Knownhost Web Hosting Services

Gearing up for an online business equates to different factors that you need to take into consideration. Just like any other setting for establishing an offline enterprise, there are also various ways for you to have your business known and advertised to your target audience.

If physical advertisements for traditional business are done through the distribution of flyers, newspaper ads or placing billboards in public places, online settings, on the other hand, makes use of websites that will cater all of the necessary information regarding your business and help advertise your business to your target audience.

And your website is responsible for helping create your entire digital presence. For this digital presence to be secure and wide spread – you need quality hosting that is dependable. We’re going to go over in this KnownHost Web Hosting Services review… What is web hosting, and why is KnownHost a potential hosting provider choice for you.

What is Web Hosting?

For a single entrepreneur or a whole organization to be able to place their business websites, e-commerce shops, or even their websites onto the internet, utilization of servers to provide this service is needed. That process is called web hosting. A web host offers a set number of different resources on their server that will permit other devices or computers to have access to your website by plenty of different digital methods of operation.

In sum, website hosting services are comparable to buying a certain portion of land where you can build the physical building of your business company.

In an online setting, it is the portion of an internet land where your website storefront is placed. Depending on the model of business that you are running and its size, there are a lot of web hosting services that you can acquire. Thus, it is necessary to get to know your business for you to find a web host that can accommodate your business well.

There are a variety of important web hosting factors that determine which web hosting companies are the best to use. Each of these factors will dictate your site speed, number of visitors you can handle, and so much more. Here are all of the most important web hosting factors you need to consider..

  1. Hosting Security – You need to work with a hosting company with great security. Having your website hacked needs to be prevented.
  2. Hosting Speed – If your website isn’t fast, people won’t use it – and your conversion rates all decrease.
  3. Hosting Scalability – You need to be able to quickly upgrade and have your server hit with large amounts of traffic.
  4. Hosting uptime – Your website needs to be up 24/7. Cheap web hosting providers will let you down.

what is web hosting

These 4 determining factors should dictate which hosting company you choose to work with. You’ll find after going through this review, if you believe Knownhost Web Hosting services is right for you. Read through this review thoroughly and do your best to use your own discretion.

Knownhost Web Hosting Services

Deciding on what web host will you choose to place your business websites is quite a challenging decision. It is one of the keys to the success of your business. Thus, it is a vital factor that you need to highly take into consideration.

With a fully managed platform offered, KnownHost takes web hosting service to a different level, more advanced than most other web host. They are your trusted full-time partner in your web hosting experience and assure that you’re guided throughout the process. Moreover, they offer different types of web hosting, depending on your personal preference or to the need of your business that you can fully choose from. It includes:

• Shared Hosting for multiple websites utilizing a single server.

Reseller hosting, a flexible hosting package deal.

• Managed Virtual Private Server (VPS)

• Kernel-based Virtual Machine Cloud Servers

Dedicated Servers

Knownhost Web Hosting Services

Why Use KnownHost?

There are many web hosting competitors in the hosting space. We’ve found that there are only a select few that are worth the investment. No, we aren’t talking about HostGator, Bluehost or GoDaddy. We’ve found them to be among the worst hosting and domain providers to ever exist. KnownHost, and a few others we’ll go through – are the best hosting providers to exist.

We’ve found that KnownHost meets the necessary requirements for a top tier hosting provider service. 

  • KnownHost has great security programed into their servers. This ensures you won’t be hacked and that your hosting is secure.
  • KnownHost has 99.99% uptime guarantee. This means that it’s virtually impossible for your websites to ever be down for any reason.
  • KnownHost hosting speeds are benchmarked above most other hosting companies. This means your website will be fast and load.
  • KnownHost has great scalability. You can upgrade your servers at anytime and have access to some of the best servers in the world.

why use knownhost

KnownHost is among the best hosting providers you can use and find. We only have 2 other main hosting recommendations that we also suggest using and investing in. Here are the few main hosting competitors we are also customers for and suggest using.

Known Host Competitors

There are a 2 main hosting companies you should be aware of, that offer the same or higher quality hosting then KnownHost.

  1. LiquidWeb Hosting
  2. WPX Hosting

Each of these hosting companies have been in the industry for years. While Liquid Web is our #1 suggested hosting provider, WPX is a decent competitor as well.

Each of the linked companies above you can read a full review that we’ve done on both of them. 

Web Hosting Services Final Thoughts On KnownHost

As an entrepreneur who runs an online business, it is important to have an online presence for you to attract your target audience who can be one of your possible customers. For you to have an online presence, the first step that you need to take is to acquire web hosting services. As it’s a vital step to take, it’s important to have this as a challenge. It needs a more thorough decision making as falling into a pit of a scam or a web host with bad services will hugely impact the success of your business.

We use KnownHost Web hosting Services, and are real customers. From our experience, we’ve had an incredible uptime, great website loading speeds, and we’ve never been hacked even a single time. Click here to learn more about KnownHost.

Web Hosting Services Final Thoughts On KnownHost

KnownHost in an affordable hosting solution that we highly recommend. However, if you want a truly incredible hosting experience with an even more reliable company – then we suggest you check out Liquid Web.

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