Traffic Authority Affiliate

Traffic Authority Affiliate

Traffic Authority Affiliate Program

Going through the Traffic Authority affiliate review is a pleasure and should ease your mind. It should ease your mind because they are the highest paying traffic affiliate program that I’ve ever seen in 10 years of being in business. And it’s a pleasure for me to do this review because I’m one of the top 10 global affiliate for this incredible traffic company. 

However, this review is going to be a true non-biased and fact based honest look at the traffic authority affiliate program and how it works. 


Traffic Authority Compensation Plan

This commission structure is one of the most valuable and rewarding of any affiliate program I’ve ever found. This video here will walk you through the entire affiliate compensation program and commission structure. If you want a one sentence answer to what the TA comp plan looks like. You get paid 40% commission off any purchase made by your direct downline, and you make an additional 20% commission off of any purchase made by your downlines downline. The Traffic Authority compensation plan is a 2 level commission structure that is handsomely rewarding.


Customer Support & Rewards For Traffic Authority

You’ll find that as you use TA as an affiliate or a customer, they have an incredible support system to make sure any problems you face are taken care of. They have a 24/7 live support button at the bottom of their website if you have any questions that are important or concerning. 

For the rewards program, you’ll find some great incentives to continue buying traffic or continue being an affiliate.

When you’re an avid customer the buys residual, you start earning additional free traffic with every single purchase you make. Overtime of purchasing traffic from them, you’ll be able to earn hundreds to thousands of free clicks that you can send to any offer, funnel, or website of your choice.

On the affiliate side, when you earn certain milestones of commissions, you’ll be rewarded handsomely on occasion with physical and monetary rewards. We in fact have won or placed in the top 3 spot in multiple affiliate contests with Traffic Authority and we’ve won…

1. Plaques.

2. A Fridge.

3. Money.

4. Public Acknowledgment.

And much more!


What’s It Like Being An Affiliate For Traffic Authority?

To be honest, being an affiliate for TA has been the best experience I’ve ever had doing affiliate marketing for over 10 years. The difference between TA and every other affiliate company on the planet is huge. TA actually cares about their customers, their customers are repeat lifetime buyers, and you’re able to make an absolute boat load of money selling what people want and need. 

We’ve also have hung out with and spoke for the CEO of Traffic Authority, Greg Chambers. He’s an ethical and great person who does everything possible to take care of his customers and their needs. Often he over delivers for traffic packages and will individually work with a customer himself if they need it. 

That’s the secret sauce that allows you to scale your affiliate business easy. 

You need a solid ethical company, with undeniably loved products that customers will buy again and again.  I highly recommend that anyone who does affiliate marketing, becomes an affiliate for Traffic Authority – which you can do right here<<

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