Top 4 Email List Softwares for Ecommerce

There are plenty of email list softwares that you can use for Ecommerce. As a result, you would want to choose one of them so that your business can grow quickly.

1 SendShark

Sendshark is our top recommended software that includes more tools from start to finish than the average software. You can send 50,000 follow ups, timed series, or single emails filtered to reach who you want when you want, and guaranteed to reach subscribers’ inboxes. They include powerful subscriber filtering and sending for opens Vs clickers.


2 Mailchimp

MailChimp would definitely be right at the top 4 email list softwares for eCommerce due to the fact that it can also bring you your own website design and hosting. Of course, you would want your own domain as that would say a lot about you as a company. SMS marketing is something they will do and while others do it at an additional cost, they do it for free.


3 Hubspot

Hubspot Marketing is another great option as it has plenty of social media marketing outlets. After all, you would want to have people share your Ecommerce business in more ways than one. Like it or not, social media is the best way to do it and will not cost you as much. There is no need to worry about setting this up because the EMoney team is going to help you do it step by step. They guide you every step of the way until you are confident of what you’re doing.


4 Campaigner

Another wonderful option is Campaigner because its prices are affordable for everything that you’re going to get. There are many templates to choose from and all are great. They even have a 24/7 customer support team who will address any of your questions.



The way businesses do marketing has dramatically changed. The most powerful marketing tool any business should invest in is email marketing. What’s terrific about email marketing is how it can offer a personal touch to how online businesses operate.

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