How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing (2022 Guide)

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to get started making money online.

The internet has opened the doors for people all around the world to be able to come online and create a side hustle that does not interfere much in one’s life.

No matter if you are off traveling or in the comfort of your own home, you can make money online with affiliate marketing.

All you need is a device such as a laptop, desktop computer, or phone and an internet connection.

As an affiliate marketer you are able to connect with other businesses online by joining their affiliate programs and selling their products for profits.

So in today’s article we will be sharing some of the best ways on how to make money with affiliate marketing, as well as offering some tips and other suggestions all based off of us being in this industry for almost a combined three decades.

The first question we want to answer that we get asked all of the time is:

Can anyone do affiliate marketing?

If you are of legal age then yes. In most cases businesses in which you get into an affiliate marketing program will require you to be 18 years of age. So, can a 14 year old do affiliate marketing? Not so much, except I will give you an example of how my son John Weberg actually got his start in affiliate marketing.

When he was ten years old he built a very simple gaming website using a pre-done template and a free website builder, then he proceeded to start advertising it, and he actually gained subscribers to his website.

Now, he was basically doing and learning affiliate marketing per say, but without selling anything.

A few years later I asked a long time business friend of mine who had an affiliate program for his products, if John could join his affiliate program even though he was only 15, he said yes as long as I was supervising him, and he would bank his commissions and only pay him once he reached 18 or pay them to me.

Most affiliate programs have a disclaimer like this one: By signing up to the XX affiliate program you agree that – You are of legal age and there is no legal reason that would prevent or disallow you from promoting products as an affiliate and earning commissions from these promotions.

If you are below the age of 18, you may use our website only with the permission and active involvement of a parent or legal guardian.

Some affiliate programs may allow someone younger than 18 to participate, in you are under 18 always read through their affiliate agreement first before joining.

There can always be some exception to the rule.

Basically if you can read and write and are of legal age, you can do affiliate marketing, there is absolutely nothing stopping you.

Is it hard to make money with affiliate marketing?

For some people it is hard, not everyone is successful with affiliate marketing, some make a lot of money, even some make millions doing it, yet some make nothing at all.

Why is that?

Because not everyone spends the time and effort learning how to properly market online. Some people come into it with the wrong mentality, they think it is like a job, and somehow just because they go on their computer and share one of their affiliate links, money should automatically come to them.

Most people do it backwards when they get started, they join an affiliate program, but soon come to realize they have no idea what to do next and lots of people are actually unwilling to learn, and that is exactly why they fail.

Why is it easy to make money with affiliate marketing for some people?

Some people are just more ready than other people and they take off with a bang, sometimes almost instant success.

We know a guy who has only been involved with affiliate marketing for the last two years now, and he has made almost 2 million dollars already, he is now making over $150,000.00 monthly. He is literally making ten times more money in a year than the average McDonald’s franchise owner.

See, affiliate marketing is your own business, and to make money doing it, you need to treat it as such. When given the opportunity to learn some new marketing skills, you need to take advantage of it, because it will help you see how to make money with affiliate marketing fast.

It all comes down to your willingness to learn and implement what you have learned. You can not be a procrastinator, or afraid to invest in your affiliate marketing business.

So you may be asking yourself, how fast can I make money with affiliate marketing?

And the answer is simply, only you can determine that. Your success and how fast you earn with affiliate marketing will all be determined by what you do, it has nothing to do with what anyone else does.

How to start making money with affiliate marketing

1. Choose your niche

What is it you’re looking to promote and sell, you need to start by focusing on one particular niche.

First, do you want to sell digitally delivered products like software, web hosting, courses, ebooks, or do you want to sell physical products such as jewelry, vitamins, clothing, fishing equipment, etc.

Next dial it in. If it is physical products you want to sell, do not try to sell all products from all categories. It would be a great mistake to try to market everything by trying to sell many different categories of products. Same with digitally delivered products.

