Multiple Income Funnel Review – Is This Income System Legit?

Multiple Income Funnel Review 2022

Multiple Income Funnel Review – Legit or Scam?

You’ll find online a large variety of different “money making systems” claiming they’re the best at helping you grow and build an online business from home.

The majority that you find are going to be failures that keep you frustrated and unable to scale your lifestyle or income.

Among the numerous opportunities out there, we’ve found that Multiple Income Funnel (MIF) created by Mack Mills is a true diamond in the rough.

Multiple Income Funnel Review

But, what should you honestly expect from Multiple Income Funnel?

Because over the years most companies and systems like MIF have either…

  1. Failed miserably
  2. Maintained and faded from spotlight
  3. Became HUGE and run mainstream now. (One example of this would be List Leverage)

We’ve taken a look at the MIF testimonials, income generated, and results made by the people using and following the system.

From what we’ve gathered, Multiple Income Funnel can be extremely profitable for those who follow the system, use it and work it.

We’re going to go through a complete Multiple Income Funnel review so you can really discover for yourself if MIF is going to be a great way for you to possibly have a business from home that has the potential to bring in a regular and profitable cash flow.

Before we go over more on what multiple income funnel is, we wanted to let you know about our FREE affiliate marketing course you can join which teaches you how to make money from promoting like this through an email list, website or blog.

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What Is Multiple Income Funnel?

Multiple Income Funnel review is a system that allows you to build your own lead & customer generating business, using affiliate marketing.

There are many other similar programs online like it, but MIF is among the best in the industry by far.

There is one Multiple Income Funnels alternative that’s called List Leverage that is similar in comparison. (see also Affiliate Millionaire)

MIF is also a way or system that someone can use to build multiple affiliate income streams from multiple companies.

Each of these companies have been a longstanding affiliate company for over 10 years as well.

You’ll find that the multiple income funnel system is easy to follow as well. They have screen share videos that walk you through every step.

what is multiple income funnel

Through each step you follow, you’re going to either join or setup an income stream for you to earn affiliate commissions from.

By the end of setting up the entire multiple income stream funnel, you’ll have setup a system that will earn you commissions on each opportunity you decided to join and use.

We hope that this rest of this article will highlight how this program can help you make money online.


How Does Multiple Income Funnel Work?

This make money online system works by allowing you to follow a pre-made proven system that guides you through setup of a complete sales funnel with multiple income opportunities built into it (Basically, your own affiliate business without the hassles of creating anything yourself or a bunch of choices to make). It even walks you through how to get traffic without having to PM others.

Your first step is to sign up here. Once registered, you will complete 4 simple steps.

None of these steps are difficult, and every step has a short explanation video.

Multiple income funnel 4 simple steps

Mack Mills does his best job to explain why each of the income streams is necessary and how to join them. Each part of the MIF system has a purpose for your business you’re setting up with MIF.

The rest of this review will explain more about how MIF works and functions.


How To Sign Up To Multiple Income Funnel?

Step 1. Join the Multiple Income Funnel private Facebook group

Step 2. You will set up 4 income streams, one of which is your purchase of the MIF system itself for $49.00 monthly or 399.00 yearly, you save $189.00 by paying yearly.

Basically what your paying for is all of the hard work in programming that went into creating the entire system for people that duplicates Mack Mills own successful funnel.

You will need to create nothing your self, it is all done for you.

The other three income streams inside that you will join if your not already a member of any of them are: Traffic Authority, Power Lead System and Textbot. All of which are very well known products.

Multiple income funnel 4 income streams


Step 3. Once you join and add your ids in place for the income streams, you will then setup your ewallet for getting paid commissions from the MIF product.

This is very easy to do, and will allow you to get paid, by direct deposit to your bank account, wire transfer, in Bitcoin, or to a prepaid card. Several options for you to choose from in the ewallet.

Step 4. Is a walk-thru of your back office and explanation of how everything works, and what to do next.


