High Ticket Sales Closing Guide


High Ticket Sales Closing Guide

If you’re wanting to learn a genuine authentic way for high ticket sales closing, this guide will walk you through exactly how to close any prospect. Whether you’re a beginner or expert at sales, this high ticket sales closing guide is truly what you’ve been looking for. You see, you’re being lead through high ticket sales now by one of the best high ticket sales experts in the world. 

I was Frank Kern’s head sales consultant at one time, I’ve done sales for my own businesses for 10 years, and I’ve worked with some of the biggest 9 figure names in the industry. This means that what I’m about to go through will be from 10 years first hand experience doing sales with some of the biggest salesman and marketers across the world. So, listen closely.

High Ticket Sales Closing Strategy 

To find and use the highest converting and best high ticket sales closing strategy possible you simply need to do one thing… Ask clarifying questions. Asking clarifying questions is the best no pressure and deep persuasive technique ever used. (While also being ethical) The reason for this, is by asking clarifying questions, you can literally get the client to sell themselves!
How’s this possible? It all starts with the first most important thing – asking clarifying questions to discover your prospects exact problems.
Once you understand your prospects exact problems, then you can ask questions that have them sell themselves.
Here’s an example of this…
1. You ask clarifying questions and discover your prospects main problem is they don’t have enough leads.
so then you ask…
2. Do you think that if you could be shown a way to get more quality leads who can afford your services, you’d be able to grow your business faster?
Then, the client or prospect will say YES because that’s the exact answer to their problem. 
As, they already told you during the discovery phase that their main problem was lead generation. 
3. You follow the last question you just asked with,” Yeah I think that would help you out too, would you like me to help you implement this?”
Which of course most of the time the answer will be yes, because they just said that your solution would solve their problem. Do you see why the clarifying question strategy will help you close more customers then ever before? If used right, you’ll be able to sell almost every single client you talk with. (As long as they genuinely have the money,  and genuinely need your products or services.)
This way to close clients works so well, because you aren’t pressuring or “selling” to the client. All you are doing, is asking questions so the client discovers for themselves that you are the answer. And when people discover things for themselves, they believe them to be true and accurate, which means no objections! (usually, if this process is done right)

High Ticket Sales Opportunities

High ticket sales is a growing industry, with a growing amount of misinformation. If you’re looking to learn more about selling / sales, or you want to learn about high ticket sales opportunities you can offer your audience – take a look at the links and video below to learn more about these concepts.

The potential to earn or make $100,000’s – $1,000,000’s with high ticket sales is there. As long as you know closing high ticket sales strategies that convert like the one I just went through.

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