1. Hi. I know that hiring a coach is a shortcut to success.
    I am just getting back into affiliate marketing, and need to do it in a smart and logical way with the help of a coach.
    At this point, I don’t have a niche but am attracted to water ionisation and purification products, and bicycle-related products.
    So, I want a coach to help me identify good niches, advise me on how to set up online stores, and how to achieve profitability quickly.

    1. Hello Ross thanks for visiting our site. Yes, having a coach or group of mentors can really speed up your affiliate marketing success. The best way for promoting and selling any type of products online is using email marketing and having a sales funnel.

      This will allow you to build a list of leads that have interest in what you are selling and allow you to follow up with them using automation. We are part of a business called the “Home Business Academy.” Their community and support is the best we have ever seen, they are a different breed, they actually do care to help people succeed.

      Their main offer is $25 monthly for their funnel builder software and all in one business opportunity, and their funnel builder is excellent. You can build unlimited funnels for anything.

      This is where we would recommend you start, as they not only have a great community and mentoring that we are part of, they also have a full funnel builder and marketing education to help you learn how to properly market online. Please click here to learn more.

      We can also advise you on how to set up an online store, learning the marketing is critical to your success my friend.

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