Liquid Web Review 2022: The Best Web Hosting Provider

Liquid Web Review 2022

What Is Liquid Web Hosting?

Arguably the best hosting company you can use for secure and reliable web hosting, is Liquid Web.

We’re doing this Liquid Web review specifically because of the experience we’ve had being Liquid Web hosting customers.

Additionally, from every peer reviews we’ve gone through, we found that Liquid web is among the best hosting companies in the industry.

The Liquid web company is located in Lansing Missouri, in which they’ve been in business for over 25 years.

Liquid Web the leader in Managed Hosting & Dedicated servers

Liquid Web is a complete fully managed hosting company that has hosting services that will meet your needs regardless of the business you have or industry you are in.

Whether you need dedicated hosting, cloud hosting optimized for ecommerce, or managed wordpress hosting, Liquid Web has the right service for you.

Currently Liquid Web has 10 global data centres and serves over 45,000+ customers in 150+ countries. They have 500+ staff on site in total throughout their locations.

Liquid Web is by far one of the most stable hosting solutions you can find. They additionally have an A+ rating with the BBB.

“Web hosting is the activity or business of providing storage and access for websites.”

Hosting is a big part of building your own online business.

Our FREE course offers you the opportunity to work with us and take those steps to buying a domain, setting up hosting and building an online empire!

How Does Liquid Web Work?

Before we start our liquid web review, let’s explain how it works!

Liquid web has physical and digital servers that host the data & information of the internet. With these servers, they are able to store critical information and data that allows every business across the world to run. Among hosting services, Liquid Web has the fastest and most secure hosting available. 

If you want to get hosting with them, here are the 3 easy steps to follow. 

  1. Go to the Liquid Web review site now and decide which of the hosting packages available are right for you. (Click Here)
  2. Click on order now, put in your payment information, and after purchase goes through your hosting is available for use.
  3. Put in a support request and Liquid Web will help migrate any current websites over to their new servers.

The process to get quality hosting from them is exceedingly easy to follow.

Of course, before you decide which liquid web hosting package you want, you should make sure you are matching up your needs with what each package provides.

For example… If you have a WordPress based website, then you should consider getting the Liquid Web Managed WordPress hosting. It is serviced and provided through their Nexcess brand.

How To Set Up Domain Hosting Using Liquid Web Hosting

The process for setting up your own domain with Liquid Web is fast and simple.

Here’s a video that will walk you through step by step the full process of getting your domain hosting setup.

Liquid Web Pricing

The pricing and packages for our Liquid Web review, and you’ll notice these are very different from one another!

Why is this?

Liquid web review makes sure that their pricing matches the kind of hosting that their clients require.

Larger servers with larger data allowances of course have a higher cost associated with them.

While customers who need less, have more affordable hosting packages available to them.

Liquid Web wants to make sure the package matches what is needed by their clients.

Each hosting package has levels to it’s cost.

Liquid Web has affordable hosting packages for those customers who need less data, security, and speed – while having higher priced packages for those who want those features increased or better performing.


  • The lowest monthly package costs $12.67/month which is for managed WordPress hosting.
  • Their average monthly package costs $149/month which is for their cloud dedicated server hosting.
  • The highest monthly package is $2,788/month which is for enterprises with large memory, scalability, or storage requirements and covers their Enterprise Class Config.


There are also Liquid Web add-ons that can be included in your hosting service.

Each of these add-ons allows you to improve your Liquid Web hosting even further.

The lowest cost for add-ons is around $15 while the highest for some top tier scaled up add-ons can be $1,000 or more.

Liquid Web Plans & Web Packages

Liquid Web has every hosting plan that you’ll need regardless of your business type.

They want to serve every size of business while remaining affordable.

You’ll find that which ever Liquid Web package you choose to invest in, you’ll have a quality zero downtime hosting experience.

We’ve tested Liquid Web’s servers by sending masses of traffic to multiple websites we have on our dedicated servers.

Regardless of how much traffic we send, our site speed and uptime always remains consistent.

All liquid web hosting packages include redundant (mirrored servers).

This means that if your server goes down for any reason, an instance of your websites will transfer over to a server that is up, automatically.

Liquid Web offers the following kinds of hosting solutions:


Liquid Web Hosting Plans

Join Liquid Web TODAY!

Liquid Web Dedicated Servers

Managed dedicated servers offer high-performance and locked-down security for any website, app, etc.

When you have a business that you prioritize function, speed, and large amounts of data available to be stored – dedicated servers are the way to go.

