How Much Money Do You Need to Start An Affiliate Marketing Business?

How Much Money Do You Need To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business?

Affiliate marketing is a flexible and exciting way to earn money all from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you can bring your laptop. The internet has opened up the doors and made it possible for anyone to earn extra money without the conventional business expenses and hassles.

You can start an affiliate marketing business without any specialized skills or experience, and the best part is, it will not break the bank either.

And…Besides, with affiliate marketing, you get to be your own boss, that is the fun part. Before venturing into the affiliate marketing space, you might be wondering how much it will cost you to get started?

Throughout this article we will explore several options for you to get started with affiliate marketing and explain how much money do you need to start an affiliate marketing business.

In order to begin your journey in the affiliate marketing business – tools, software, and knowledge are going to be needed.

The Wrong Mindset Stops People From Doing Affiliate Marketing The Right Way

Often you hear people talk about affiliate marketing in a way that they suggest it’s “super easy” and “anyone can do it”. This is partly true, however there still is a learning curve that prevents many people from earning at all.

In fact many people give up all together before they ever even earn their first dollar.

It does not have to be this way, unfortunately many people come online in hopes of earning easy money, they have a lottery mentality, like if they just buy a few tickets the money will come flowing in, and this is so far from the truth.

Affiliate marketing works, and it works very well, but you will have to put forth continuous effort and invest a few bucks along the way.

So now lets explore your options with the most popular affiliate marketing strategies..The bulk of any business cost online will always be in the marketing..


affiliate marketing business infographic


Signing Up To Affiliate Networks

The first step to affiliate marketing is to sign up with the networks you will be using. Though signing up is free, you will need to do research and prepare in order to work with the best networks possible. 

There are numerous affiliate marketing networks you can sign up with for free. Like: Awin, Rakuten, ClickBank, Amazon, ShareASale, Impact, and Fiverr, these are the largest with the most products and services available for you to promote and sell.

The reason why you want to work with only the best companies in your affiliate marketing business, is because the obvious reason that you’ll be selling their products and services as an affiliate. And, if you sell low quality products and services as an affiliate with a company that also has bad support – you’re going to make less money as an affiliate.

You should thus consider the following factors when determining which affiliate networks are the best for you to work with. 

  • Quality support. When an affiliate network has great support, you’ll get less charge-backs and more customers buying in the long term for any affiliate products and affiliate services you are promoting.
  • Longevity in the industry. You can identify good quality affiliate networks by the fact they’ve been around for at least 5 years or more. This shows that they must represent businesses that have good products and services in most cases, because it takes good products and services to build a scalable business that lasts 5 years or more.

Affiliate marketing promotional strategies

Affiliate marketing promotional strategies

The next thing you will need to do, is to determine which promotional strategies you would like to get started with, each will have varying cost to get things moving.

Before we get started sharing the best promotional methods with you, we want you to always keep in your mind something very important: “It is the marketing that will make you all of the money (how you sell things online), not the products and services themselves.” Never forget this..

This is how to get rich with affiliate marketing

how to get rich with affiliate marketing


If you do not use what works and learn what works, we do not care if you have the next best thing to sliced bread, you will make no money, because you do not know how to sell it.

My first almost three years trying to make money online with affiliate marketing I made nothing, because I did not understand this. I started posting my affiliate links all over the place without no rhyme nor reason to it, and I made nothing. I kept trying to do it my own way, do not be thickheaded like I was.

Learn, follow and do as successful affiliate marketers do, because that is what is proven and works!

Best Affiliate Marketing Promotional Strategies


1. YouTube

This can be one of the fastest and most inexpensive ways to make money with affiliate marketing, because YouTube itself is free, and is basically the second largest search engine in the world. Over 1 billion hours of video are watched everyday on YouTube.

How do you use YouTube to make money with affiliate marketing, you need to learn what works from people who are already successful with it, plain and simple. There is no way around it, you can not just slap up videos and expect to make sales.

Take these two courses, yes both. The knowledge you gain will be priceless and can be used over and over again to sell what ever you want.

YouTube MasterClass

This course is a one-time cost of 99.00 and you will learn YouTube inside and out and learn how to combine Affiliate Marketing with YouTube to generate maximum results!

YouTube Market Domination

Learn from a 7-figure YouTube marketer how to get a monetized YouTube channel in as little as 9 days that outranks your competition. This is one of the best YouTube affiliate marketers you will find, and his courses are amazing and will give you a lifetime of knowledge that you can seriously bank on.

Not only will he show you how to do affiliate marketing via YouTube, he will also show you how to monetize every video you do and get paid from YouTube itself. One-time Cost: $429.00 to $1495.00 depending on when you buy the course, because he does discount it at times.


2. Email Marketing

To do email marketing properly it will cost you about $500 to get started and have leads flowing into your autoresponder. We have created a guide to help you get completely set up. It is step by step through screen share videos.

Click here to get started: How to start an email business in 10 simple steps

Email marketing was the key to my own success, remember above where I told you how I made no money my first almost three years, well, once I started doing email marketing, I made more money in the first 30 days than I had those first three years combined.

Every successful affiliate marketer we know does email marketing, even if they use other promotional strategies, email marketing is their biggest producer of income, and it is ours as well.


3. Blogging

When done right, blogging can build you a never ending stream a free organic website traffic that never stops. And it should be used in conjunction with email marketing. Meaning you should also direct your visitors to your newsletter sign up, as well use it to make affiliate sales.

Do not worry, if you need help getting set up and learning how to do it, we offer a free course that will walk you though the process, completely step by step, with video screen share.

Here’s how our EmoneyPeeps Free blogging Course Will Help You:

how our EmoneyPeeps Free blogging Course Will Help You with affiliate marketing


Now our course is free, meaning our help and guidance is, but you will still need some money to set it all up. Because you need to buy a domain name and hosting, as well as get your autoresponder and our special software we use that will automate some of the email marketing and blogging for you.

Cost to get set fully up is about $500.

This software you will be using is amazing, will do things for you without you even knowing how. If you know how to send an email in Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or in any email provider, you can do this!

Watch this video:


EmoneyPeeps Free Course Sign Up

Tools, Software & Hosting Needed For Affiliate Marketing

Most of the expenses you will have as an affiliate marketer are in the tools, software and hosting you will use to market the products and services you are wishing to sell. These tools, software and hosting will do things for you, that you can not.

They are an absolute must if you truly want to make money with affiliate marketing or any endeavor online. Do not ever believe anyone who ever tells you that you can do online marketing for free without paying for anything, because they are lying. There is always some cost somewhere..

We have been doing this stuff now for a combined almost three decades and have never met anyone successful in making money online, who did it with out any cost.

Before you ever even get started trying to do affiliate marketing, you should have set aside at least $500 to get you set up and started. And set a side a monthly budget you can dedicate for advertising your business, even if it is only 50 bucks a month.

The internet can be crazy profitable for you when you do things right, and eventually you will learn to turn 1$ into $10. Once you have the process down, it is just a matter of repeating your actions and scaling your efforts to get to the real big money!

Learn more here

Learn how to make money with affiliate marketing here

Where To Get Affiliate Marketing Mentorship?

Often people come to us and others because they want someone to guide them on their affiliate marketing business journey.

Having a mentor to guide your affiliate marketing, is great because you’re able to follow proven guidance that already works for creating affiliate profits.

If you want to work with affiliate marketing mentors who have done over  $1,000,000 in affiliate sales, then you should consider clicking here now and joining the EMoneyPeeps Inner Circle.

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