How To Build Your Own Brand & Why It Makes You More Money

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How To Build Your Own Brand

Building your brand is truly the key to making more money in your business than ever before.

How to build your own brand & why it truly matters to makes you more money.

It’s something as old as Coca-Cola, as rough a Harley Chopper, and is the

reason that those well known household names – still exist today.


Because when you think of your favorite products/services/brands you shop from at home, what comes to mind?

The smell of the food…

The feeling of the jacket…

The beautiful sound of the bass…


Whatever the case may be, you know and respect and almost

buy from your favorite brand.


Why is this?


Building a brand is building a personality.


That’s right.


When you build a brand, YOUR own website, YOUR OWN content, and YOU are

the source of authority and respect – you can promote and sell whatever you please.


Because you, are what the consumer built like know and trust with.

Your products do matter, and so much more of your marketing.


But the truth still lies in – this saying right here.


People don’t buy products or services, they buy people.

That’s why your brand, your website, and your blog matter.


This is why some companies spend millions of dollars JUST on brand recognition.

Take a look at Apple, McDonalds, and so on…

Most of their commercials don’t even tell you directly to buy anything.

They don’t send you to a their website even!


Because they understand that if the consumer feels great about them,

they’ll invest because they trust them.

This is why, building your own brand with a blog, website, and content is crucial.

Without them – you’re just another consumer.




You need to have your own website, produce your own content, and

become a true business for yourself.


This will build trust with YOUR name.

Build YOU as an authority.


And compared to your competition…


You’ll be the first one your audience buys from.


Think for a second…


Why are you reading this??


You’re seeking information and because of it – you see the writer (me)

as an authority and usually as being right.


Imagine for a second…

You had YOUR own blog, website, and authority that your audience craved and wanted to buy from on a daily basis.


How much would that help your business grow right now?

This is why building your brand  makes you more money – every time!


It’s a platform that builds overtime.


Residual and lasting trust.

You’re used to being told…


*Funnels funnels, money make it fast and now,

speed speed get it done now!


When the fact is – building a real business that’s actually going to grow and make you a

crap ton of money – takes time.


And it takes a brand that will last.

What’s your next step to build your brand and make a lot more money?


You need to create your own website and blog, so you can create content and

be the authority in your audiences eyes.


So you can get them to buy!

You can go to

where we show you EXACTLY how to do this – step by step.


Or you can go search online and try it yourself.


But I’m sure you’d rather save your time.

So check out that page to understand how we can help you build YOUR brand and become

a true authority.


What are some good examples of branding done well?


Take a look a well put together website of a company or person you respect in the

industry that you are in.


What do you notice?


Often you’ll see that their branding is represented in every part of their presence.


  • The writing style for their emails, content, videos, and more are all the same and sound like they are the same voice
  • The imagery and professionalism is represented throughout the whole site, emails, blog, and content
  • They have the same colors, logos, and font types that bring the entire look all together.


You can see these in big brands as well, just go to or somewhere else

and you’ll be sure to see that their branding is on point.


The reason for all of this branding to be similar, is so that the same style

is embedded into your audience mind. So when they see a small sample, logo, or voice from

your business – they instantly recall the feelings, and trust, they have with you.




Without your own authority – you aren’t trusted by your audience.


meaning NO sales, NO leads, NO customers.

And a lot more struggle.


We want the best for you, so make sure to get started and build YOUR

own business right now. (Can help you promote or sell ANYTHING you want)


Please leave us a comment below if you have any questions or need help in anyway, or just say hi 🙂

With my kindest regards,


Jon Weberg

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