Small Video Hosting

small video hosting

Small Video Hosting

Choosing a smaller alternative to the main video hosting platforms can be a very smart choice. As the video hosting social media networks grow rapidly, so does their censorship and shutdowns. The best thing about alternative video hosting, you’ll be able to have full control of your content while also being able to monetize your videos however you wish. Small video hosting and most video hosting for business is better than the big brands you’ll commonly find. We’ve started moving our video content to a new platform ourselves. Let’s move forward to which video hosting companies are both affordable and reliable for your video future.

Video Hosting On A Budget

Often when facing video hosting decisions you want to go with the option that is the cheapest. (And that also has the most services). In the current video hosting industry, this is a huge problem right now. You see, hosting videos is actually a huge expense for most video hosting companies. While normal website hosting is relatively cheap, video hosting takes up much more data and faster. Because of the amount of data video takes to host and be viewed, most companies are forced to either charge big ticket prices, or have loads of advertising across all users content. This is what makes it hard to decide which small video hosting platform to choose, when you only have a select amount of either free (but ad filled) or ad free (but costly) video hosting options to pick from.

So which video hosting options are the best for you to choose from?

Honestly the list is very small. Now, when you want to find a company to stay with for the long term, there has only been one we’ve found that made the cut. Rumble was almost an option, however they are still a very slow to grow and upload video platform. Additionally they do have ads, although they do have free speech. We took a look at Youtube, Wistia, Vimeo, and many others to discover there is one main option anyone should choose. 

Viduber, which is a new video hosting company, is starting to dominate the market place. Unlike just about every other video hosting platform in the world… Viduber is the cheapest, free speech, ad free, and most reliable video hosting company in the market place. 

Why Choose Viduber Video Hosting

The choice for Viduber being your main video hosting choice is one we just made for ourselves too. We of course have video presences on other video hosting platforms like YouTube and Rumble. However, we’re moving our business video and other videos over to Viduber because of it’s advantages. Think for a second… Take a look at YouTube. YouTube has shutdown channels with tens of millions of subscribers on more than one occasion. With Viduber, your channel can never be shutdown and you have complete control. 

Take a look at other platforms. Who controls the monetization? Who controls what can or can’t be put up? Who decides where ads go and what you can say? Twitch has shut down many creators for a variety of ridiculous reasons. 

This all goes to show, that even huge influencers with millions of followers can be shutdown at a moments notice. So what can you do? Use Viduber, and take control of your videos. Post what you want, monetize how you please, and earn as much as you’d like as well! (They have an incredible affiliate program to).

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