Traffic Exchange Program

Traffic Exchange Program

Over time the definition of traffic exchanges has changed while the types of traffic exchange programs that have developed has changed rapidly over the years. This is true also while traffic itself has changed over the years. As every business in the world is clamoring to get quality leads from their traffic – traffic exchanges have survived and sometimes thrived over the years too. You’ll find that if you want a lot of free leads and traffic, that most traffic exchanges offer you a way to grow your business following quite rapidly. I’m going to go over why you should use Traffic Exchanges and which ones will get you the best results possible.

Before we continue, exactly what is a traffic exchange?

A traffic exchange is a system that allows users to view other users websites in exchange for viewers to their own websites. Upon viewing someone else’s website, each viewer receives a “credit”. You then apply earned credits to your website, which are consumed when your website is viewed by another user.

Traffic Exchange Systems

There are going to be a select amount of TE’s (traffic exchanges) that you’ll want to work with. Each traffic exchange system I’m going to go through are the highest converting ones that you can work with. We’ve tested them and have used them for well over 2 decades. Yes, traffic exchanges have been around that long. We’ve have used them because they’ve been able to produce for us hundreds to thousands of sales and customers over the years. These traffic systems are extremely effective and can drastically increase lead production if used correctly.

Here are the Traffic Exchanges you should be using to help increase your traffic, lead, and customer production.

Leased Ad Space

LeasedAdSpace is the newest and highest converting traffic exchange that we’ve ever tested in our lives. It has a variety of users in different niches while the majority of the users viewing your websites will be very high quality buyer type customers.

Traffic Ad Bar

Traffic Ad Bar is the second fastest and largest traffic exchange you can use to deliver quality clicks and leads. It has been around for well over a decade and served tens of thousands of users.

Web Master Quest

If you want to get leads from the third best traffic exchange in the industry, you’ll want to use or purchase traffic from Web Master Quest. They’re a solid traffic exchange company that has served the industry for years.

Traffic Exchange Secrets

Getting traffic exchanges to convert – is a skill that must be learned. We’ve been one of the top traffic exchange and safelist marketers in the entire industry for years, we have learned how to use them to build residual traffic. While we get a 8.4X ROI, the traffic exchange secrets to see these kinds of results is something we’d love to explore with you. 

  1. Surf and earn as many credits as possible, while having multiple tabs open. We’ve been able to get tens of thousands of clicks a DAY with traffic exchanges. How have we been able to do this? We simply make sure to surf as many exchanges, at the fastest pace possible. 
  2. User traffic exchange friendly sales pages / opt-in pages / squeeze pages. By using traffic exchange friendly sites, you’ll increase your chance of converting your viewers into actual customers.
  3. Earn or buy credits / views / traffic / on a daily basis. In order to maintain a regular lead production number, you need to stay active or buy credits.

No matter which traffic exchanges you decide you want to use, you’ll want to stay focused and work hard. The more work you put into them, the more results that will come out of them. These traffic exchanges can build your customer base up rather quickly if they’re used right.

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