What is High Ticket Sales? (You Will Want To See This!)

How To Do High Ticket Sales For Beginners & Experts Alike

What is High Ticket Sales?

High ticket sales can bring you big profit regardless of the industry or niche you are in.

Is making high ticket sales something that interests you?

If so, follow, we have put together a guide so you can learn how to profit from high ticket sales.

what are high ticket sales

The first step is to research the current high ticket products/services in your niche.

This will allow you to assess how much money affiliates are making by promoting them, and which commission rates they offer for referring buyers.

Carrying out extensive research may give you an idea of how profitable high ticket sales can be for affiliates like me and you.

For example, if your niche includes online marketing (like us) or health coaching programs, high ticket commissions could range anywhere between 60% – 75%, while the average affiliate commission ranges between 20%-50%.

Once you’ve done some research, it’s time to create your high ticket landing pages

The high ticket affiliate products you are promoting will likely need high quality high ticket landing pages because they often require high value offers and high value services.

Make sure your high ticket landing page has a clear call to action (CTA), which tells the visitor exactly what they should do upon arriving on the page.

Don’t assume that someone knows what you want them to do next; tell them!

High ticket affiliate commissions can be very appealing to marketers who generate leads or sell online courses/services with recurring billing.

At this point, you’re ready to make high ticket sales through affiliates!

High Ticket Sales For Beginners

Over the years there has been a growing interest by businesses to learn how to do high ticket sales for beginners and experts alike.

Many businesses are considering getting into high ticket sales because of the drastic increases in profit and ROI that can be made.

High ticket sales have many benefits including higher profit margins, increased customer retention, and being able to offer a higher level of customer service.

Because of the new and growing interest in this topic, we want to walk you through EXACTLY how to do high-ticket sales regardless of past experience.

We’ve found that by following the right sales strategies, you’ll be able to sell high ticket products and services efficiently.


what is high ticket sales about


What Is High Ticket Closing?

High ticket closing is the action of selling high ticket products or services to a lead or customer.

A “high ticket sale” is a sale of any product or service that costs $1,000 or more.

To truly define what high ticket sales is, all you have to do is look at the top tier pricing of products and services in your niche.

While high ticket items may be infrequent in comparison to low-ticket items, they represent a significant opportunity for revenue growth.

Let’s take a look at na example.

If you sell 500 low-ticket items at $20 each and 10 high-ticket items at $1000 each, your total revenue from sales will be $10,000 either way.

But as in the second example you had to sell way less items to arrive at $10,000 in sales.

10 items versus 500 is a huge difference and the requirement of way less customers to arrive at the same revenue.

So, you sell custom made baseball bats, and the highest pricing in the marketplace for a competitor of yours is $2000, then they set the standard for what “high ticket” means in your industry.
High Ticket Sales vs Ordinary Affiliate Sales

High Ticket Sales Business vs Ordinary Affiliate Sales

It really isn’t, and that’s the biggest misconception that most entrepreneurs and businesses can not wrap their head around.

One of the biggest reasons why high ticket sales isn’t much different from normal or low ticket sales, is because the same sales and marketing fundamentals apply no matter what you’re selling – and no matter what price point you’re selling it at.

The biggest difference with high-ticket sales is your making way more money with less customers, and when you get the marketing right, your business should have an increased bottom line with less expenses.

Some will question… “If I charge more, won’t less people buy?”

Let’s take a look from a sales perspective by asking different questions.

What type of customers do you want to attract to your business?

Often business owners are focusing on getting more customers, instead of getting high quality customers.

When you focus on getting higher paying quality customers, you will drastically increase your customer retention.

Why does this happen in high ticket sales and why is it important to understand?

There is a well known fact in sales, that it takes multiple times more money to acquire a new customer, then it does to retain an old one. 

Therefore, by getting smaller amounts of high ticket customers .vs. larger amounts of low ticket customers, you’re going to make more profit.

The reason for this is that high ticket customers usually retain for longer.

Higher customer retention at a higher profit margin beats out low quality / low paying customers who aren’t loyal.

Here is an example of this:

The average McDonald’s restaurant takes in around $2.7 million a year in sales.

The average McDonald franchise owners only pull in an estimated yearly profit of roughly $150,000.

A profit of $150,000 after $2.7 million in sales isn’t even 6 percent, but after food cost, building cost, supplies, crew payroll, and about a dozen other costs handed down by corporate, that’s what franchises are left with.

How much does a McDonald franchise cost to get started?

The initial investment is between $1 million and $2.2 million.

