Solo Ads For Affiliate Marketing

Solo Ads For Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing niche is a vastly growing industry filled with traffic hungry entrepreneurs. Having done affiliate marketing for over 10 years myself, I’ve tested dozens of different solo ads for affiliate marketing with almost $100,000 in ad spend. This means that I’ve been able to carefully go through and find which solo ads are the best for affiliate marketing. Traffic is one of the most important factors in making a business profitable, so the solo ad source I’m about to walk you through have had at least $10,000 of ad spend made through them.

Solo ads have also been one of the fastest and efficient ways to generate leads for any affiliate marketing business. We’ve seen solo ads used in the sales, health, network marketing, telecommunication, make money online from home, and 2 dozen other niches. This means that regardless of your niche, the traffic provided by these solo ads will work for whatever affiliate company you are an affiliate for.

Why Use Solo Ads?

You’ll want to use solo ads for affiliate marketing for a variety of very important reasons. Here’s why solo ads traffic is the best for any affiliate marketer…

  1. Solo ads are cheap but reliable. Among all of the available media traffic source, solo ads offer the lowest Cost Per Click while still offering quality leads and potential customers.
  2. Solo ads deliver quick results. Because a solo ad is an ad that is essentially sent from someone’s email list or media source – the traffic from solo ads delivers quickly and from a quality source.
  3. Solo ads traffic is tracked, filtered, and vetted. You’ll find that almost every solo ads traffic company you buy from, has ways to ensure that all of the traffic they’re delivering is of the highest quality possible. Often these companies like Udimi, or Traffic Authority, will put country and quality filters to ensure that only qualified potential buyers are viewing your offer. They do this to ensure that with every traffic package or solo ads you buy, you’ll be satisfied and very likely to get sales.

Best Solo Ad Companies

There are a few select solo ads companies that have performed the best for us over the years. These solo ads sources have had at least $10,000 spent through them, and they’ve produced a minimum of 3.4 X ROI and profit for us across multiple different affiliate offers.

Here is the list of top solo ad services in the industry that have all been personally tested for quality traffic and sales.

Traffic Authority

Traffic authority traffic is the most reliable and highest ROI profit producing traffic we’ve tested so far. Traffic Authority has a very ethical and caring CEO at its lead (Greg Chambers) which ensures that every click delivered is the best possible. We have actually spoken for the CEO at his event because we’re among the leaders in this company. After testing TA traffic, and after showing hundreds of others how well TA traffic performs, we’re 100% sure that the best solo ad source in affiliate marketing is TA.

The Traffic authority traffic is priced around $1.20 a click depending on the package you buy. While this is a higher price then some competitors, the reason behind it is that TA offers the highest quality traffic possible. You see, what’s more important than trying to save money on clicks, is not WASTING money on clicks. The majority of wasted ad spend goes to bad and low quality traffic. Hence, some traffic is more expensive – but it will get you actual buyers and sales. And more of them more often! We hold TA at the top of our traffic priority list, and it always will be our #1 go to option for solo ad traffic.

Udimi Solo Ads

The second best solo ads for affiliate marketing that we’ve tested, is Udimi solo ads. Udimi has been a staple in the industry for over 10 years, offering solo ads from dozens of different vetted solo ad providers. The cool thing about Udimi is you can actually talk with and choose from any solo ad vendor that you’d like. Udimi traffic packages cost around $0.40 – $0.75 per click. Often, the more clicks you purchase, the less costly the CPC’s will be.

They also have a special rating system, where after a solo ad is purchased the buyer of that solo ad, can leave feedback that is posted publicly for all to see, this really helps for selecting reliable and quality sellers.

We recommend this as our 2nd favorite solo ad option to choose from.

Traffic For Me Solo Ads

Traffic for me is the 3rd option that we occasionally go too for traffic and leads. It’s a solid solo ads source of traffic in the affiliate marketing industry that has good quality clicks. While we’ve spent less and have seen less customers from TFM .vs. other solo ad sources like TA and Udimi – TFM gets a reliable enough ROI and profit from traffic for it to be a good option still.

One of the very positives of this solo ad traffic source, is that they offer more niche categories than some of the other solo ad providers or networks. Health, survival, financial, personal development, and business opportunity niches. All of their traffic packages deliver from 100% English speaking countries. They can deliver over 1.4 million unique clicks monthly.

TrafficForMe has been in the industry for years, and is an ethical standing good company. Solo ads for affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to build your income online.

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