YT Evolution Review – The Best YouTube Marketing Software?

YT Evolution review

Imagine the insane amounts of traffic and customers you could generate if you could automatically find and use other peoples YouTube content, and repurpose it for your own use?

YT Evolution allows you to do exactly this!

The YT Evolution software, and system, is a one of a kind process that truly allows you to monetize other peoples content.

It’s an easy and simple to follow process that thousands of people are already using today.

YT Evolution review

In our YT Evolution Review, we’ll talk about:

  • How YT Evolution Works
  • If you should invest in YT Evolution
  • The Pros & Cons of YT Evolution
  • YT Evolution Competitors
  • YT Evolution Alternatives
  • and much more!

Stay to the end for some bonuses, and some interesting ways you can use this software to scale your business or passion today.

YT Evolution WILL help you grow any niche or industry you’re looking to generate more income from.

Why not take a look for yourself? Or continue reading our review before you fully make your mind up.

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How does YT Evolution work

What Is YT Evolution?

This incredible new software was created by Chris Derenberger, who is a 7 figure online marketing earner.

He wanted to offer people a genuine and innovative method to earn a passive income.

To do that, he decided that if there was a way to convert other peoples YouTube videos , or even entire channels, into a done-for-you, monetized, content rich blog, he knew that search engines would love this kind of content.

So that is what he did!

Although Chris Derenberger has created many different YouTube based products and services, this one is very special.

With YT Evolution, you can earn multiple passive income streams from monetizing other people’s YouTube content legally.

Yes, you can generate traffic, potential income, content – and much more from using other people’s video content.

By using the YT Evolution software, it walks you through the steps to setting up a brand new website/blog.

Then you can automate content that will rank well on Google, and other search engines.

It really is as simple as that ladies and gentlemen!

content creation in order to rank on Google


Furthermore, by ranking on Google with this ‘generated’ keyword rich content, you’re able to produce organic website traffic with ease, and in turn, potential customers for whatever products and services you want to offer to your audience.

YT Evolution was built using advanced software.

This allows users to build and monetize websites IN ANY NICHE from existing YouTube videos, whether the videos are yours or someone else.

How exciting does this sound?

This method of using other people’s content for generating results in business is one of a kind, and essentially new to the marketplace.

You are going to want to get in there quickly!

Most alternative ”content creation software, and courses, mostly require that you create your own content to generate these kind of results.

YT Evolution does the complete opposite – and does it legally for you!

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What Is YT Evolution

How Does YT Evolution Work?

As we have previously mentioned, YT Evolution allows you to automate, syndicate and use other people’s video content (or even your own if it’s good enough!) to generate traffic to your very own website/blog.

You can then convert this traffic into potential buyers to your own products/services or affiliate offers you’re promoting on your blog.

Never set up a website or blog before?

Don’t worry!

The YT Evolution software will automatically set you up with your own website or blog – how smart is that? (and between me and you, it’s an absolute timesaver!)

As if by magic, the software begins to convert your chosen YouTube content into a format suitable for creating posts and feeds, therefore, you are essentially creating great content that search engines love already, without you really knowing how to!?!

YT Evolution wordpress theme

When your new ‘magical’ content gets indexed by the search engines, you will start to get free organic website traffic to your content, offers, giveaways and of course – affiliate products and services (which is where the REAL money is!)

For our readers who are unsure what ‘Organic Traffic is:

  1. A person searches Google
  2. Google serves up a list of websites, often called ‘Rankings’
  3. They visit your website or blog
  4. ….and then purchase a product or service from you!

You see, organic website traffic is a free method and is the highest converting traffic you will ever get.


To recap on the YT Evolution process for you:

  • YT Evolution software makes you UNLIMITED WordPress niche video blogs
  • Optimizes them in a way Google and other search engines LOVE
  • Your sites AUTO-UPDATE, so you can rank higher for even more website traffic without lifting a single finger
  • Use your own videos, or those made by others legally
  • Monetize with affiliate & CPA offers, ad networks, or your own products & services

How Does YT Evolution Work


Is YT Evolution Easy To Setup?


This is because Chris Derenberger is one of the best and most thoughtful marketing teachers and explainers we”ve ever come across, so we are always confident that any software he releases will ALWAYS be easy to use!

When he creates a product, you can bet that when he says he takes you by the hand through every step, it means- he takes you by the hand through every step!

As you may already know from our review, the YT Evolution software automates much of the process for you.

Ease of use: 10/10

Join the YT Evolution!

Why Choose YT Evolution?

It does not matter what you are trying to sell or promote online, your going to need targeted website traffic in order to make any money.

However, if you have your own content rich website/blogs, you are off to a GREAT start!

Be warned though – running and maintaining a website takes time, and effort.

But, because you are here reading this review, why not pop your info in the box below if you’re stuck?

Both myself and Jon have years of experience setting up and making sure websites are running smoothly, and we’d be delighted to help!

YT Evolution login

Anyway, back to our YT Evolution Review……!

You may be thinking if there are any ways to make this process faster?

Well, because you will be using a proven system (that is easy to use) things may still not sink in right away.

But that’s OK….

