1. Hello Weburgs! Donald Johnston here. I’m in the muzik biz. They call me Da God Djinn Magik, Philadelphia’s Master Painter of Sound.

    I really enjoyed reading your tips for AM. Muzik is my niche. I own a muzik publishing company called Big Black Dickie Music, LLC.

    MY plan is to be an affiliate for a company in Europe called Planet-H. They have this AMAZING STATE-OF-THE-ART MUZIK RECORDING STUDIO CALLED G-STOMPER PRODUCER that is available for purchase in the Google Play Store!

    My strategy is to produce screen-vids of me recording my original brand new songs and giving demonstrations on how to use a complex digital recording studio. It truly is a beautiful digital recording studio which is available for PCs, Pads, and even cellphones. We sure have come a long way with the technology of today. Remember how much RAM it took for uploading and downloading muzik files ???? not even 10 years ago.

    Then I am going to promote & advertise the G-Stomper Producer on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc…

    If you would like to network with me in any various capacity of advertising & marketing PLEASE let me know. THANK YOU


    Donald Johnston aka Djinn Magik

    1. Thanks for sharing Donald, and thanks for commenting. Glad to see you have plan together for your niche you are going after. Sounds like you are on the right track! 🙂 We are here if anytime you want any advice or need help in anyway..Just send us an email, which is listed here: https://emoneypeeps.com/login/

      Thanks again!

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