How To Close In Sales

How To Close In Sales Easy

The topic of sales covers just about every single industry in the world. Whether you sell cars, water machines, own a marketing agency, or are trying to convince your wife you should get a new truck – everyone at some point is trying to sell something to someone. And while the majority of the marketplace doesn’t know how to sell correctly, I want to show you truly how to close in sales easy. 

Regardless of your background experience, most likely you’ve been taught or have overheard how to do sales. Unfortunately the vast majority of sales advice is either wrong or outdated. Because in all reality, selling should be easy, right? If you’re selling burgers and have a hungry audience then you should sell out in a few minutes. But, most people’s sales process is so wrong it hurts. 

And this sales process that you bring a client or prospect through is what truly does the selling. Here’s another example of why this is the case… If you are talking to a prospect and they constantly are giving you objections, what does that mean? Most of the time if you’re facing many objections then you’re talking to the wrong kinds of clients. I’m here today to guide you on how to make sure you’re talking to the right clients and closing almost every single sale guaranteed. Because think about it…

Clients who want your products or services.

  1. Want what you’re offering
  2. Need what you’re offering
  3. Can afford what you’re offering
When this situation is the case then sales come in day and night. However, most people face more objections then they can bare to handle. And most people have clients who they have to “convince” and “talk into” buying, which means they aren’t actually interested. So let’s go through how you can stop selling, and start closing prospects.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Selling

The process of selling has been taught by many in the wrong way. Generations of salesmen, sales coaches, and more – have all told you the wrong advice. “Use pressure”. “Don’t let them leave”. “Follow Up Endlessly”. You’ve heard these sayings time and time again. 

There is a MUCH easier way to sell. And it doesn’t even involve doing anything “salesy”. This is a highly ethical and reasonably easy way to close any client. Yes, with what I’m about to go through if it’s applied correctly – you can use this in any industry – on any prospect. 

You don’t want to sell, you want to ask questions and clarify.

By asking questions and clarifying, you’re able to help the prospect identify their own problems. And you know what happens when people identify their own problems? They want to solve them, and they trust you more because you didn’t shove your solutions down their throat.

The greatest thing about this method is brilliant. By asking questions in the right order and in a way you can get the prospect to sell themselves. Crazy, right? So let’s go through how you can start asking questions and closing 2x – 4X higher.

You Should Be Questioning

The main goal of a sales conversation is to identify what the prospects wants. Once you’ve found the main issues a prospect has, you’re able to ask them questions to find out how they want those problems solved. Now you’re able to ask if you proposal of solutions would solve those problems. If a client says yes, you got the sale! If they say no? All you have to do is ask more questions to identify their objections. 

Doesn’t this approach sound better? You no longer have to pressure or argue with a client about what they should or shouldn’t be doing. All you have to do is ask questions that clarify what the prospect needs. As questions are answered you learn more and can ask more questions to walk the customer along the selling journey.

I highly recommend you use this in any sales situation of any kind. You could even use this when tried to argue your point, are trying to convince a friend to do something, or want to win a debate. You just have to ask questions that lead to your solutions being the answers to those questions.

How To Close The Sales If They Give Objections

In any sales situation you’re gong to face objections of some kind. Even if you follow the sales process I laid out (which reduces objections) you will occasionally face objections. How you deal with these objections, can determine if you get a sale or not. Most people, follow a “go to script” to take care of objections. However, this is also unnatural and most likely will lead to a loss of the sale. 

So how do you take care of objections and move the sales forward to a close?

You guessed it – to close a sale you need to ask more clarifying questions. 

When someone says, “I need to think about it.” You reply with, “Is it the price, or what else is there that you’re concerned about?”

When someone says, “It’s to expensive”. You reply with, “If I gave you a split pay option, would that help you afford it?”

Do you understand the magic of clarifying questions? They allow you to identify and solve all problems a customer may have. It’s brilliant!

How To Close A Sales If They Say No

This is the one answer in sales that not even I want to hear. However, from time to time even the best sales people are told no. How do you still close a client when they say that they aren’t interested?

You follow up with clarifying questions of course. A day or 2 after a sales call you can begin following up with a prospect. You follow up and ask for example, “I hope everything is going alright for you. How else can I help you out?” Or you could even ask, “What else can I do for you?” Or lastly, “I still feel confident we can get you those results, how can we make this work?”

This guide is truly the path to closing at a higher rate and getting more sales. Follow it closely, and you will see more results!

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