After finishing the last step, you’ll be able to start driving traffic to your Multiple Income Funnel affiliate links in order to generate your own multiple income streams. Because this system is so efficient and precise. You’ll eventually have a consistent flow of traffic.

Let’s continue on so you can finish up learning about this system.


How Do You Promote Multiple Income Funnels

Many people are searching for how to become a part of Multiple Income Funnels as an affiliate or network marketer. If you want to promote multiple income funnels, you simply need to follow their sign up process.

By signing up as a paid member of MIF, you’ll get access to all of the affiliate marketing income streams and be able to promote the software and system.

From our knowledge, only people who pay to become a member of this system and access their marketing and sales education, are able to promote Multiple Income Funnels.


How To Make Money With Multiple Income Funnel?

After you’ve setup your MIF system, you’ll be able to earn commissions and sales, by referring others to pay and use the services offered by the companies inside.

It’s a very simple and easy process to actually walk through.

You setup the system, follow the guidance and promotional strategies, and then run traffic to your own links that have been created for you.

They make it easy to run traffic to your links, as one of the income streams inside the set up is Traffic Authority, one of the best traffic providers online.

Here are a few examples of the promotional pages you will be provided with, there are many more as well.

Multiple income funnel lead pages


Multiple Income Funnel is one of the most affordable systems you can use, especially when it comes to being able to truly earn multiple different incomes streams and commission from several companies at once.

MIF has created a system where you can earn from 4+ income streams and companies at once!

This is great, because it means that you’ll be able to have an even larger profit when you refer members, when compared to a system that only builds 1 or 2 income streams at a time.


Multiple Income Funnel Support & Training

Multiple Income Funnel also provides weekly training and other resources to help you make money and grow your new affiliate business online.

All you do is click on the resources tab in your top menu inside your members area, and that will bring you to the resource links and training call links.

They have excellent support.

Multiple income funnel resources and training


Now, after reading this full Multiple Income Funnel review you might be thinking to yourself, will MIF scale? Meaning, will MIF allow you to scale your income in an efficient and profitable way?

That all depends on your work ethic, ability to follow the system, and more.


How Much Does Multiple Income Funnel Cost?

The total cost for Multiple Income Funnel varies.  The cost depends on how many of the income streams you participate in, as you do not have to participate in all of them.

The main cost you will need to pay to be able to even participate in MIF is either the $49 monthly or paying it at $399.00 yearly, again if you pay yearly you save: $189.00.

The other products inside of MIF are all up to you, and have varying price points to be a full participant in all of them.

Multiple Income Funnel Cost


They are all really great products and will serve you well in your endeavors to make money online, no matter what you are promoting.

As an example, we use Traffic Authority all of the time, they have some really great tools, like their Traffic Optimizer product which includes tracking for your links and a rotator for split testing your offers, as well as a full blown page creator.

We also buy traffic from them every month for many of our other offers.


You’ll find that you can setup , get accounts at, and earn from ALL of the income streams inside of MIF, and the cost will vary depending on how you want to use these products.

And just like any good business idea you get into, they will have cost associated with them, its up to you to decide which risk you take. There is no guarantees in life.

You can check them all out inside your members area, and investigate cost in each one at a time, and join them when you are ready or have learned a bit and made a few commissions from Multiple Income Funnel itself.

Just realize you will not earn commissions on the other products until you have purchased their basic product packages.

Yes, it’s a small barrier of entry in the world of having your own business, for some the barrier of entry will be too high.

The good thing is, that it’s at a price point that keeps out tire kickers and people who aren’t serious about building a real online business.

Once you go through and setup the system, your only last step is to drive traffic to your OWN system, which they show you exactly how to do, through both paid and free traffic. Click here to learn more.

We’ve done our best to make this Multiple Income Funnel review as thorough as possible with as many facts about the system included.


