How To Get Solo Ads That Convert Into Sales Every Time

Solo Ads That Convert Into Sales Every Time

If you’ve been wondering about the #1 alternative lead source and how it works, then you have arrived at the right place!

Finding & being able to get solo ads that convert into sales for your business – is a growing interest for more and more online businesses. You may have noticed that standard advertising platforms have a variety of issues plaguing them right now.

With most social media ads…

  1. Costs are at an all time high
  2. Bot traffic & fake traffic is at an all time high
  3. Competition is at an all time high

These 3 key factors should be warning signs that you need to find a new traffic and lead source. Solo ads have risen to the occasion & eliminated all of these social media ad problems.

However, getting solo ads to convert is a skill in itself as well. Which is why you’re reading this now, so you can learn how to get your solo ads to convert with ease!


What Defines A Solo Ad That Will Convert?

With any advertising or lead source, getting the traffic to actually generate you sales is always the main concern. Why is this? It’s because with any form of advertising, there are a variety of important factors that will dictate 3 important fundamentals….

  • Lead quality: Your advertising will bring in actual customers, if you have a high quality of lead. But, what is a high quality lead? It is a lead that wants, can afford, and that needs – the products and services you’re offering them. If they don’t fit into any of those 3 categories… They most likely will not buy no matter what! Make sure you focus on generating quality leads with any solo ad purchase.
  • Lead cost: The cost per lead you’re paying is crucial in any advertising space. If the leads you’re paying for are at a cost that is far above what your budget will allow, then you can’t scale your business profitably or properly. You also don’t want to invest in leads or traffic that is to cheap. Often, this traffic is of a bad quality, or contains large amounts of fake leads / clicks.
  • Conversion: Your marketing & follow up communication with customers after they become a lead – is crucial for your solo ads to convert. This means that your sales process, email follow up and copywriting, should be at the highest quality possible. This will ensure that your solo ads are generating customers regularly. Marketing matters just as much as advertising does!

What Defines A Solo Ad That Will Convert

These 3 factors are going to dictates how well your solo ads convert.

This means that you need to make sure you’re optimizing all of the marketing that goes into the conversion process. What turns your leads into customers, is almost more important than how you’re generating the leads!

Now that you understand what defines a solo ad that will convert, how do you actually get your solo ads to convert at massive scale?


How To Get Solo Ads That Convert Into Sales

It’s what you need in order for your business to scale, so let’s go through it!

Getting solo ads to convert properly is easy to do, once you understand what elements of solo ads you can control & optimize. Each of these aspects of purchasing solo ads needs to be met in order for your solo ads to be able to be ran profitably.

As we already went through, the 3 factors that dictate solo ads profits are your; lead quality, lead cost, conversion. How can we optimize these metrics and ensure a successful solo ad campaign?

  1. Be selective in who you buy solo ads from. Yes! As there are hundreds to thousands of solo ad vendors online, you need to be careful in who you purchase solo ads from. This, will help you manage & improve the lead quality generated from solo ads you purchase.
  2. Haggle and make a deal on pricing. This can’t always be done, but when it can, you can save yourself a lot of lead cost! Often with solo ads you pay per click or pay per lead. Because of this, you should reach out to the solo ad vendors you’re interested in purchasing from, & ask if they have any deals or discounts available. This can help you manage lead costs. You can optimize and decrease lead costs by shopping at different solo ad vendors with better prices as well. (Don’t go to cheap however!)
  3. Optimize your sales process and follow up. To ensure your solo ads convert every time, you need to optimize your marketing. Both your sales process and follow up process, are responsible for the conversion you’re seeing. (The % of your leads that become customers)

How To Get Solo Ads That Convert Into Sales

Make it a priority to optimize & manage these 3 aspects of solo ads, and you’ll be able to get solo ads that convert into sales every time!

Solo ads convert so well, they even do well for selling high ticket digital marketing.


When Should You Consider Buying Solo Ads?

While solo ads have gained popularity and are a great proven to convert source of leads & customers, not everyone should buy solo ads!

Why not? It depends… If you run a “larger business” doing $100,000 or more per month in profit, then most likely solo ads won’t be the best option for you.

When you’re at that level of scale, social media ads are going to be your go to form of advertising. However, if you’re making anything below $100,000 in profit per month, then solo ads should be an option for you to test!

When Should You Consider Buying Solo Ads

Yes, before you go all in on solo ads that convert, you need to run multiple tests to see if they will convert with your offer. By performing multiple solo ad tests and running these leads to your offers, you’ll understand how profitably this form of advertising can be for your business.


Who Should You Buy Solo Ads From?

When you’re choosing who to buy solo ads from, you should only purchase from quality solo ad vendors.

While solo ads typically contain quality leads who are ready to purchase your goods and services, there are some bad solo ad vendors to stray away from.

If you notice a solo ad vendor has obnoxiously low prices when compared to other solo ad vendors, then stay away! Most likely they’re selling lower quality leads who won’t convert into sales for your business.

Who Should You Buy Solo Ads From

Want to know what defines a good solo ad vendor? Here’s a comprehensive list of attributes to look for…

  • Large amount of quality positive reviews. Any solo ad vendor you’re wanting to buy from, must have quality reviews from a large quantity of people to be considered.
  • Low amount of negative reviews. Sometimes you’ll stumble upon a solo ad vendor who has good reviews, with a mix of bad ones. If the bad review count is to high, move on to the next!
  • Middle to higher prices when compared to the market average, is a green light! You should consider buying solo ads from vendors who charge a decent to higher price.
  • Do your research, and learn specifics about the solo ads vendor. You want to learn more about the solo ad vendor in order to identify if they’re a real entity, are knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

By following this solo ads buying guide, you’ll increase the chance you’ll buy a quality solo ad from a quality solo ad vendor. Use your own discretion, and think carefully.

If you truly believe in solo ads being a superior form of advertising, you can also become a solo ads reseller for most solo ad vendors. As a solo ads reseller you can offer other people only the best solo ads that convert after you’ve tested which solo ads are the best.

Solo Ad Platforms We Buy From

These solo ad services get our highest recommendation. We have been buying solo ads from them for years, as they have the highest converting solo ads.

1. Udimi

2. Traffic Authority

3. Heavy Hitter Leads

4. TrafficForMe

5. MLM Leads


Final Thoughts On How To Get Solo Ads That Convert

Solo ads have became a staple in advertising! Regardless of the niche or industry you serve, there is a a solo ad provider out there ready to deliver high quality leads to your business! (And potentially a large amount of customers as well)

We recommend that you take your time and do consider the pros and cons of solo ads that convert. Of course, use of your own discretion and thoughts are important in deciding what is right for your business.

If you have any other comments, questions, or thoughts you want to share about solo ads – feel free to comment them below!


With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg

Richard Weberg

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