Doing so will probably deny you the opportunity to focus on a specific product category deeply, and the result may turn opposite of what you anticipated. Rather than popularizing an endless list of products, just popularize a section of items that are distinct, lucrative, and can target a specific audience.

As an example, you really do not want to start by trying to sell vitamins, jewelry and fishing equipment, they do not go together and will deny you really getting to know the multitudes of products in those three totally different categories. Narrow it down to one, then get to know the products in that category really well. Maybe even pick a category of products that you already know well and have some passion about.

This will help you to make more sales faster because you know your products. People like to buy from people who seem to know what they are talking about. You can not be all things to all people. A jack of all products and a master of none does not work well in affiliate marketing.

Plus in your advertising, you will need to focus on targeting groups of people that have an interest in what you are selling. You can not possibly target the right people when you are trying to sell everything and anything, it just does not make much sense.

It is easier to sell someone who just bought a fishing pole, some tackle to go with it, then it is to then sell them a diamond ring..Make sense?

2. Join Affiliate Programs

Secondly, you need to sign up with affiliate programs that represent your chosen niche and category. You may need to sign up to more than one to cover a variety of the products within your line of product you wish to promote.

There are many popular affiliate marketing platforms that represent a variety of businesses. Some businesses have their own custom affiliate program, and many others use third party affiliate marketing platforms to sell their products and services, such as ClickBank, Amazon, ShareASale, Impact, Fiverr, etc. Depending on what type of products you are choosing to sell will determine what affiliate programs or platforms you join.

Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms

ClickBank: If you are interested in selling digitally delivered products and services, ClickBank is one of the largest you will find. Their affiliate marketplace has mostly courses, ebooks, marketing software, and income type opportunities within it. The businesses that list their products there that you can sell generally pay a very high commission rate, usually ranging from 30% on up to 75%.

Amazon: Can be great as an add on for any category of physical products you choose to sell, because they pretty much have everything under the sun. Only problem with Amazon is they pay a very low commission rate average of only 5%. But because they represent so many physical product lines, it can be good to use them in circumstances when you can not find an affiliate program for specific products.

ShareASale: Represents both digitally delivered products and physical products, you would need to join their platform and search their merchant database, as they have thousands of merchants represented. Commissions vary greatly depending upon the merchant and type of products. Some pay very high commissions others pay very low.

Impact: Has both digitally delivered products and physical products as well. You would need to join their platform and search their merchant database, as they have thousands of merchants represented. Commissions vary greatly depending upon the merchant and type of products. Some pay very high commissions others pay very low.

Fiverr: Their platform represents the largest database of freelancers in the world. Many entrepreneurs and businesses are seeking out freelancers to do work for them, and will pay handsomely for their services. This could be your opportunity to sell these services for big commissions, as Fiverr pays very generous commissions to affiliates. They have multiple ways to earn. $15-$150 CPA and $10 CPA + 10% RevShare.

These best affiliate marketing platforms have a few things in common. They are the largest and some of the longest running affiliate platforms online, and have paid out billions of dollars to their affiliates.

As we mentioned above, some companies have their own custom affiliate program, they do not use a third party platform like the ones we have highlighted.

So if you have specific brands in mind that you absolutely love and want to sell, you would need to go to their website and check in the header or footer to see if you can find a link that will say something like “Affiliates” or “Affiliate Program.” Once you find that link click on it, and it will bring you to join their affiliate program.

how to find affiliate program link in footer

Keep in mind some affiliate programs you need to apply to, and get approved.

3. Choose your promotional methods

This is the most important part on how to make money with affiliate marketing, this is where the real work begins and what separates those who make money with affiliate programs, and those who do not. This is where your willingness to learn a bit comes into play.

There are many promotional methods that work, some work much better than others, so we are now going to only list the best ways to advertise affiliate links. These are the proven time tested methods that always work. The most successful affiliate marketers online use these methods including us.