We personally have chosen to use one of their premium dedicated server options to host our various business websites.

Pricing for Liquid Web Fully Managed Dedicated Servers starts at $169 per month. 

Liquid Web Shared Hosting

Buy Liquid Web Dedicated Hosting!

Liquid Web Shared Hosting

If you want a more affordable Liquid Web hosting option you can take a look at the shared hosting option they have available. Having a website on shared hosting simply means that there are multiple other people’s websites that will be on the same server as yours.

The only downfall most web hosting companies face with shared hosting is that if any one site over loads the server, all of the websites will go down.

However with Liquid Web shared hosting, you have redundant servers ready to automatically transfer your site in the case that your shared server goes down for any reason.

Buy Liquid Web Shared Hosting!

Liquid Web Cloud Hosting Servers

Cloud Dedicated Servers combine the processing power and resources of a Dedicated Server with the provisioning and flexibility most cloud platforms. Cloud servers are secure and reliable, as well as load balancing to conserve resources. You can optimize and scale at any time for peak performance despite increasing traffic.

We’ve found that Cloud servers can be slightly less reliable then traditional Dedicated servers, however their usability and balances of resources used by the user can be better in some cases.

Pricing for Liquid Web Cloud Servers starts at $149 per month. VMWare Private Cloud Hosting starts at $510 per month.

Buy Liquid Web Cloud Hosting!

Liquid Web cloud Hosting

Liquid Web VPS Hosting

Liquid Web offers fully managed, cloud-based virtual private servers (VPS).  These hosting solutions are often used for reliability and powerful root access.

Pricing for VPS hosting starts at $15 per month and can be scaled up.


Liquid Web WordPress Hosting & Ecommerce Hosting

Liquid Web has a branded company solution called Nexcess that provides Fully Managed Woo-commerce Hosting, Fully Managed WordPress Hosting, and Fully Managed Magento Hosting plans. This means that if you’re using WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress, or plan on being an ecommerce brand – Nexcess dedicated hosting will be a great solution for you. Nexcess was specifically built for hosting these 3 main platforms.

Included with Nexcess hosting, you will get a StoreBuilder wizard free, and have membership site plugins readily available on upgrade. The servers have excellent scalability, security, speed, and support.

Pricing For Ecommerce and Liquid Web WordPress hosting starts at $13.30 per month.

Buy Liquid Web VPS Hosting!

Liquid Web ecommerce hosting

Web Enterprise Hosting

When you’re ready to take your hosting experience to the top level of security, speed, storage, and usability – get Enterprise hosting.

As enterprise hosting is often more complex, so is the task of managing it.  Liquid Web will partner with your IT team to design a hosting solution for your business challenges, and free your staff from the the task of having to manage it.

You’ll have a single point of contact, and your dedicated account manager will work with our dedicated Enterprise Hosting teams to build, test, and deploy your hosting environment.

Liquid Web enterprise hosting is one of a kind and is an example of true professionalism.

Pricing for Liquid Web Enterprise Hosting depends on your needs, and will have to be found by requesting a quote

As you can see, we wanted to feature all the plans on offer, to make our liquid web review as in-depth as we could.


Web Hosting Add-Ons Review

This company makes sure to take care of all customers hosting needs.

Liquid Web decided to create optional hosting add-ons that you can upgrade your hosting with. Regardless of the hosting package you have with them, you can pay for and have any of the following hosting add-ons applied to your current or future hosting package.

Liquid Web review is quick to upgrade your servers and apply and purchased upgrades as soon as you make the purchase.

If you have any particular hosting needs – such as needing exceptional website speed – read through the add-ons now.

Liquid Web Hosting Add-Ons

Web Storage & Backup Add Ons

Some companies & small businesses need additional data storage above their other hosting needs.

If you request or need additional storage that Liquid Web’s generous hosting packages don’t already provide, you can upgrade your storage for a small additional fee at any time.

If you care about having back up data for all of your websites and applications, this is where Liquid Web backup add-ons could be a great choice for you.

Having back up copies of your data can mean the difference between losing everything you’ve built on your website/platform or keeping it safe and sound.

Liquid Web hosting add ons

Web Security & Compliance Add-Ons

Dependent on the industry you’re in, you may be required to put certain safety protocols in place or meet specific compliance laws.

If at anytime you feel like your storage of data is at risk of breaching any compliance in your industry or it may not meet security laws, take a look at the add-ons our Liquid Web review provides.

