Private Video Hosting

Private Video Hosting Services

If you’re looking for private video hosting – then look no further. While there are a large variety of different video hosting companies – very few of them are private. And also, very few of them have no censorship, and no ads. This is why Joel Therien, the CEO of this new private video hosting company, decided to create this new sensation. This new video hosting company offers the same services as its  competitors and even more. With Viduber you can…

  1. Stream videos seamlessly across social media platforms
  2. Host videos of any kind in any industry, without worry of being censored.
  3. Keep your video truly private and only open to viewers of your choice.
  4. Decide how YOU want to monetize your content – instead of being dependent on the platform to monetize your content for you.

This private video host company is new and in zero debt.

The parent company behind it has also done multiple 9 figures in the hosting services space. This shows that the company is reliable while being able to last through the years after being in business for 2 decades.

Founder Of Viduber Private Video Hosting

Joel Therien is the CEO of this company who has been in business for decades. He’s a highly ethical multi-business mogul who truly cares about his customers more than anything else. He’s a close friend of ours as well, who we’ve flown to see on 6 different occasions. Because of this, we know exactly what goes behind the scenes of making Viduber the best video hosting service in the world.

One of the major differences that sets Viduber apart from all others, is that the company owns their very own data center and servers. The majority of other companies in the marketplace outsource their hosting to GoDaady, Google, Amazon and other providers. Joel has owned a hosting company, GVO, for 20 years. He uses the same servers that have been hosting hundreds of thousands of websites for decades – to host these same private videos. There is no middleman with their services.

You can feel safe and secure knowing that their privacy has never been breached. As well, their servers have never had a massive attacks taken on them in a way that revealed any personal information of their users.

The company has incredibly secure hosting servers with enough data to consume 10X of what they currently supply.

Video Hosting Freedom Concerns

The political atmosphere has grown increasingly polar over the past decade, so it’s safe to say that no one wants to be shutdown. Companies, brand, and huge corporations have been shutdown because of media companies not liking someone’s point of view. This is where Viduber comes in to play. Free speech means the world to Viduber, since it’s one of our constitutions main amendments. It’s a basic human right.

This is why Viduber offers private, censorship free hosting that no one can compare with. If you have religious, political, sickness, or any views of any kind you’re afraid to speak of – it’s okay. Your content and videos are safe here no matter what!

If you’re interested in learning more about this private video service then you should go here now.

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