Always remember you need to take your business seriously. When developing a digital income stream, it’s going to take an investment. Without investment, there is no other way to grow and scale your income.

Be prepared and know you’re setting up your own business while going through the multiple income funnel system.


How To Join Multiple Income Funnel Affiliate Program

It’s a pretty simple process to follow if you want to join Multiple Income Funnel review as an affiliate or as a member. You can go to this link here to join and get started: Join MIF and Learn More

The MIF affiliate program commission structure has been designed in a very profitable manner.

You’ll be able to earn from multiple different companies a varying level of commissions percentages.


On average, for every sales or customer referred to any company inside of MIF, you’ll make around 50% in commissions. If someone successfully purchases the products that you have referred, your potential commissions could be anywhere from $100 – $1,000’s generated.

This is why MIF can perform so well for some people. You’re able to earn with 4+ income streams at once.

Now, your success is not guaranteed in any way or form.

Your success can only determined by yourself and your ability to follow the system. Only you can determine how much you earn, the system is set up for maximum results, but if you do not do the work, expect to earn nothing.


Multiple Income Funnel Mack Mills CEO

The CEO of Multiple Income Funnel is Mack Mills. He’s a serial multi 6 – potential 7 figure earning online marketer and entrepreneur.

Mack has been in the online marketing business for years and has earned generous commissions and sales in many different very notable companies.

From our interaction with Mack, he is a very generous and open person who cares about the people who surround him.

Most importantly, Mack truly cares about his members, affiliates, and people who follow / use his systems. He loves to travel and always has a pair of sunglasses on.

mack mills picture

In this picture above you see Mack Mills next to a couple cars near where he lives.

This income funnel program is truly one of a kind and Mack has done a great job designing it. The ability to funnel multiple income streams is what makes it so special


Where Is The Multiple Income Funnel Website?

If you want to find the MIF website or system, you’ll want to go right here.

It’s the easiest way to get more information or possibly join.

You’re going to learn more details about how MIF works, how it functions, and how you can potentially benefit from using the Multiple Income Funnel review system yourself.

The website covers and goes through how Multiple Income Funnel works and why you should become one of their users. The website has been professionally designed as well.

Multiple Income Funnel Website

Here above is a ad example for the Multiple Income Funnel website.


Is Multiple Income Funnel A Scam?

You’ll find that Multiple Income Funnel is NOT a scam.

MIF is a real system that gives anyone the ability to setup and potentially earn commissions from a variety of different companies and income streams. It is NOT a pyramid scheme.

While Multiple Income Funnel review is new, there has been several thousand people already who have joined and who have tested the system successfully and seen measurable results. And that’s what you should be after if you’re looking to generate an income with something like the Multiple Income Funnel system.

You have to be in the mindset to build a REAL online business for yourself that has the capability to generate you a real income. (As long as you follow the guidance, and setup the system)

That’s the reality of any program, system, tool, etc in the entire world. Things only “work” when you work them. Especially in the online business world, the more you work and follow already proven guidance, that faster that you can see some great results no matter what your background or past experience is.

This is how someone who buys a McDonalds franchise can have a profitable business in most circumstances.

Because just like with a McDonalds franchise, with Multiple Income Funnel you are setting up an already proven to profit business model. And just like any business you get into, they will have cost associated with them.

multiple income funnel system



You’ll find that after reading this Multiple Income Funnel review, that it is in fact a legit business and company created by the CEO of MIF – Mack Mills.

Mack Mills has been in good standing in the industry for years and has helped many people start and prosper in running their own online businesses.

MIF continues that legacy that Mack has started and will continue to keep helping people grow their businesses properly and with genuine proven strategy.

We have said it many times and we will say it once again, most reviews online are done by people who never have used the product or services.

They either do a bait and switch, meaning tell you how bad something is or semi good it is, and then proceed to show you what they are promoting and how much better it is.

Or, they are doing the review to straight up sell it to you, even though they have never used the product or service themselves.

