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If you have decided to start an online business, odds are good you’re going to need a website. Even businesses that are tied to a physical location require one in today’s marketplace. While social media platforms have their own offerings and advantages for a business owner, a conventional website lends credibility and will ultimately be a key component in any digital marketing strategy. A core aspect of your website will be what service provider you choose to host it.

There are plenty of characteristics to focus on when choosing a hosting service, but for now we will focus on price. And when it comes to providing the cheapest web hosting per year, KnownHost is a trusted, dependable provider.

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KnownHost offers both shared and VPS hosting, depending on your needs and price range. Plans range from the most basic shared hosting (1 domain name, 5GB storage) at $3.47 monthly to fully managed, premier VPS hosting at $100 a month. If you are just starting your business and establishing an online presence, you may not need much more than the basics for some time. On the other hand, a more established business may have recurring traffic at a high enough volume where VPS is the preferred option. Ultimately, knowing your own business and its needs will be vital to choosing the correct package.


If price is your primary consideration when choosing a service, you often make concessions in other areas. Luckily, KnownHost alleviates much of those concerns by having a strong track record with uptime and their support team.

Their uptime statistics are visible online and they also offer a guarantee of 99.9% uptime. As a matter of fact, KnownHost actually has one of the highest uptime percentage among the VPS hosting options. It’s impressive considering behemoths like Amazon dot that list as well.

KnownHost also offers constant access to a US-based support team, along with free migration services in the event you’re moving from another provider. The response time for loading pages is acceptable, though the company does provide ample resources for those looking to improve in this category. Customers also mention that navigation is fairly easy, which is good news for those new or inexperienced in managing their website.

Overall, for basic functions KnownHost is a reliable, cheap, no-frills option for those in need of a hosting service or looking to switch providers.


There are not many major complains with KnownHost from its customers. As mentioned above, the company seems to have the basics down pretty well. While some have taken issue with the lack of live telephone support or assistance, these concerns seem to mostly be alleviated by the response time of their service team to email and other communication methods. Another qualm is that KnownHost does not offer Microsoft (Windows) servers as an option, citing the cost to license them among others. Considering their status among the companies providing the cheapest web hosting per year, the few items above are relatively minor.


For those looking for a cost-effective yet reliable hosting service, KnownHost is a very viable option. Without any major fundamental flaws, complete with competitive pricing, this company is well-positioned for those just starting their online businesses or looking to cut costs from another provider.

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