Previously, we have found that working with an affiliate marketing mentor can really move things along quickly.

You see, they can guide you on the exact best steps and strategy to follow, because they have already done it!

Plus, for the most part, YT Evolution is automated – which is a great way to stay in front of the competition.

We know that not every online marketer will be willing to invest in tools and software like YT Evolution.

BUT, this can turn in your favor, because smart marketers use the right tools and software that saves them time and money.

It can also be beneficial for scaling their profits.

YT Evolution Automation

YT Evolution Automation

Not only can you create niche website/blogs on the fly, you can also automate every piece of content in order to build targeted website traffic.

But what do you do with this targeted traffic?

Well, you can use this traffic to build your email list by incorporating a subscriber button.

Or utilize traffic to drive more sales.

Or how about increasing your social media following?

The methods you can use from the traffic that YT Evolution brings in WILL help you get the job done!

These are the many reasons why you should sign up now and join the ‘AI Revolution’

It might be the software you’ve been looking for to kickstart your online money making buisiness!

Join the YT Evolution!

YT Evolution Competitors

Chris Derenberger’s products far outshine any potential competitors, and really YT Evolution HAS NO REAL COMPETITION for what this software can do!

However, if we had to pick something similar, it would be…..

C O N T E NT  G O R I L L A !

So, grab a drink and let’s see if Content Gorilla even comes close to YT Evolution!

YT Evolution VS Content Gorilla


Both are based around using YouTube videos, and each produces content for WordPress websites, and on top of this, both Content Gorilla and YT Evolution offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

But that’s just scratching the surface!

Take a look at the pros and cons of Content Gorilla first…..

Content Gorilla Pros and Cons

  • Content Gorilla will not create optimized sites for you. You have to read through additional instructions to help set up a new website, providing you don’t already have one.
  • Content Gorilla CAN be used on any existing websites you own.
  • Content Gorilla DOES NOT automate your entire content production. It goes as far as extracting spoken words from YouTube videos. BUT, you will have to edit and post content yourself.
  • Content Gorilla translates content into 105 languages, which is their biggest selling point and makes it a popular product!
  • Can only use Content Gorilla on 10 websites (WHAT!?!?) That is very limited in our view!

Want to learn more about Content Gorilla?

Check out our review below as we go deep!

Content Gorilla Review

Join Content Gorilla!

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of YT Evolution!

YT Evolution wordpress video theme

YT Evolution Pros and Cons

  • YT Evolution overwrites any existing themes/content on an existing website, once installed.
  • YT Evolution uses a WordPress video theme, plus 2 premium plugins that work together to create video type sites for you.
  • YT Evolution optimizes these sites for you, so that you can rank in search engines. This software has got sites ranked in as little as three days!
  • YT Evolution automates your content production for you, and posts it to your site automatically
  • You can create unlimited sites using YT Evolution software, no limits.
  • YT Evolution INCLUDES commercial rights at no extra charge. So if you want to earn additional income creating sites and ranking them, then sell them for profit, you are free to do so, as many times as you want.

As you can see, YT Evolution absolutely smashes Content Gorilla, so we know what we will be choosing!

Join the YT Evolution!


YT Evolution Versus YT Marketer

There is one other product we want to examine with you, and its called YT Marketer and it’s a course created by that man Chris Derenberger!

YT Marketer just recently launched, and we want to bring light to it, because the name of the product is so similar to YT Evolution that we wouldn’t want you to confuse the two!

So, we will briefly explain the differences between the two.

YT Evolution VS YT Marketer.

  • YT Evolution is specialized software and instructions that creates content rich niche sites that will drive free organic website traffic from Google and the other search engines.
  • YT Evolution uses a lot of automation through the software, theme and specialized plugins to help you accomplish this.
  • YT Evolution uses other people’s YouTube videos or your own to make this all come together.
  • YT Evolution will instruct you on how to monetize your sites through using affiliate programs or your own products and services.

So, now that we have explained YT Evolution, let’s move on to YT Marketer;

  • YT Marketer is a course that will help you get your video content that you put up on YouTube monetized directly through YouTube’s partner program. Chris will show you how to meet YouTubes requirements in 30 days or less. (Have at a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.)
  • YT Marketer will also show you how to further monetize your YouTube video content through affiliate programs or your own products and services.
  • YT Marketer will show you how to rank your videos on YouTube to get maximum exposure.

Chris Derenberger created both of these incredible products, but which one is better?

YT Evolution Competitors

This depends entirely on what the path of monetization you want to follow.

We’ve found that both products offer some interesting benefits to help you develop free organic website traffic and passive income streams.

But the best bit?

They can even be used in conjunction with one another to create a VERY POWERFUL marketing machine!

Take a look for yourself!

YT Marketer Review

….or you can sign straight up below!

Give Me Access to YT Marketer!


Is YT Evolution Legit?

We’ve taken a look at not just YT Evolution, but also their competitors as well.

After a thorough YT Evolution review, we have found that YT Evolution is a legit software and product because  we know it has already helped people create passive income streams using other people’s content in a legal and legitimate way.

Even if you are not happy, YT Evolution has a 30 day refund policy,

Still unconvinced?

