What's the Difference Between WPX Hosting and WP Engine?

You need to browse and scroll all over Google’s recommendations to seek a web host that will handle your business sites efficiently. Your chosen web host will be a vital factor in the success of marketing your business. Thus, you need to be extra wise in formulating a final decision.

Web Hosting: A Closer Look

For physical stores and company buildings, there’s a need for an entrepreneur to own a certain portion of land for them to build those establishments that will serve as the venue for different business transactions for their company. In an online setting, it also works that way. For the storefront of your online business to have an online presence, you need to buy a portion of an internet land where it will be placed. This process is called web hosting.

Through owning a piece of internet land, you will be able to utilize a server that will provide the service of placement for your business website, e-commerce shop, or even your personal website in the cyberspace.

Web Hosting Services for Online Businesses

First things first. For your business to have an online presence, which will collectively result in added promotion or advertisement to your target audience and end up with the increase in your revenue, you first need to have a web host for your business site.

WPX Hosting

WPX is an established web hosting site that has been in the business since 1988. They are a web hosting company that emphasizes improving the loading speed of websites. This will be a good catch for entrepreneurs who focuses on the fast loading for their websites, which best benefits those with several visitors every minute. Moreover, they also focus on extreme customer service, something that puts their company ahead of other web hosting companies.

WP Engine

WP Engine is the top-performing digital experience platform. They’re also known for being a modern breed of a technology company that intersects both software innovation and service. Their platform offers a variety of solutions that business sites are looking for in any dilemma that they may have faced with their previous web hosts. With WP Engine, remarkable sites and apps on WordPress are offered that will surely be an engine for making your business improve faster.

What Makes the Difference?

The first question that may be stuck in your head upon getting to know both of these web hosts is, “what’s the difference between WPX hosting and WP engine?”

The easy answer is what these platforms mostly focus on. WPX places a focus on the speed of the server as well as their customer service whereas WP Engine deals more with a modern web hosting service. With this significant difference, you can freely choose what excels depending on your preference and business needs.

The Bottomline

Choosing a web host is truly a risky decision to make since this will serve as an anchor to the success of your business. Therefore, you must get to know the web host that you’ll rely on for the business website that you can partner with for the long run.

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