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Just real quick for those of you who don’t know us, but possibly if this post is in one of our groups – and we haven’t connected with you yet, we are Richard And John Weberg a father and son marketing team.

Click here to read our story and get to know us a bit..


The Juicy Content Marketing We Are Preparing For you And Why.

We have something coming for you, that’s really awesome! We have something absolutely incredible we have been working on, that we know your going to love and that will help you tremendously with your marketing.

We are always thinking how do we get people to be able to duplicate our success? Be us? Basically, how can we give people our own way we have done business and put it on a silver platter right in front of you right now? We are always analyzing all this stuff.

We’ve come to the conclusion, of course, that, yes, we have taught email marketing, and everything that we have done. So if you’re on one of our lists, and you’re part of anything that we’ve promoted or built, you know that we preach you got to be building your email marketing, which is super important.


John Built His First Website At 10 Years Old

That’s a huge key, but the other thing that we realized was there’s something that me and Johnny have done differently than what everybody else does, and that is Johnny alone started, building a website when he was only 10.

So he built his first web presence online when he was 10 and he actually had subscribers to that website. From there on out, We have both always built our own pages, websites, and funnels, so we’ve realized that it’s building your own brand. Building your own authority, being seen as the place people can know like, and trust.

Because think about it. You and all these other people who follow us or follow anyone or who we follow have shown us – through content, through blogs, through their education, that they know what they’re talking about.

They have the knowledge, they have the skills. So we want to give that to you, so you can show your business, your products, your services to your customers or to your audience whatever you want to sell.

Whether it’s something that we’re a part of, whether it’s something you’re a part of, whether it’s your own healthcare, or whether it’s your own basketball cards and looking at things around me, whether it’s your own air conditioning business, whatever the case may be…

You can build, sell and offer it yourself with you being seen as the authority. You can be viewed as being the master of the creation because then people will respect you and want to buy from you more, and see you as the person to go to.


Static Pages Do Not Work

If I challenged you right now to go, do a search on something like a search on anything. Almost 75 percent of the time, maybe even higher you are going to be brought in the search results to somebody that has a content driven website and blog.

It means it’s not static. A static page means you never update it. it’s just a sales page. There’s no blog that you can consistently add more content to.

Static is not what you want.

So these done for you solutions out there where people are like, “Hey. Let us build you a web page. Let us build you a website, and then it’s like two pages, and you have no blog. You have no way to update it. That will fail.

That’s called static marketing. That is like dead websites. And we’ve realized that they will fail you. Because we already been using that partially for trying to help people duplicate for years and years, and this is why we’ve been struggling with it. How can we get them to be able to do content marketing like us?

That’s why we’ve realized and came to the conclusion just like you should as well that you don’t want static. You want something you can update that people can learn from, and that is content driven.

They can identify with you , they can build like know and trust with you from creating a full-blown web presence online. It just requires learning a little bit of navigation. And once somebody learns the navigation of how to create these things like we do, then it becomes easy…


The EmoneyPeeps Community

This is the big one. EMoneyPeeps is going to be our brand, and we are going to create a thriving community of people that truly learn how to be an efficient master marketer. They learn how to drive not only free traffic to their website and blog through their web presence, also we’re going to teach you how to be a content marketer and have that web presence online, which is something that you can control. You need to be in that control to make the real money online.

So You can be a pro. You can grow your income for years and years to come this way. So you need to make sure right now you’re on our list you’re following us, messaging us, wherever the case may be. You need to have contact with us and be on our list because we’re going to bring this to you VERY soon.

You’re also going to get private access to text directly with us. In fact, we’ll leave that number below this blog post- so make sure to text Johnny. Text that number and the message you get is going to include a link. Click on that link put in your contact details, follow the instructions, and then you can send whatever you want to me and we’re going to have direct texting access to one another.

We’re also going to have something which is only for people who pay to become a part of this private community which we’re going to grow and scale. This is going to be huge because it’s focusing on building your own private community, your own group, your own following as well.

What it will be is we’re going to have a private discord group, which again is only for paid members who decide that they really really want this. They want to build their own web presence; they want to escape. They want to escape the grind: they want to escape just promoting for the sake of promoting. They want to actually be able to build and grow their passion and sell whatever they want and actually see results with it.

You’re going to have a lot of discounts, a lot of deals, a lot of incredible bonuses, and other things we still plan to give to this group. Like private access to a book that we’re launching and private access to a whole bunch of other things.

This is the community that you want to join because we’re going to be doing this for the rest of our careers.

This community – What we’re building right now is going to be what you want to become a part of because there’s so much we have planned and we’ll keep you updated.

Johnny will, by sending a text – he’s able to send everybody a text at one time and actually let everybody know that we have launched EMoneyPeeps.


Time To Join The Work From Home Business Financial Revolution

You can now become a member and start taking the courses. It’s just an incredible thing that we’re doing here, and we want you to be part of it. We truly want to help you get the freedom lifestyle. We are on a mission and it is our goal to help people, create a financial revolution, a work from home revolution in their life and be able to live the dot-com lifestyle as me and John have.

I mean John has never had to have a job since graduating from high school. I haven’t had a job since I was 38 or 39 years old. I’ve been free ever since for all these years now, I’m turning 50 this year. So this is something huge that we’re doing, and we really want you to be a part of it.

So make sure below this blog post in the comments will be a number to text, then follow it and you’ll get on Our private list of people that Johnny’s going to reach out to the EMoneyPeeps text list the minute it goes live for everybody. You want first access to this.

I’m telling you it’s going to be something that we work on for years and years. and you are going to stay committed to being a part of this group. Interacting with it because, like saying you’re getting direct access to us, which we don’t normally offer you’re getting direct access to an incredible amount of quality peers, you can learn and grow from and there’s just so much we’re doing with this.

It’s our new big main thing we are focusing heavily on, and it helps you build your online presence, your brand, and sell whatever you want to offer and do very well with it and grow and scale it.

It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in.

You don’t have to be in affiliate marketing or make money online niche you don’t have to. You can be in health and wellness. You could be wanting to sell shoes. Everybody trying to sell anything online needs a web presence and we’re going to teach you that through our courses!


Make contact With Us Now

So make sure to get on that text list and join us, my friend. EMoneyPeeps is step by step, easy, simple, you’re going to love it!

1. Text the number 218 – 282 – 4641 “Say hello” or something simple.
2. Click the link and enter your contact details so we can talk directly.
3. Add us to your contacts on your phone to ensure you don’t miss any updates, first hand news, and more.

We look forward to serving you..and you becoming part of the EmoneyPeeps family..

Richard and John Weberg

Get On The EmoneyPeeps Text List And Get Notified First When We Go Live!


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