Best ways to advertise affiliate links

YouTube – If you already have your own YouTube channel that is great, if you do not, now would be the time to start one. YouTube is a fabulous place to get free website traffic to your offers. Over 1 billion hours of video are watched every single day on YouTube.

You can do product review videos, how to videos, and comparison type videos, etc. There is no limit to the ways of sharing products on YouTube. Every time you upload a video to YouTube there is a place for you to add your title, Keywords, and description. In the description is where you put your affiliate links for the product you are doing the video on.

Now, there are many ins and outs to effective YouTube marketing, and we highly recommend first taking a course specific on how to make money with affiliate marketing on YouTube. This will speed up your success immensely.

We can not stress enough to not do trial and error..Invest a bit into learning and you will thank us later, I guarantee it!

Best YouTube Affiliate Marketing Courses

  1. YouTube Market Domination
  2. YouTube Masterclass

Blogging – Content will always be king, as the search engines love quality content. Free organic search engine traffic is the holy grail of marketing. It offers some of the highest conversions you will find, and a fantastic way to promote your affiliate links.

Just like YouTube, blogging creates long lasting pillars of website traffic. You can get traffic to your content for years, by only having done the work once to get it. It is like residual traffic that can keep paying and paying..

Blogging takes a bit more time to reap the benefits than doing videos on YouTube, but well worth the effort, and should be a cornerstone of one’s marketing and promotion plan with affiliate marketing.

We have a free course where we can help you get started blogging. In our course we walk you through with easy to follow screen share videos. We will show you how to make money blogging with affiliate marketing.

EmoneyPeeps Free Course

Email Marketing – Last, but certainly not least is the fastest way to build like, know and trust with potential customers. Email marketing has stood the test of time, and is the number one way to build loyal repeat buyers who buy from you again, and again.

Email marketing enables you to build leads that go into your autoresponder where you can email your leads anytime you want at a click of your mouse. Email marketing is another long lasting pillar, we have people that have been on our email list for 15 years, and buy from us over and over again.

You should always tie in email marketing with blogging and in using Youtube, this way the traffic you are generating through these advertising methods also builds your email list at the same time making you affiliate sales. We will show you how to do this in our free course as well.

Read Also: How to start an email business in 10 simple steps

Can you make a lot of money from affiliate marketing?

That is the strength of the marketing methods we have listed here, when you combine all three as we do, you can write your own ticket and make as much money as you want. We only use and recommend marketing strategies that enable you to keep reaping the rewards and that can keep paying you in traffic, leads and sales.

There are other methods out there, but none that build long term pillars of results, they are not worth the effort. We do not share things that are not long lasting for the effort and investment put in. These three methods above are the best of the best!

Take the time to learn them well, as they will pay you handsomely when done right.

Can you start affiliate marketing with no money?

To make an endeavor successful online, including affiliate marketing, it is going to take some time, effort and money on your part. The great thing the internet has done is enabled anyone to come online with very limited funds and start a successful business.  

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Test, Measure, and Track Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts

It’s through testing and evaluating the performance of an action you can get to know what works and what does not. If some marketing you are doing is not working, or giving you some kind of positive traction, learn more and improve upon it until it does. Because all of the marketing strategies we have laid out for you are proven to be the most successful methods.

Once you have it dialed in, move on to scaling your actions to create faster and larger results.

 How To Make High Ticket Affiliate Sales

There is a growing interest in how to do high ticket affiliate marketing and sales that has increased over the past few years especially. People are wanting to put in less work and be able to earn larger affiliate commissions in the size of thousands of dollars made from each and every single customer referred.

We always have some high ticket sales in our mix of affiliate offers.

So we have added this video here at the end, so you can learn to not be afraid of promoting products and services that are much larger tickets.

We make high ticket sales every month and so can you eventually.

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing: Final Verdict

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and effective ways to make money online. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that it is easy to get started and manage. For those who do it well, and learn how to make money with affiliate marketing using the promotional methods we laid out, will be on their way to being a big success. The EMoneyPeeps online community knows how to help you in this process!

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