Well, we can tell you that YT Evolution has already had a ton of positive reviews from its customers!

If you want to dig deeper (and that’s fine by the way) YT Evolution has a very active Facebook group that opens up to you once you have purchased the software .

In fact, you will be able to interact directly with Chris Derenberger and all the other members right from the start!

You will get to see first hand just how committed Chris is to his customers.

Is YT Evolution Legit

On top of this, we can assure you that YT Evolution is legit, is by the fact it was created by Chris Derenberger.

He has a long history of launching extremely successful YouTube based products and services that have all had extremely positive reviews – by a variety of critics and users.

Check out some of the positive reviews!

YT Evolution Testimonials

Is YT Evolution Plugin Good?

The YT Evolution WordPress plugin is good, actually it’s great!

It’s been proven to be extremely effective and easy to use after being used and recommended by thousands of customers and other people who have reviewed the software as well.

YT Evolution performs consistently, while providing a good user experience too.

Once you have joined, you will find that YT Evolution is able to help you generate the results it promises.

Chris has done a smashing job of creating reliable products that are able to generate the results customers need and want.

YT Evolution consistently delivers, and you will enjoy going through and using the software itself.

Let us know in the comments at the bottom how you have got on with YT Evolution.

Is YT Evolution Plugin Good


How Much Does YT Evolution Cost?

YT Evolution is affordable and priced at $97, a one time payment.

There we said it!

Editor: We are ALWAYS clear about the prices of any affiliate products we recommend!

So, this price, when compared to other YouTube software, courses, and products, shows how considerate Chris Derenberger is with his product pricing.

AND it includes a 30 day money back guarantee.

We can honestly say that there is nothing else like this software on the market at the moment.

Chris always delivers great products at great prices.

The best part is, his products always live up to the expectation and do what he says they do.


What else will you need to make this product work?

Domain name and web hosting, which you can get set up when using the software for about 25$, or you can get it here.

They specialize in WordPress hosting, and speedy loading websites -and we highly recommend this service.

Need help with this?

Sign up with us, and we’ll help you get started!

Who Would Want To Use YT Evolution?

Now, here’s the good news: anyone can use YT Evolution software!

That’s regardless of your knowledge or experience with online content creation and monetization.

For instance, YT Evolution is perfect for struggling content creators who have difficulty generating income from the content they publish online.

If you have prior experience as a niche marketer, you can generate additional income with it as well.

There are no limits to who can use this software and benefit from it.

Who Would Want To Use YT Evolution

Join the YT Evolution!

Who Is Chris Derenberger?

A YouTube master, a family man, and a great genuine person – Chris Derenberger is a serial entrepreneur with a passion to help others grow their businesses or passions by utilizing YouTube. Chris has been in the industry for over 10 years.

He continually seeks to solve more problems why using and mechanizing the YouTube platform for the better.

Chris has launched multiple different products and services that have used YouTube in some way for the basis of monetization.

Why does Chris gravitate towards YouTube? For an important reason, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine.

Did you know that over 1 billion hours of videos are watched every single day on YouTube?

This means that just like there are millions of people wanting to profit from SEO and search engines like Google, there are also millions of people wanting to profit and build large followings on YouTube as well.

Chris Derenberger


Is YT Evolution Safe?

Yes, YT Evolution software is safe to use.

Chris has made sure that all of his products are both safe and secure.

He wants his customers and users to have an incredible experience across the board.

All of his products and services have been found to be safe and secure for all users.

You’ll see that YT Evolution is safe after you start using it and see for yourself.

There have been no reports of any kind suggesting otherwise.

Is YT Evolution Safe
Join the YT Evolution!

YT Evolution Main Pros And Cons

While YT Evolution is overall a great YouTube marketing software, there are some cons to what they are able to provide.

Here’s the list of YT Evolution pros and cons for you to consider:


  • Easy to use software
  • Ability to generate multiple passive income and traffic streams
  • Affordable pricing and availability
  • Excellent customer support
  • Great founder and backing behind the product
  • No experience needed
  • Much automation built into products functions
  • Can create unlimited niche sites


  • No other languages available other than English
  • Can not use on existing web sites, will overwrite whatever you have on them
  • Only 1 theme available – some users may want more options, although not a necessity

YT Evolution Pros And Cons


YT Evolution Review: Our Verdict

If you want to automate most of the important income producing activities online and earn income from other people’s YouTube content, then you really need to check out and learn more about YT Evolution today.

It’s an amazing piece of software, that can potentially earn you multiple passive income streams by following the software’s guidance after you purchase.

From our research, we’ve only found positive critique and feedback being reported by others reviewers and customers.

You can learn more about YT Evolution right HERE, and decide for yourself if you want to become a customer.

To recap why we think you should join:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Ability to generate multiple passive income streams
  3. Ability to generate multiple passive traffic streams
  4. Great support
  5. Affordable pricing
  6. Customer friendly & supportive
  7. Much automation

YT Evolution is a great software product that truly deserves the awards and claims it gets.

We really hope this YT Evolution review has been extremely helpful to you.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂

Your Friends And Partners
Richard And John Weberg



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