It’s better to be safe then sorry!


If you’re concerned about the speed and loading time of your website, you may want to consider getting a Liquid Web performance add on.

From our tests, Liquid Webs basic packages meet all speed and loading times requirements.

You may own or operate an SEO company that needs maximum speed in order to rank, this is where you may consider a speed increase in your websites loading time.


Liquid Web review has some of the best WordPress plugins available in the market.

You may be considering having the best performing and easily usable WordPress site possible.

If you want customization and usability, take a close look at their premium WP plugins and see if they have any that meet your wants or needs.

sending an email

You may want to have special email capabilities provided by your hosting company.

Liquid Web makes sure to offer many email add-ons to enhance your hosting experience.

Often businesses and professional entities need quality email hosting in order to have good email deliverability.

Consider taking a look at the email add-ons they have available.

We put all of our own websites entire email functions on its own dedicated server.


Liquid Web Pros And Cons

This company has always been the best hosting company we have ever used.

However, it’s not the perfect company.

While Liquid Web has a variety of ways they ensure their service is secure, speedy, scalable, and safe – there are a few small downsides of working with them.

Here’s the full list of pros and cons for Liquid Web.

We’ve tested these pros and cons to be accurate, as we are a long time Liquid Web customers. (We’ve also tested and used 5 other leading hosting providers over the past 10 years)

Liquidweb has always came out on top!

Liquid Web Pros And Cons

Pros Of Liquid Web Hosting

  • 100% Uptime Guarantee.
  • Premium support available 24/7 that answers within 59 seconds – 59 minutes.
  • HIPPA and PCI Compliance. Liquid Web prides themselves on provides compliant and secure hosting for all users.
  • Built for every day users. All of their hosting is fully managed. This allows you to spend more time managing your business or passion.
  • Redundant Servers. If you server ever may fail, your data and information will be instantly propagated and safe on another instantly.
  • Managed VPS Hosting.
  • Managed Dedicated Servers. 
  • Free Website Migration. Liquid Web will transfer your website to their servers free of charge.

Cons Of Liquid Web Hosting

  • Higher Prices Than Most Hosting Providers. However, these higher prices come with a much better hosting service and uptime guarantee that can’t be matched elsewhere.
  • Liquid Web Hosting Can Be More Advanced For Some Users. Although, they will migrate your website onto their servers for you. However, Anytime we have needed help, Liquidweb has been there for us.


Overall the pros of Liquid Web’s Hosting far surpass any small cons that it may have. This is why we personally have been loyal Liquid Web customers for 10 years in a row.

In the 10 years that we’ve been customers, we’ve never had a single issue that Liquid Web couldn’t resolve.

However, if you want to see how Liquid Web compares to other hosting companies, then keep reading on!


Liquid Web Hosting Compared To Other Hosting Companies

Liquid Web is among the top hosting providers available throughout the world.

Even while it is arguably the best hosting company online, there are a few competitors that come close to comparing.

If you’re looking for a potentially more affordable hosting option, these may be an option for you.

Always remember that while some other hosting providers may be cheaper, your sacrificing the security, speed, and scalability of better options.

Here is the full list of Liquid Web competitors that you could consider using.

Liquid Web Hosting Compared To Other Hosting Companies

Liquid Web VS KnownHost

Among the best hosting services that can compare to Liquid Web, KnownHost is the best next affordable option.

KnownHost has been in business for 16 years and is no newbie to the hosting industry.

They also server customers in over 150 countries and have elite support.

The downside of KnownHost is that it’s hosting services are not nearly as extensive as to what Liquid Web provides.

.Here is the full list of differences between Liquid Web and KnownHost. 

  • KnownHost is more affordable. If you want to simply get your website up quickly and easily, then maybe you should consider using KnownHost.
  • KnownHost has a more local feel and culture. KnownHost is a much smaller size business then Liquid Web. This comes with both pros and cons.
  • Liquid Web has better security, speed, upgrade options, storage capability, and scalability. As Liquid Web has been established for almost 10 years more than KnownHost, they are a much more established hosting provider with more resources at their disposal.
  • Liquid Web hosting is fully managed. This means that Liquid Web will be responsible for updating PHP, domain servers, and every other responsibility that you normally have to take care of.

We find Liquid Web to be a much better website hosting provider then KnownHost.

But, if you’re on a budget and want an affordable solution – take a serious look at KnownHost.

