What is an Auto Responder?

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what is an autoresponder

Automation is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to online marketers. The global marketing automation market size is expected to reach $8.42 billion by 2027, according to a 2020 report from ResearchAndMarkets.com.

Tools like email Auto Responders can rapidly grow your business at scale, because they remove the limits of your human staff and management team. There is a fixed number of calls, emails or events a sales rep can make in a certain amount of time. And there are even limits to how much content an influencer can produce and publish in a certain amount of time.

But auto responders that send emails, direct messages and comment replies can turbo charge the growth of your online marketing strategy. This blog will explain how you can apply the power of Auto Responder technology to increase leads, nurture customer relationships and raise your conversion rate.

What Is An Auto Responder?

Style Factory defines auto responders as “e-newsletters that are sent automatically to your subscribers on your mailing list. They are ‘triggered’ based on rules and time intervals that you define.”

For example, you could program an auto responder application to:

  1. Welcome new members who sign up for your mailing list with an e-greeting
  2. Follow up with new members a week later with an exclusive discount or message
  3. Invite new members to follow your social media after a few weeks on your email list

How To Use Auto Responders To Grow Your Business

As your mailing list grows, you will find new ways to leverage auto response technology in your business’ favor. Sophisticated strategies that are gaining popularity include:

  • Email Drip Campaigns – these email campaigns let you stay in touch with different audience members by triggering customized communication cycles that identify if a member is a new customer, a returning customer, or still hasn’t converted and delivered a long-term cycle.
  • Send your customers emails one year after they purchase your product to check in, offer a warranty and request a review or testimonial.
  • Use your auto responders to send delightful birthday greetings and special offers to the customers on your mailing list.

Why You Will Love Auto Responders?

Whether you are looking to generate more leads or improve your customer relationships, automation is a clever way to make the most of all the things technology makes possible. Provide a friends touch and build brand affinity with relevant, non-invasive communication that can even include texts, ringless voicemails, direct messages on social media and more.

Using autoresponders in these ways can generate significant income and maximise the value of your mailing list.

Are You Ready To Start Using Auto Responder For Your Online Business?

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We really hope this article has been extremely helpful to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂

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