As a result of this, most reviews you read online are outdated or lack tons of information, because the people doing them do not actually use the product and services and have never actually dealt with the company.

Over time programs and products online change and or improve.


Multiple Income Funnel Login

You can go here now to find the MIF login page,

Make sure to join our growing team first before you get started!

Multiple Income Funnel Login

The login page is both secure and quick to load.


Multiple Income Funnel Back Office

The back office of MIF is very easy to use. You’ll find that it has a simple navigation bar that follows you around the website.

Most businesses have a problem with usability, while MIF makes sure it’s not an issue for users. The back office always features bonus additional income streams as well.

Many affiliate marketers want the ability to make high ticket sales, which is why Mack Mills decided to include high ticket affiliate marketing. 

Through all of the images you’ve seen throughout this Multiple Income Funnel review, you’ll have seen the exact MIF back office and what it looks like.


Multiple Income Funnel Register

If you want to signup for the Multiple Income Funnel system, you can get started now and register by clicking here.

We made this Multiple Income funnel review to highlight the program accurately and thoroughly, as it is a growing affiliate marketing system. Mack Mills and MIF are drawing the attention of larger and larger affiliate marketers and people looking to generate incomes online through utilizing digital marketing.

Multiple Income Funnel Register

The ability to generate high ticket commissions is also attracting individuals to MIF. If you already are a multiple income funnel member, then you should consider checking out this high ticket digital marketing guide to learn more about how to scale your income inside of MIF.


Is Multiple Income Funnel Free?

No, if you want to setup the Multiple Income Funnel system, then you’re going to need to pay for the programs inside in order to both setup and earn from the system. It’s good that the system is not free, otherwise it would be much less profitable to promote for affiliates.

Any business, opportunity, or system, that claims it is entirely free – usually is being misleading. Every business needs to charge for their products and services in one way or another, in order to generate sales. As well, businesses that affiliates need a way to pay those affiliates too.


Can You Get A Multiple Income Funnel Refund?

It depends, because there are multiple different parts of Multiple Income Funnel that you pay for as a member. If you have the full Multiple Income Funnel system setup, then there will be multiple different companies that you would have to ask for a refund from. (Including MIF itself)

You should only start or become a part of a business, if you have the financial ability to afford it. Always use your own discretion and take time to decide what the best course of action is for your finances. We hope that after reading this full Multiple Income Funnel review that you understand more about how the system works.


Our Verdict On This Income Funnel Review

Our Multiple Income Funnel Review is truthful as we are members, and as of writing this, all images and information is accurate.

If you purchase through one of the links in this article, we will make a commission.

This is the way affiliate marketing works.

Just realize any income example of ours if we have shown any, does not indicate any kind of guarantee of how much you will earn.

Multiple Income Funnel Review 2022

Is Multiple Income Funnel Legit

Yes, MIF is a legit affiliate marketing system that will allow you build multiple income streams through following their system.

The system has been in place for many years now and success stories are happening on a regular enough basis for this to be a safe system to use. Mack Mills has coached and helped thousands of people move through the system successfully. This has nothing to do with pyramid schemes and is NOT one at all. You can recruit people, or simply use the system.

We hope this Multiple Income Funnel review was in depth enough for you to decide if you want to become a member of the MIF community.

Multiple Income Funnel Legit


Making money online with affiliate marketing, takes time, effort and some initial upfront investment.

No one can determine how fast or how much you earn, only you can. We have done our due diligence in passing on truthful information to you.

We make no claim to the average earnings or that you will make anything, we are not fortune tellers and can not predict these things for you.

For those that are serious like we are the possibilities are there. Anyone who wants an income funnel multiple income stream can have one, finally!


We really hope this Multiple Income Funnel review shed some light on how it works and the potential money you can make. Whether you live in a local area or are living across the world, anyone can use this to make some cash money.

Learn More Here About MIF.

If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂


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