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Cheap Video Hosting Companies

When you’re looking for video hosting, often you want a good deal. Most video hosting companies are either expensive, or don’t deliver the quality of product and service you need. So, you’ll of course want a variety of cheap video hosting companies to choose from that still give you right benefits you need. Often we’re looking for a video hosting platform that has the following…

  1. Large storage capacity
  2. Live streaming
  3. Video hosting
  4. Ability to share cross platforms
  5. Way to monetize your video content
  6. Little to no ads, preferably you want ad free video hosting

However, finding a company that offers all of these benefits at a great price is hard to come by. We recently have came across once certain company that does meet these standards. We’re going to go through exactly why this hosting company is among the best in the world, and why you should host your videos with them.

Viduber Ad Free Video Hosting

If you want a truly cheap video hosting service that also has no ads, you’ll want to take a look at Viduber. Viduber is a new hosting company that has started to take over the video hosting space quite quickly. The reason for Viduber’s dominance is because of it’s ability to be a free speech, ad free, cheap video hosting alternative.

Viduber was founded in 2021 by its CEO Joel Therien. Joel Therien is a multi 9 figure multi-business owner who own multiple different hosting, CRM, and business tool services. He decided to create Viduber because of the fact there is so much censorship and ads being placed in every video hosting platforms foundation, especially YouTube.

Viduber Pricing

The pricing for Viduber is better then any other video hosting company in the world. The reason and way they’re able to charge so little, is because they host everything themselves. Unlike every other video hosting platform, they OWN their own hosting data center. They don’t outsource to Google or other media and hosting outlets. This allows Viduber to charge way less while still offering the same benefits as any competition.

Viduber Packages

There are 3 main packages for Viduber that you can decide to invest in. First, Viduber has a lifetime package. This means that you can pay for a lifetime of ad free, zero censorship, unlimited hosting for a one time price. This of course, is an industry first. Viduber is the only video hosting company to have this kind of pricing. You also have a yearly and monthly payment plan for Viduber as well. The year plan is cheaper then the monthly plan, if you measure by total amount of money paid in 12 months.

Here are the 3 packages that you have available. 

  1. Monthly Option: $24.97
  2. Yearly Option: $224.73 
  3. Unlimited Option: $699.00 one time.

Each of the options come with ALL of the same benefits! The only difference between the packages for Viduber is the price savings you can get, and the LifeTime Viduber account you get a Testimonial Generator as well included.

Why The Best Video Hosting Company Is Viduber

The best deal in any marketplace always wins and outperforms all competition. 

Viduber has…

  1. Video hosting
  2. Live Streaming
  3. Video sharing
  4. Zero censorship
  5. Ad free
  6. Cheap

It also is a zero debt company with a backing of the parent company having done over $250,000,000 over the past 20 years.

You should definitely at least learn more about Viduber to see if it’s a viable option for your business, company, freelance work, or hobby.

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