Is List Leverage Legit?

Is List Leverage Legit?

There are a lot of programs promoting different ways of making money online. With the world becoming more and more digitalized, ecommerce is a great money-making technique for online business. List Leverage is one of the programs to promote your products online. We will give you a detailed description of this program and how to make money using it.

What is List Leverage?

This program uses a specialized way of sending emails and generating an email list by involving users to do the job. Matthew Neer is the designer of this program and is a famous internet marketing expert.

How Does It Work?

The List Leverage program is simple and effective. You have to set up your initial email list. People will join the program and get an option to send emails to more people and add them to their commission list. There are six levels of the referral program. If you refer a person by using email, the system will include the person in your list. If the person buys anything, referring person will get a commission. When more people join the program, the referring person will go to higher levels and get more commission. You will also get a commission from the second level when the person you have referred sends an email to others. It solves one of the biggest problems in email marketing. As hundreds of persons are sending emails, there are fewer chances of email landing in the spam box.


If you are not an email marketing expert, you should start with the new joiner program for $49.00 every month. For some advanced users, it is possible to pay $398.00 for the annual membership. There are also upsell items like the special pages that will cost $97.00 extra.

Is List Leverage legit?

By looking at all the aspects of the List Leverage program, we can conclude that it is excellent for internet marketers. There is no risk involved because you will get a 30-day

money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the results.


Is List Leverage Legit?

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