We know bloggers and affiliate marketers who profit $150,000 or more MONTHLY.


High Ticket Sales vs Low Ticket Sales

Well it is pretty straight forward, McDonald’s is very low ticket, and extremely low profit margins, with tons of customer acquisition cost.

It will take The average McDonald’s franchise owner about 14 years just to cover their initial investment of getting started not to mention any ongoing costs!

Yet, you can start a blog or get into affiliate marketing for about $1000 bucks, and choose to sell both low and high ticket items that have way higher profit margins and make more money than a McDonald’s franchise owner.

This is the power of high ticket sales.

Disclaimer: Now there is no guarantee of success or that you will earn $150,000 monthly like some very successful bloggers and affiliate marketers do, but there are no guarantees of success with a McDonald’s franchise either, thousands have failed and closed, and they had over a million dollars on the line.

The whole point of showing these extreme examples, is to show how an entrepreneur or business can make a whole lot more money with higher ticket sales and how a franchise owner even with a company like McDonald’s really does not make as much money as most people might think because their all low ticket sales.

Think about how many people go into a McDonald’s restaurant every single day, yet the franchisee can make so little money in comparison.

High Ticket Sales example

A Deeper Look Into High Ticket Sales

How you differentiate your business when selling high ticket, is in the quality, value and experience you are providing with your products or services.

A customer might pay more, but over all the quality will be much higher and or the product or service you are selling might solve a bigger problem for the customer, and is worth more to them, hence you can charge a higher price.

Why some consultants may charge $10,000 a month and some may charge $10,000 an hour or more! The difference?

The perception of you, the company, and the product or service being offered and the value it holds or problems it solves for the customer.

(Just like how Nike’s Jordan’s cost 5x-100X of what Walmart shoes cost)

why do high ticket sales


Why do high ticket sales?

Whether you’re getting organic traffic or using paid ads, with high ticket sales it enables you to have an extremely high ROI. Think about the numbers alone needed if you wanted to make $100,000 a month. You would have to sell, 1,000 – $100 products in order to get there.

Now imagine… If you’re selling something for $1000 or $10,000.

At $1000 it would only take 100 people to buy your product and even easier yet, at $10,000 it would only take 10 people to hit your goal. So high ticket sales are truly the secret to unlocking next level ROI for any business, ad campaign, affiliate, or solo-preneur.

However, in your following and business you WILL have a lot of people who can’t afford the higher ticket side of things. So of course, you will still want some lower ticket products and services to offer them as well. This will ensure you are able to see the highest profit possible by having low, medium, and high ticket products and services available.

You don’t need to be a sales professional to get started or do better.

Anyone can learn, how to do high ticket sales for beginners and experts alike.

Need help?

Pop your details below and we can offer you guidance to high ticket sales success!

How To Make High Ticket Sales

How To Make High Ticket Sales?

This depends on the amount you’re actually charging for your products and services.

Often it’s been found and proven that you can sell just about any product or service without needing human interaction (calls, zoom calls, live video, messaging) if the price of the product is below $2,000.

So if you’re offering a high ticket product or service below $2,000, you in most cases can run a good lead funnel to what you’re offering.

You may use a low or medium priced item as the lead in for higher ticket.

Something that goes along with or compliments the first offer.

This is known as an upsell, when you get this right you can increase your bottom line by leaps and bounds.

You test your marketing funnel process until you get it right.

A good CRM & funnel builder will aid you well in this process. We have also used live and pre-recorded webinars for high ticket sales of up to 3k.

However, if you’re charging anywhere above $2,000 – it’s highly recommended for your high ticket sales process to have some human interaction in it, and to use a pre-qualifying process before the human interaction begins, such as using an application or form for your leads to fill out ahead of time.

This would then tell you if the lead is qualified for you to spend more time with in person, on the phone, or in a live zoom call, etc.


The High Ticket Sales Process

You have an opt-in page (Lead capture page) that gathers the prospects information so you can follow up with them via your autoresponder or CRM and direct them through the rest of the sales process.

Your first sales page would then have a low or medium priced item as the lead in for higher ticket, if they purchase, they would then be taken to your upsell (if below $2000) that is related to the first product or services they bought.


How To Sell On The Phone or How To Sell On A Zoom Call

If over $2000 they would be taken instead to your form or application page specifying your upsell offer, and if they are interested they would fill it out and submit it, so you can decide based on the information they provide you with, if you should spend more time with them on a call or something.

