KnownHost WordPress Hosting Review

KnownHost is a hosting provider based in the United States. They’re a premium hosting company that has been in the hosting industry for over 15 years. While being one of the main hosting providers many people decide to host their website with, there are some additional factors you should consider before investing with KnownHost. With many trying out this web hosting platform, there are a couple of main pros and cons that ones should know if they’re thinking about performing web hosting.

Many of the factors people need to consider in investing in website hosting are…

  1. Security – Will your server be secure? Will you be safe from hackers and large amounts of bot traffic?
  2. Speed – Are KnownHost servers fast? Will your site not bog down, and will you have fast load times?
  3. Scalability – In the case your business or passion grows exponentially, can KnownHost servers handle large amounts of traffic
  4. Support – When you have problems or questions, will KnownHost support be reliable and there for your needs?

These are questions we’re going to answer, and go through why KnownHost could be a good web hosting company for you to choose to work with.

Here is our KnownHost WordPress Hosting review

Pros Of KnownHost Hosting

24/7 Customer Support

You won’t have to worry about what time it is at the KnownHost headquarters when you’re experiencing technical difficulties. There is a 24/hr line where you are able to call whenever you want and there will surely be someone who would answer your call. It feels great to be dealing with a company that has a 24/7 customer service team so that you won’t have to wait until the next day for a problem to be solved.

KnownHost also has a live chat feature right on their website.

You can even ask their opinion regarding which hosting plan is best for you. Each hosting platform is pretty unique so you’ll have to tell them exactly what you’re looking for when considering your budget. 

KnownHost Customer Support

Most hosting companies rely upon cheap support services out of country that are almost never able to solve your problems. With KnownHost, you’re getting great support lines that are knowledgeable and able to help you with any hosting problems you might incur. 

One Month Money Back Guarantee

No matter what package you choose to buy, you will surely get a thirty day money back guarantee. As a result, you can assure that they are confident of their skills. Having true money back guarantees like this show KnownHost’s ability to out-compete others as well. While many hosting companies will try to swindle you into another hosting package, KnownHost has integrity and will fulfill their guarantee – no questions asked.

Website Migrations Included

One of the things that you may need is website migration, if you already have your own website. When you transfer hosting from a different company or server, website migration is necessary. As well, if you’re just starting to host and create a website, setup to the server will be automatic for you when you purchase your hosting. 

Unlike many other hosting solutions, KnownHost provides Done-For-You website migration free of charge. KnownHost prides themselves on customer service. They want to impress and amaze their customers so that they will be lifetime customers. 

Cons Of KnownHost Hosting

No Website Builder

Despite its many packages, not a single one of them contains a website builder. As a result, this is one thing that you must look for on your own. However, most hosting providers don’t provide a website builder, and if they do it’s not a quality website builder. We recommend that if you want a website or funnel builder, then you need use a CRM like ActiveCampaign. This ActiveCampaign review covers everything they provide for your business – including a website builder.

However, if you are simply are putting up a WordPress based website, then purchasing their managed WordPress hosting package, they will install your site with a temporary theme you can easily change in your admin area.

No Windows Hosting

If Windows Hosting is what you are looking for then you might have to look for other options. This is due to the fact that their options are for Linux hosting.

As can be seen from the KnownHost WordPress Hosting review about, it is pretty much a good deal to invest in this hosting option. With a multitude of positive reviews on the site, you’re likely to stay on your course for success. You can also feel safe and secure while filling out all the required information when you are creating an account right on the platform. As, KnownHost has a secure signup process, and extremely secure hosting servers.

KnownHost Alternatives

There are a variety of other great hosting providers you should consider if you don’t believe KnownHost will be the right hosting company for you. There is 1 company that we consider the best hosting provider in the world that you should consider, this Liquid Web review will cover everything about Liquid Web hosting and what it can offer you.

KnownHost Alternatives

If you’re looking for a hosting service that specializes in wordpress hosting, then you should consider Nexcess Web Hosting.

Nexcess is a Liquid Web product and sub-company that provides dedicated wordpress hosting servers.

Is KnownHost Reliable?

This is one of the most common questions asked about KnownHost, and any hosting provider. The answer is, yes. KnownHost guarantees a 99.99% uptime with every single one of their hosting packages. 

They are truly a dependable company that wants to provide a premium hosting service without having premium hosting prices. They’re affordable, and definitely a great option for any business, entrepreneur, or passion.

Final Thoughts On KnownHost WordPress Hosting Review

KnownHost is a great choice for website hosting. Whether you are looking for WordPress hosting specifically, or you’re considering hosting for another kind of website such as ecommerce. KnownHost is a flexible and reliable service. They have good server speeds, security, safety, and scalability. This means that they can handle large amounts of traffic as well.

We highly recommend become a KnownHost customer, as we are a customer ourselves!

You can get Knownhost hosting here (it’s our #2 recommended hosting provider)

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