Video Hosting Platforms

video hosting platforms

Video Hosting Platforms

Over the years the internet has developed a large variety of different video hosting platforms. The original of course, YouTube, sparked this video hosting journey. After years went by new and different platforms became mainstream. You have the largest most common platforms as listed… 

  1. YouTube
  2. Wistia
  3. Vimeo
  4. Viduber
  5. Rumble

You’ll find that there are a few issues with many of the most commonly used video hosting services today. As of recently the biggest problems with most video hosting sites are these…

A) Censorship

B) No freedom of speech

C) To many ads – YouTube recently started putting ads on all videos

D) Big government control

E) Big business interests

F) Hard to grow exposure and presence

There’s also another huge problem with most video platforms. The only way to monetize and make money from your content, is if you’re actually promoting something in each video.

There are only 3 video hosting companies that have affiliate programs where you can make money from promoting the platform itself.

  1. Wistia pays 3% commissions to affiliates.
  2. Vimeo pays 3% commissions to affiliates.
  3. Viduber pays 60% commissions to affiliates.

And this is why Viduber is starting to take over the video hosting company marketplace.

Why Viduber Video Hosting Is Taking Over

The new platform for hosting videos, Viduber, is taking over the video hosting marketplace. The reason for this, is that Viduber offers all of these same benefits and uses that the other platforms offer…

However – Viduber offers completely ads free, 60% affiliate payout, unlimited video hosting.

There isn’t a single other video hosting service that comes even close to this when it comes to the whole package deal that’s provided.

Even more importantly, Viduber is a complete free speech video hosting service – which means you will never be censored for political or religious views. Imagine having a place for your business to speak freely without being able to be shutdown. The majority of influencers and thought leaders are afraid to speak their minds because most video platforms have tight constraints on what can or can’t be said about certain topics. Viduber and in some ways Rumble are the only 2 companies that have changed the game entirely.

How You Choose The Right Video Hosting 

The choice is clear in my mind, on which Video hosting services should ever be considered for use. And this depends a lot on what you’re going to be using your video hosting for. If you’re going to be uploading videos and don’t care what happens to them or how many competitors ads are in them, sure upload them to YouTube.

However, if you want a… 

  1. Censorship free place to have complete control of your speech
  2. Ad free platform where you get complete control over monetizing your content
  3. Affiliate program where you can make money from offering the video hosting to other potential users.

If you feel you want these things in place, then you’ll want to use Viduber for your video hosting service 10 times out of 10.

They also are a debt free company. The parent company, GVO – has been in business for 20 years – and has done multiple 9 figures in sales. By choosing Viduber you’re choosing the cheapest and most valuable video hosting provider possible.

If you want to learn more about Viduber or learn more about the parent company, you can head here now.

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