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list elevate review

Finding a good affiliate marketing and list building system can be difficult! Most entrepreneurs search for years to find reputable companies to promote and build a following in. Over the 27+ years we’ve been in affiliate marketing, there are very few affiliate marketing systems that are good enough to meet our standards. List Elevate however, is among the best email list building software and affiliate companies in the space.

While you read through this full List Elevate review, keep these 2 thoughts in mind.

  1. We are List Elevate customers. This means we’re inside the back office, actively use the software and system, and understand what it does.
  2. We only ever promote companies and offers we have personally vetted and use. Most blogs that review different products and services, are never actual customers of what they write about.

Without further ado, here is what List Elevate can do for your business, email list, and affiliate marketing journey…


What Is List Elevate?

List Elevate is an automated list building system and affiliate company. It is a system that allows you to multiply your number of leads generated multiple times over, while also generating affiliate commissions as well. It an extremely simple email list building system, and is efficient as also generating you affiliate sales.

You’ll find that the back office contains a simple design, and the company also has great support that is always on standby to answer any questions you may have.

What Is List Elevate

There are many other similar list building affiliate systems we’ve reviewed over the years that are similar in design. Here are the 2 other list building affiliate companies you may want to review as well.

  1. Multiple Income Funnel: We made a Multiple Income Funnel review for the same reasons we made this one on List Elevate. The MIF system is simple, automated, and easy to setup within a few minutes of getting started. Affiliate marketers have been growing their interest in this system as it’s aged. Take a good look at it!
  2. List Leverage: We also made a List Leverage review of an incredible new list building company that we’re among the top 1% affiliate for. As all of 3 of these systems are similar, List Leverage also has it’s own unique way to multiple and grow your leads generated while earning you affiliate sales as well.


How Does List Elevate Work?

List Elevate is a simple to use simple. It works like this… As you promote the List Elevate system and generate your own leads that you can promote anything you’d like to, you also potentially are able to generate affiliate commissions from other people become List Elevate members as well. So in total…

  1. You generate leads through the List Elevate system.
  2. You can sell these leads anything, such as other affiliate products and affiliate services.
  3. Some leads will join List Elevate and generate you List Elevate commissions as well.
  4. Because of the systems design, anyone who joins your List Elevate team and generates leads, will also generate you a portion of their leads as well.

This 4th part of how List Elevate works, is what allows your email list to grow rapidly. It allows other people to potentially build your email list for you.

how does list elevate work

Who Made List Elevate?

The founder and CEO of List Elevate is Joel Therien. After owning multiple companies and doing over $250 million in sales, Joel continues to create different products, services, and more. Joel is an affiliate marketer at heart, and loves to create new offers that have an opportunity to grow in any market place. He is a well known and reputable family man, who prides himself on his business and fitness.

Who Made List Elevate Founder

We are great friends with Joel, and consider him family. While being his #1 affiliate for his company Now Lifestyle, we’ve traveled the world with him and stayed at his house on multiple occasions. Joel Therien is an incredible and ethical person who truly cares about his customers and people around him. Jon Weberg and Richard Weberg are great friends of Joel!


Why Use List Elevate?

Affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs in general are using List Elevate to scale their lead generation efforts. As well, they use List Elevate to generate personal LE sales and commissions. This software and system is an extremely efficient way to scale affiliate marketing efforts with ease.

People use affiliate marketing systems and software like List Elevate often in the industry. Most people want to increase the effectiveness and conversion rates of their business – in order to product more leads and profits.

Why Use List Elevate

We personally use List Elevate to increase our lead production for our affiliate marketing ventures and businesses.


List Elevate Features

What is included with the List Elevate system?

Here is the variety of features, services, and items included when you become a List Elevate member.

  1. Autoresponder:
  2. Lead Multiplying Software Built In:
  3. 24/7 Support
  4. Private Paid Members Only Community
  5. Email Marketing Mastery Course
  6. Quality Traffic Source
  7. Affiliate Membership Included


List Elevate Pros And Cons

We always want to include both the great and bad things about every company, product, or service – we review. This is why in this List Elevate review, we will include the full list of pros and cons for List Elevate. So, without further wait… Here is the full list of pros and cons for the List Elevate system made by Joel Therien.

List Elevate Pros And Cons


  • Simple to use system
  • Easy to setup and get started
  • Great support that is always there for you
  • Affordable price point to get started
  • Multiple pricing options available for all budgets
  • Proven past success
  • Great CEO & founder
  • Scalable system and process
  • Software that can multiply your lead generation efforts


  • Doesn’t include a page builder, although it does have an autoresponder included
  • Could be more transparent on the process of lead multiplication
  • Safe for beginners and “medium” tier affiliate marketers, while experts may not be as interested


List Elevate Pricing

Here are all of the List Elevate pricing options currently available:

  • $24.97 Per Month
  • $1 – 7 Day Trial
  • $199 Per Year

With this kind of pricing, List Elevate is affordable to the masses, beginners, and experts alike. We suggest that you either take the monthly or yearly option. Why?

Paying per month doesn’t give you such a dedication to continue when it’s only monthly, and a yearly subscription saves you a lot of money. Either way, we do suggest that you give List Elevate a serious try if you want to succeed and scale your email list building efforts. (and your affiliate marketing efforts)
List Elevate Pricing

List Elevate Alternatives

Why List Elevate will help you scale your email list building and affiliate marketing goals, you could consider some of the List Elevate alternatives as well. This list of alternative email list scaling systems has grown over the years, and continues to as people realize that systems are the next standard of affiliate growth.

  1. List Leverage : This incredible system created by Matthew Neer, helps individuals scale their affiliate marketing efforts through extreme automation and conversion optimization.
  2. Multiple Income Funnel : This list building and multiple income stream system has been designed by Mack Mills, another extremely successful affiliate marketer.
  3. 7 Figure Affiliate System : This brand new affiliate system created by Michael Cheney, is allowing people to start and scale affiliate marketing with extreme ROI & profits.

Each of these above companies we’re customers for an have successfully used to increase our lead generation efforts. As well, we’ve generated substantial affiliate sales using them too.


Final Thoughts On List Elevate

We’ve found List Elevate to be a great email list building & affiliate marketing system. This system is great for helping you build your list and generate consistent affiliate commissions. Joel has released a variety of offers into the marketplace, and this is among the best he’s produced.

You should take a look at List Elevate for yourself and take some time to consider if it is right for you.

Here is where you can decide if you want to join, List Elevate.


With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg

Richard Weberg



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