List Leverage Scam or Good Company?

List Leverage Scam

How To Know If List Leverage Scam Or A Good Company

In the online world there is a lot of uncertainty on which companies are legit or which ones are scams. Today I’m going to clarify whether or not the company List Leverage scam, or is List Leverage legit company that will continually grow and helps its customers make money online.

You should know that this List Leverage reviews and article is being made by someone that is the #1 affiliate for the customers, and an avid customer. So you can feel certain that this is coming from a place of experience and from someone who has used the List Leverage system itself. Also, you can know that this is a solid walk-through of List Leverage, as we have also led over 1000 others through the List Leverage system successfully.

Signs That List Leverage Is A Legit Company

List Leverage has been in business for over 2 years now, and has paid out millions of dollars to its affiliates. It has a real and growing customer base that shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Matthew Neer the CEO and Founder of List Leverage has been in business for over 10 years, which shows the longevity of the credible business mind behind this company. 

List Leverage does even more to show that it is a credible solid and debt free company that anyone can use to get more leads and build a real online business. 

  1. They pays out bi-weekly, and on time. 
  2. The founder of List Leverage has been a credible multi-business owner and certified Platinum Clickbank Affiliate for over 10 years.
  3. List Leverage had a reliable refund policy, and is a registered business. 
  4. List Leverage provides consistently great support to all customers and those looking to become customers or affiliates.
  5. The company was founded on zero debt.
  6. The company allows anyone to join regardless of ethnic, racial, or other backgrounds.
  7. They are designed with the beginner in mind, but set up for experienced marketers as well.


I’ve met the founder of List Leverage on multiple occasions. He’s a close friend and business partner, who has always shown to be ethical, and a great person to be around. 

(see below for a picture of Matthew Neer far right, Richard Weberg middle right, Greg Chambers middle, and Jon Weberg middle left.)

Richard And John Weberg Getting List Leverage Award

List Leverage Supports Affiliates and Members

This company makes sure to support their affiliates and members with physical, emotional, and monetary rewards. You see above a picture of the List Leverage founders giving us an award for commissions earned and leadership in the company. 

List Leverage does this often, and especially at the List Leverage events and List Leverage masterminds. They reward those who even are the highest earners. People and community members who engage, show leadership, or help others, are also recognized and appreciate publicly. 

As you see, List Leverage is a real company that actually cares about it’s members and users regardless of background or accomplishments. They are not a scam, they have helped thousands of people.

If you want to learn more about List Leverage and what it can do for you,  just click here to learn more.

The List Leverage System is Great

For those who are looking to make a digital income online, the List Leverage system is a legit and good company that cares about everyone who becomes a part of their system. They are no signs that we’ve found ever to suggest that it is a scam or anything even close to it. So in closing you’re going to find it is NOT true that List Leverage scam. It is a growing platform that will continually help people make a real income online and establish their own legitimate business.

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