WP Engine Logo

Liquid Web VS WP Engine

Since 37% of all websites in the world use WordPress – it’s no wonder WP Engine takes a chunk of customers out of the marketplace.

Even with this being considered, Liquid Web counters WP Engine with its Nexcess competing offer.

While WP Engine should only ever be used for hosting a WordPress site, let’s compare these 2 hosting services and see who stand outs.

  • Both Nexcess & WP Engine Offer WordPress Hosting. Yes, both of these companies have a strong offer in the marketplace. Liquid Web wanted to take a similar part of the marketplace as WP Engine for themselves, so they created Nexcess as an equal competitor.
  • Liquid Web Has Redundant Servers And Can Be Fully Managed. The one important advantage and edge Liquid Web has, is the redundant servers and fully managed service they provide to customers. Again and again LiquidWeb pulls ahead because they’ve figured out how to provide for customers more then anyone else in the marketplace can.
  • WP Engine Has Managed Strictly WordPress Sites Longer. The one small advantage that WP Engine has is that it has been developed strictly for WordPress hosting. While one may say that Liquid Web is a better hosting company by almost every standard – they haven’t specialized in WordPress Hosting quite as long as WP Engine has.

AWS logo

Liquid Web VS AWS

2 of the largest high quality hosting providers go head to head in a battle… Who wins?

The difference between Liquid Web’s and AWS are small, but we have found a clear winner.

Both of these hosting companies are often used by dedicated and serious clients who are looking for a 100% reliable hosting solution.

While AWS is a side company of the legendary Amazon, that doesn’t mean that it has anything to match the capabilities of Liquid Web.

We’ve put together the key differences between these 2 companies below.

  • Liquid Web has better support and customer experience. This is the down fall of ridiculously large companies like Amazon. They are able to compete in different industries then they started in, but they can never top the main competitors in the market place. Because the Liquid Web company is built on providing hosting services – they are able to specialize and take much better care of their customers. When your website is down, you have issues with your storage, or you have a problem with being potentially hacked – Liquid Web review is going to pull ahead and be the better hosting provider.
  • Liquid Web has redundant servers and fully managed hosting included in almost all hosting packages. This is a huge difference that yet again pulls Liquid Web ahead of competition. Liquid Web has so many features and services that enable your site to have zero down time while being entirely secure – it’s very difficult to compete. You can find AWS packages with these features, but again being able to upgrade is not going to be easy. When you’re dealing with companies of that “size” – they have little ability to truly support their customers.
  • AWS has more scalability. It’s a no brainer that one of the largest companies in the world has some of the largest data centers and scalability that have ever been seen. If you are among the largest enterprise clients in the world, then you would want to consider AWS for a hosting provider. Otherwise, Liquid Web is going to be your best bet.

After researching and using many hosting providers over the past 10 years, we’ve found that Liquid Web is our #1 choice.

When you get 100% uptime, redundant servers, premium customer support, and fully managed hosting through Liquid Web – it always wins against competitors who don’t offer nearly as much for their customers.

Liquid Web Speed Test

Liquid Web Speed Test Results

One of the fastest loading hosting companies is by far Liquid Web.

If you take a look at many studies done by reputable internet speed test companies, you’ll find that Liquid Web is on average 2X faster then the world average download and upload times.

This means that if your website is hosting on Liquid Web you will have fast website load times and fast uploading to your server.

Why is this so important?

For SEO and conversion purposes, the faster your site loads, the higher your conversion rates will be and the higher your pages can rank in the search engines.

Liquid Web Speed Test Results

Is Liquid Web Fast Compared To Other Hosting Companies?

When you take a look at speed test results with Liquid Web review hosting compares to other hosting providers – Liquid Web comes out on top.

Liquid Web outperforms competitors in website speed and upload times on average 1.5X – 2X faster.

We’ve tested this out ourselves after testing hosting speed from multiple different hosting companies.

We’ve tested KnownHost, GVO, Cloudways, WP Engine and many other host providers. None of them have ever surpassed Liquid Web’s site speed.


Liquid Web Uptime

Unlike any Liquid Web’s alternative or competitor, Liquid Web has a 100% uptime guarantee on all of their services.

Because of their redundant hosting servers, they’re always able to fulfil this guarantee.

We’ve had our websites hosting on Liquid Web for 10 years and haven’t experience a single instance of downtime ever. Not even once!

Liquid Web Uptime and Downtime

Web Company & Culture

While being in the Inc. 5000 for the 12th year in a row – Liquid Web is one of the best companies in the world with an incredible culture.

