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Solo ads are fast, effective, and can be used to scale your sales fast. But before investing in these type of ads, you have to ensure that the platform you are using for purchasing your solo ads is reliable and is actually providing true solo ads. If not, you might end up fake funding bot clicks, and you will not get any conversions of any kind. When you go online, you will find numerous platforms where you can buy solo ads like Fiverr.

Here is our Fiverr solo ads reviews and why you should NOT use this platform to buy any solo ads. We will explain first what Fiverr sellers do well with.

Fiverr is a wonderful services providing platform.

What Fiverr does well, is provide a market place for freelancers that specialize in providing digital services to consumers and businesses online at inexpensive pricing. Fiverr is a great place to get quality logos made, graphics, content written, blog post, a website built, videos done for you, etc. These are the kinds of services their sellers excel at.

Over the years we have had many banners and other graphics made by Fiverr freelancers and they did an excellent job.

Some of Fiverr’s Digital Freelance Services.

some of Fiverrs freelance services

Why you should NOT buy Fiverr solo ads.

Fiverr freelancers really provide some great quality work, but any of the sellers on Fiverr’s platform who are selling solo ads are providing bot clicks and or are using safelist and mailers, which provide very little actual opt-ins for the amount of clicks delivered.

Any solo ad seller promising to send your solo ad to 500K people for $10 bucks, is not providing a true solo ad. If any solo ad provider could provide this much traffic that cheap, everyone online trying to make money would be filthy stinking rich!

Here are a couple of examples: Screenshots taken from two of the solo ad sellers on Fiverr. They are all pretty much this way.

Fiverr solo ad seller example


Second example:

Fiverr solo ad seller example 2

Now when you are new to marketing online, people do not know any better, and at one time we did not either, and we fell for these types of offers, promising ludicrous amounts of traffic for a few bucks, and it was a total waste of money.

We bought several of these types of gigs from Fiverr years ago, with absolutely no results, not even a couple opt-ins.

Real true solo ads you pay by the click, anywhere from .40 cents a click to $1.50 or more. So as an example: If you bought 100 clicks from a reputable solo ad seller, you would pay some where in the neighborhood of $40 to $150.

And if your using a good lead capture page, you should put anywhere from 25 to 50 new quality leads on your email marketing list from the 100 clicks. Getting leads on your email is very valuable, we have people who have been on our email list for over 15 years now who buy from us all of the time. (For more information on how real true solo ads work <

What you should look for with true solo ad providers:

Find Platforms that specialize in Solo ads.

Meaning this is what the platform is dedicated to. Now Fiverr is fantastic with many digital services because they are services based, but their sellers cannot provide actual real true solo ad services at those prices that Fiverr is known for.

Cultivating a real email marketing list that you can sell clicks from, take much time, energy and money for a seller to create.

True solo ad sellers dedicate themselves to building responsive email list and that is their specialty.


You can use many marketing platforms for your business like Fiverr, but not all of them are reliable or will guarantee that you get the traffic generation you want. But that is not the case with real quality solo ad providers. When you use platforms dedicated to providing solo ads, you can be assured that you will get a guarantee on your campaign.

This is because genuine solo ad providers and services have a targeted email list to ensure that they have sent information about your company, products, or promotions to people interested in what you have to offer. Besides, a true solo ads platform will offer you a real traffic analysis report. This means that you will have a clear idea of how the marketing option is doing, and where the clicks are actually being sent from.


Marketing is expensive, and that is why you need to make sure that each financial resource you put in your marketing strategy will offer you results; if you do this, you can be certain that you will not be investing your money in the wrong places. A good example of how to ensure you get the most out of your marketing is by paying using performance-based payment.

That is when you pay, depending on what you get. When you choose the reputable solo ad providers you will ensure you are getting this, it will be easy for you to measure the performance of the campaigns and you can pay based on the click performance, per sale, or impression. Fiverr can not give you  this.


The other reason you should use real quality solo ad providers is that they will help your business get recognition quickly. Unlike other marketing options, you will not have to wait to grow your business when using true solo ad marketing.

Reputable solo ad platforms will give your business an opportunity for fast growth without using too much effort. The reason being they specialize in solo ads and will make sure that you get the traffic and the targeted clicks that you had requested.


When you do your research on Fiverr solo ads services review, you will notice that this is not their specialty , they offer many great services but unfortunately solo ads are not one of them.

Solo ads are especially effective for those with a limited budget who want to use an online marketing platform to grow their income. By using this option, you can be assured you will get value for your money.

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