we do not see email going anywhere.

Seriously, do not just take our word for it. There have been many independent studies, year after year, confirming this, with no change in sight.

Facts are, according to a study by ExactTarget, 77% of people who buy stuff online prefer to get marketed to by email. That’s most likely the reason that 89% of professional online marketers say that email is their main way of generating leads and sales.

Or it could be the fact that email has an average ROI of $42 for each $1 spent.

does solo ads still work - email marketing


10. Where are the best places to buy solo ads?

Before We give you our best recommendations, we will share a few places where you should NOT buy solo ads from.

One of those places is Fiverr, you can read more as to why here.

Another platform you should avoid is Facebook. If you have people who you do not know sending you Facebook private messages asking you to buy their solo ads, DON’T, no matter what they promise you.

We know you can get almost anything from FaceBook, but there are scammers all over the place.

Now, there are legit solo ads companies that do list their businesses on Facebook.

However, when buying from a person that you do not know, there is no quality control that ensures delivery after payment or that they are a legit real solo ad seller, so it is better to stay away from it all together, until you can recognize a scam from the real deal.

If you get fake clicks and bots from a person on Facebook or Fiverr, you can’t get your money back.

Lastly stay away from solo ad offers giving you exuberant claims of reach, meaning if a site says they will deliver your solo ad to 1 million people, the price better match up. Your not going to buy a real solo ad to 1 million people for under ten thousand dollars, understand? People who have cultivated a real email list of 1 million people will not be selling cheap ads to their email list, their list is EXTREMELY valuable to them.

Best Places To Buy Real Solo Ads

1. Traffic Authority – You can read our full traffic Authority review.

2. MLM Leads

3. Udimi Platform

4. Trafficforme


In Conclusion

Throughout the years we have bought solo ads from many vendors and individual sellers. We have learned to test, track and analyze our data from all of our solo ad purchases. Through our rigorous testing we have learned the best places to buy solo ads from and the places to stay away from.

One of the easiest ways to know when a solo ad purchase has been good, is to send several follow up emails to your new subscribers right afterwords and if nobody opens your emails or clicks on any of the links in your follow up emails, you will know not to buy from that source again.

In the advertising world there can be many scammers looking to take your money, make sure and stay away from exuberant claims, quality advertising cost money, there is no way around it. Of course every entrepreneur or business wants to save as much as they can on their expenses, but falling for extremely hyped up claims because it looks so cheap, will only cost you anguish.

We really hope this “10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Solo Ads” article has been extremely helpful to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂

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