Traffic Authority Compensation Plan

Traffic Authority Compensation Plan

Traffic Authority Compensation Plan Overview

When you’re in the affiliate marketing space, how much you get paid in commissions is extremely important. The good thing about the Traffic Authority compensation plan, is that it is by far the best performing and most profitable affiliate program ever created. This is coming from someone who has done affiliate marketing for 10 years straight with zero debt and at an extremely profitable level. The TA compensation plan I’m about to go through with you, will show you how well Greg Chambers (The CEO of Traffic Authority) rewards his affiliate for promoting his top tier traffic company.

Here is the full Traffic Authority compensation plan video that goes over how truly lucrative being an affiliate for Traffic Authority can be.


Why Become An Affiliate For Traffic Authority

Most often after people see how rewarding the compensation plan for TA is, they want to know the process for becoming an affiliate. This process to become an affiliate is quite simple and all you have to do is take 2 minutes to get registered for free, and then you can start selling Traffic Authority traffic immediately. 

Here’s where you can signup to become an affiliate for Traffic Authority (create account)

We’ve earned an incredible income from many affiliate companies over the years, and Traffic Authority tops them all for some good reasons. 

  1. Traffic Authority pays out affiliates every 2 weeks!
  2. Traffic Authority rewards top affiliates on occasions with monetary, physical, and emotional rewards!
  3. Traffic Authority supports their affiliates fully – making sure you’re getting the commissions you’re owed every single time.

What helps your affiliate efforts and commissions grow even more – is they have amazing customer support as well. So at anytime, you can have your customers you refer upsold and helped out – while you don’t have to lift a finger.

They’re a great company that strives to serve everyone they get in contact with as best as they possibly can.

What Makes Traffic Authority Traffic Different?

When you want the best traffic possible, you really only care about 1 thing. You want the traffic you invest in, to bring you long-term recurring buyers. Because if you don’t get sales, then you can’t keep investing in growing your business. This is why Traffic Authority makes sure they vet their traffic, and make sure that the clicks you’re getting from their service are only high quality potential buyers. 

Think about the amount of money spent on bad traffic. It’s a concept that very few people understand and discuss, even though bad traffic is responsible for billions of dollars lost every single year. This is why it truly is crucial you buy from only high quality traffic sources that have been vetted and proven to produce quality buyers for a long period of time. 

With Traffic Authority being A+ BBB rated ethical company that has been in business for 10 years, it’s no wonder why their customers always come become repeat lifetime buyers.

Why We Buy Traffic From TA

We’ve spent 5 figures on testing out if Traffic Authority stands up to the claims they make of having “boutique traffic”.  To ensure these tests were fair and accurate, we also used TA’s tracking software and our own – and we found that no matters the size of traffic package and clicks we purchased, we still got customers. Now, the potential for you to get an increased number of customers by buying larger traffic packages definitely is something you should consider.

Overall, the traffic from Traffic Authority does generate customers and sales. We know this is true also from working with dozens of other close business partners and having them test out TA traffic as well. Time and time again, Traffic Authority traffic performs!

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