Liquid Web has a fun, professional, and friendly environment that always holds the customer experience as their highest priority.

Liquid Web has almost 600 employees and nearly 46,000 clients.

It is a large company that truly cares about having the best hosting solutions in the marketplace.


Liquid Web Company And Culture


Liquid Web Support

This company prides themselves on how well their support takes care of their customers.

Liquid Web review even has a company wide support guarantee.

If you call or message the company you are guaranteed to get a response within 59 seconds.

When you send an email to their help-desk you’re guaranteed to get a response within 59 minutes.

Both of these guarantees are one of a kind and almost no other support can match this customer response speed.

Liquid Web Support

While Liquid Web’s support is fast, it’s also helpful.

Unlike most hosting companies that offer support, you’ll be able talk with a real knowledgeable human who cares about your questions.

Whether you’re having problem, question, comment, or need to upgrade your account – Liquid Web support will be there.

Join Liquid Web TODAY!

Liquid Websites

After doing research we found that Liquid Web is a parent company with multiple child companies underneath it.

There are 2 sub-companies that Liquid Web owns.

Liquid Web is a company that serves every single customers needs.

They do this by creating sub companies and plugins that different portions of their audience want or need.

By creating Nexcess for example, Liquid Web now better serves the portion of their customers who want fully managed WordPress hosting.

By creating Stellar WP Plugins, LiquidWeb enabled their WordPress hosting customers to have better usability of WordPress.

Liquid Web Hosting

Web Hosting Nexcess

Liquid Web decided to create a WordPress based hosting solution for their customers.

Since WP is used by so many million so people across the world, they decided creating Nexcess was the best way to provide for their special customers who decide to use WordPress.

Nexcess is among the top WordPress hosting companies that you can find.

What separates Nexcess from other WordPress hosting providers is the fact that their hosting is fully managed.

Additionally, they have redundant servers to back up any servers that could ever fail.


Nexcess Web Hosting

Stellar WP Plugins

Liquid Web also made the decision to create some amazing WordPress plugins.

Since they created Nexcess web hosting, they knew that many customers would want WordPress plugins to match the capability of their hosting companies.

Stellar WP Plugins


While Liquid Web services can host videos, they don’t have a specific video hosting sub company or child company.

If you’re looking for video hosting exclusively, you should take a look at Viduber.

Viduber is a video hosting company that specializes in video hosting only.


Liquid Web cPanel

For every website owner, having a quality cPanel in place for managing their website is crucial.

Your cPanel allows you to navigate through you database of files, resources, and information that builds your websites and platforms.

By having an easy to use cPanel like Liquid Web has, it allows website and app developers to work more efficiently.

Here’s a full article by Liquid Web itself explaining more about their cPanel and how to login to your cPanel back office effortlessly.


The Best Web Hosting Services Platform In The Market

The pros of Liquid Web’s overcome any small cons they may have. And they truly have the best web hosting services anyone can find.

Because of everything above that has been discussed and highlighted, we’ve found Liquid Web to be the best hosting company to work with.

They have everything you care about having in a hosting company.

  • Liquid Web scalability. With unmatched zero down time dedicated servers, Liquid Web can handle any amount of traffic you can throw at it.
  • Liquid Web security. While meeting compliance and security standards, Liquid Web rises above other hosting alternatives.
  • Liquid Web fully managed hosting. Liquid Web offers fully managed hosting, which means the management of your servers is taken care of by them.
  • Liquid Web speed. As we’ve shown you with the case study above, Liquid Web is fast and offers great website speed.


Liquid Web FAQS

  • Does web hosting liquid have anything to do with Liquid Web?

No, because you don’t use liquid in web hosting. It’s simply a play on words done by the company for branding & name purposes.

  • Is this an honest web hosting review?

Yes, this review comes from current Liquid Web’s customers. We have used dedicated hosting, managed wordpress hosting, and much more before.

  • Will Liquid Web’s customer base continue growing?

Yes, they’re a great company that offers premium hosting services via the best hosting infrastructure available on the planet.


Final Thoughts On This Liquid Web Review

You can see that Liquid Web is able to give what’s needed in a reputable hosting provider.

If you’d like to become a Liquid Web’s customer or learn more, you can go here now: Review Liquid Web Products

We hope you enjoyed reading through everything we’ve reviewed.

You should be able to determine for yourself whether or not Liquid Web will be the hosting solution for you.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂


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