You could also as an option send them from the form after they submit it to another page where they can book a call on your calendar to see if they are a fit for the product or service you’re offering them. (VSL sale page / Book a call page)

From there, of course you meet with your customer at the designated day and time and start the conversation… (and close the high ticket sale)

Getting On A Call To Close A Customer

Once you have the prospect or potential client on the phone, it’s your time to shine and close the sale.


Your job during your high ticket sales conversations is to do these few things:

  • Ask questions so you better understand their needs and wants.
  • Ask clarifying questions to dive deeper into what they truly desire.
  • Relate / demo / illustrate how and why you are able to solve those problems or give them the solutions they need.
  • Give the pitch and close the clients on why you and your solutions are the single and sole business they should work with.
  • Ask if they’ll pay with a credit card or crypto 😉


Selling on the phone shouldn’t be “selling” per say.

Selling high ticket sales and high ticket products and services should be like having a conversation with a friend.

You’re going to hear from many “gurus” and “master sellers” that you have to say the right things, at the right times, otherwise you’ll lose the client.

This is entirely false. What will determine whether or not you lose a client, is if the client believes or doesn’t believe you actually care about them.

Your client needs to know without a doubt that you have the solutions to their problem, or will give them the results they desire.

If they do not believe this, they will not buy, plain and simple. Learn to build rapport and trust quickly with your customers.

how to be yourself in sales

Always make sure to listen and hear clearly what your client is wanting or needing.

A client can talk themselves into buying, if you do all of the talking they are not buying.

Your clients and customers are the people you depend on to purchase your goods and pay for your services.

Without them, your business would quickly collapse.

In short, the success of your business depends on having good rapport and listening to what your client wants and needs.

I once sold for Frank Kern. In fact, at the time I was the #1 salesperson Frank Kern had, out of 6 sales people on his team. And the #1 sole reason on WHY I was able to outsell everyone on the sales team.

Is because I was genuine, actually cared, and showed how I cared to our clients.

I listened and identified what they wanted.

Why does this work?

It’s the #1 sales factor in all business.


Why People Buy Into High Ticket Sales

“People don’t buy products and services, people buy people” – Jon Weberg

Yes, of course you’ll find that people do buy what they need and want.

They buy food, toilet paper, brands, and from companies all the time out of whim. But almost ALWAYS

what makes people buy in sales conversations

A #1 brand in their mind that they’ve built a connection with over and over again and whom they NEVER will sway to the competition for.

That #1 brand, company, or product – in some way built an actual connection to the person and what they desire / and don’t want as well.

People buy feelings. People buy real. People buy genuine.

And most importantly, people STICK to these things. They abandon what doesn’t serve them well.


How To Sell High Ticket Products And Services

You’ll need in total the following in order to sell well with any high ticket product or service.

  • A high ticket sales process / funnel – for your leads to go through
  • A zoom call / phone call / direct 1 on 1 human connection and communication – with the lead
  • A general process or template for questions and idea you’ll walk through live with the client – done with the lead
  • A good heart, and mind that cares for people.


Other then that, we hope you enjoyed this article on “How To Do High Ticket Sales For Beginners & Experts Alike” and that the information we have provided to you will help you include high ticket sales into your marketing strategy so you can have a more profitable business.

(Coming from the top closer and high ticket salesman for one of the most successful consultants and marketers in the world)


High Ticket Business FAQS

If you want to get big payments then these additional FAQS and answers should help you learn more.


Is selling software or SaaS a good high ticket sales business?

Yes, you can earn a great living through selling high-ticket products such as software.


When I’m selling high-ticket items, do I have to do it on the phone?

No, you can be a person closing high ticket in person, on a video call, through text, and through messaging.


Should I give my prospect a checkout page to close them?

Yes, you need to close all prospects over the phone via sending them to a checkout page of some kind. This way you can immediately tell when a purchase has, or hasn’t, been made. High ticket is done right in intimate situations. Make sure you always charge the original ticket price for anything you’re selling, even if your customer thinks it’s to high.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂


With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg

Richard Weberg



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  1. I know that talking to prospects is important but not my cup of tea if you know what I mean, do you have a program you recommend for beginners to make money online and doesn’t require talking to prospects?
    Terry Johnson

    1. Yes, we recommend for you to learn email marketing my friend, click here and you will be taken to a page, where you can sign up for an email marketing challenge. You will learn email marketing and how to start marketing and promoting online. This is a great place for you to start as a beginner.

    1. You would be learning how to sell through building an email list. As you build your email list, you can choose to sell multiple products and services my friend. You will learn how, which is the most important thing.

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