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traffic authority website

Traffic Authority Website Review

When you take a look at the Traffic Authority Website, you immediately discover a professional and legitimate place to invest in quality traffic. The website has been designed to provide and show the 3 main services that Traffic authority provides to its customers. Because the mistaken belief that TA just offers traffic is wrong. They offer the following services and products on their website…

  1. Traffic Authority Traffic Store
  2. Traffic Optimizer (traffic tracking & Rotator)
  3. Traffic Academy (profit production from learning other traffic strategies)

TA offers these 3 products because they are necessary in order to run traffic in a profitable way. 

In business, you need to have a traffic source, a way to test the traffic is legit, and a way to have the traffic produce even more profit – which traffic authority provides.


Traffic Store

The traffic store offers a variety of traffic packages depending on the amount of clicks you desire. You’ll find that they offer many lower and higher priced packages – meaning they are extremely budget friendly no matter the size of your business. 

The traffic runs at a gradual pace, so you know well that they don’t use bots or bad traffic. As well, you know that their traffic is reliable and safe because they have a A+ rating with the BBB. Meaning that their traffic has been filtered and tested for quality assurance.

We have also tested well over $10,000 of Traffic Authority traffic, and found that every time we’ve ever purchased we’ve gotten sales. 


Traffic Optimizer

Without proper tracking, you never truly know where your sales and customers are coming from. This is why TA offers the Traffic Optimizer, a tracking software to ensure any traffic you drive is quality. We personally prescribe that regardless of getting traffic, you should use the traffic optimizer to track all of your traffic that you’re running to any of your funnels / websites. Again, you always want to make sure that your traffic is real human quality clicks, otherwise you’re going to waste tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars on bad traffic that doesn’t convert.

They also provide a rotator with this product so you can split test different pages and campaigns if you wish.

Make sure to at least checkout the traffic optimizer so you can see how much money you can save from not running bad traffic to your offers.


Traffic Academy

The next level of being able to produce profit from your traffic – is understand what to do after someone has clicked. What does this mean? The more you understand how to… 

  1. Increase opt-in rates
  2. Increase ROI 
  3. Increase LTV
  4. Increase upsells and downsells
  5. Increase quality of customers
  6. Increase of customer retention
  7. Learn new traffic techniques

The more your business will grow faster, and your traffic will produce more profit then it ever has before. 

This is why Greg Chambers, the CEO of Traffic Authority, decided to create the Traffic Academy. 

Everyone should understand how to make their traffic more valuable and increase it, so their business can start producing more profit. It’s the #1 thing every business focuses on, and it should be your priority as well.


Bonus: List Leverage

The last main way that Traffic Authority helps you create profit and leverage from their traffic, is by showing you how to leverage and multiply your traffic. Yes, with the partnership they’ve made with List Leverage – they show you how to literally multiply your traffic. 

This is an industry first that has never been done before. They’ve created a new technology that is one of a kind, that literally multiplies your lead and traffic generation efforts. If you want to learn more about List Leverage, you can go here now….


Final Thoughts On Traffic Authority

This company that has been in business for well over 10 years, deserves the widespread recognition that it gets. TA is an incredible company that truly cares about their customers, and that even rewards them!

You should consider checking out and learning more about Traffic Authority right here<<

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